A Mother As She Weeps

I am mocked for my pain,

as I wait, wait for your return

I waited and waited

and I almost believed I’d wait for eternity

the kind of pain that blew a hole in my heart

the indifference I never imagined I’d feel

but I did.

I longed for a delicate, affectionate daughter

not really by kinship, but I was defeated

defeated for so long

how much longer can a mother like me

lament over a mournful, distance I don’t deserve?

distance not measured by numbers or Mathematics say, kilometers

but by the distance of heart, and distance of soul

I longed dearly as I dip, into a great detailed plunge of yearning

I lost my hope, lost it, almost,

but never.

I cry, in joyful tears

ecstatic, thrilled, blissful

of your return

NaPoWriMo Day 29

1.    https://www.napowrimo.net/day-twenty-nine-7/

2.    For Val’s NPM scavenger hunt prompt #12 – Use the following words in a poem: delicate, daughter, detail, defeated, daily, and dip. 

Table For Two

table for two, let me arrange for you
I’ll begin by laying an elusive cloth
that matches the floral placemats and napkins
I’ll position the plates, flatwares, and glasses
with flowers so delicate as a centerpiece
there will be candles of various heights
in low – light atmosphere,
it will surely be perfect and romantic
I will turn the place into a dreamland
with the hue of the summer sky
yet, filled with the sweetest meadow blooms
it will become the stage of your charming,
romantic memory,
an unexpected journey
of heart and soul

for you and your mom
on Mother’s Day

For Sadje’s WDY – https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2021/04/19/what-do-you-see-78-april-19-2021/

Who Am I?



I am my mother’s daughter,
dignified and loved.

I am my siblings’ sister,
adored and emulated.

I am my friends’ confidant,
trusted and honored.

I am my nation’s obedient citizen,
responsible and loyal.

I am an empowered woman,
independent and reliable.

Above all, I am a proud mother,
I who lovingly nurtures a child.

Each deepened crease in my face
symbolizes every single waking night of my life
that I sing a lullaby,
that I watch a baby sleep,
that I ensure they wake up with a better tomorrow.


for Sadje’s