A Film

A Film

if i am to die
and you are to write
poetry ’bout my life
would you
describe me
as the one that got away
or the one that changed
your life in many ways?
or am i too complicated
that you’d need it to be a novel
in paperback and hardcover copy
for not even an ebook would be
exciting enough
for the world to read?

my birth wasn’t magical
that i’m sure of
for there were
no stars, no moon
unpoetic time
in the late afternoon
yet that moment alone
would merit a
60 000 word count
requirement of
a melodramatic novel.

there wasn’t a music
played along as my mother
held on for her dear life
with the hope of
making me see light
the world has to offer,
‘though my light
then didn’t come in
sparks fly colorful
enchanting ways
but that alone could merit
the cinematic requirement
of a full length
dramatic film.

so if i am to die
and you are to write
poetry ’bout my life
that in return, you’d realize
its complications and complexities
are as mind-blowing
as my character and personality
you’d opt for a melodramatic
novel which eventually
will become a nostalgic
film you’d ever produce.

so if i am to die
don’t you dare forget
that you are
the one and only
love of my life
my only death wish
would be
please produce
the most compelling
love story the world
will ever get to see
of you and of me
and of our story.

for Sadje’s WDYS