Time has not robbed my feelings toward my mother she’s still the sweet darling, and she’ll be forever mine. Age may have changed her face now furrow – laden, the beauty is still there; she is my ideal token.   P.S. Happy mother’s day to my mother and to all the amazing moms around theContinue reading “Mother”


  I took the wrong lane, I traveled the wrong path, I trudged the wrong way, But Baby I made it to you, Mama was there every step of my way.   In response to NovemberNotes challenge by Sarah of Heartstrings Eulogies and Rosema of A Reading Writer Day 24 prompt: Buses and Trains: BachelorContinue reading “Mama”


as the stars descent upon the dark sky a lullaby can be heard let the deliciously warmed milk put you to sleep and its scent put you to ease with her gentle hand patting your soft hair may you fall asleep with mother’s care. p.s a poem written by my 13 year old daughter. whatContinue reading “Lullaby”

Guys Listen Up…

I have been anticipating this my whole life as a mom of four girls; however,  I didn’t realize it would be like this…the day has finally arrived when my eldest daughter who’s in college gets to have her first formal male/guy/boy visitor at home…on valentines day. Let me tell you what went wrong with theContinue reading “Guys Listen Up…”


It’s February 15…a day after Valentine’s Day…and well..again just like yesterday when I thought it would be another ordinary day…I was wrong…again I woke up with my girls running around with a personalized banner. Let me tell you what each heart says… …I believe in love at first sight; I love my mom the firstContinue reading “Love”

Typhoon Yolanda …TEN Amazing Things Yolanda Taught Me

Typhoon Yolanda …Looking at the Bright Side terrifyingly alarming… ghastly devastating… tremendously disgusting… on November 8, you struck. trees bustling… waters splashing… winds roaring… on November 8, you terrified. child crying… mother weeping… father mourning…   on November 8, you shocked. Yolanda… Haiyan… Typhoon… on November 8, you were named.   We all heard ofContinue reading “Typhoon Yolanda …TEN Amazing Things Yolanda Taught Me”

Thank You

You give me sight when I can’t see, You grant me sound when I can’t hear, You offer me warmth when I can’t feel, You present me flavor when I can’t savor, You bestow my fragrance when I can’t perceive… Cheers to you… You endow me wisdom when I don’t understand, You offer me directionContinue reading “Thank You”