Time has not robbed my feelings

toward my mother

she’s still the sweet darling,

and she’ll be forever mine.

Age may have changed her

face now furrow – laden,

the beauty is still there;

she is my ideal token.



Happy mother’s day to my mother and to all the amazing moms around the world. Over the years, my daughters made/created the best and most creative mother’s day gift for me.




These are just a few of the may creative presents they made for me over the years. I am one lucky mom to have these amazing, thoughtful, and wonderful daughters..not to mention they are pretty too…ah the BEST LUXURY IN LIFE EVERY MOTHER COULD EVER HAVE.


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happy mother’s day!

“There is something truly magical about the way a little girl turns into her mother”-Chicken Soup for the Soul

Indeed it is true. My eldest daughter is now in college student. My two other daughters are now in high school..that leaves me with one little girl in elementary.

We have heard mothers complaining about how their children changed when they went to college or even high school…about how they have become less of a “sweet little kid”…about how they have forgotten birthdays,  anniversaries and other important family celebrations…about how they have stopped making personalized cards….about how they simply CHANGED…

I say I am one lucky mom…why? My daughters may have grown up…they may have become big girls…but they never changed. .they are still my sweet, kind, and thoughtful little girls…

Here’s what my grown-up girls prepared for me on mother’s day.

This is what makes motherhood oh so rewarding.

1. They made me feel soooo beautiful

a "cartoonized" me

Well. ..this is the “cartoon” version of myself…as perceived by my daughters.

2. I know they love me despite my limitations

My youngest daughter always amazed me with her pure and honest thoughts
My youngest daughter always amazed me with her pure and honest thoughts

3. They know I am one tough mother, but at the same time they recognized my need for a “knight in my shining armor”

Well..I guess this is what I get for teaching creative writing. ..
Well…I guess this is what I get for teaching creative writing. ..

4. They always believed in me (they watched the same movies as I did)

My oh my...this is really cute...
My oh my…this is really cute…

5. They know that I am loved by many, but they make sure they love me the most

Ahhh..this is so sweet...
Ahhh..this is so sweet…

…happy mother’s day…

Thank You


You give me sight when I can’t see,

You grant me sound when I can’t hear,

You offer me warmth when I can’t feel,

You present me flavor when I can’t savor,

You bestow my fragrance when I can’t perceive…

Cheers to you…

You endow me wisdom when I don’t understand,

You offer me direction when I don’t stride,

You furnish me details when I don’t comprehend,

You supply me energy when I don’t pursuit…

Thanks to you…

You support me even if I don’t ask,

You indulge me with love even if I don’t love you back,

You equip me with kindness even if I am ungrateful,

You accommodate me all the time even if I always run away…

Thumbs up for you…

I don’t know what I have done to deserve you,

I don’t know what to do to repay you,

I don’t know what to say to express my gratitude…

All I know is you are always there for me no matter what and regardless of…



Happy mothers day to my mom and to all the mothers out there. We should remember too that mother’s day is not only for the biological mothers (all sorts of mothers with child) but it is also for those women who wonderfully gave themselves in the service of caring and nurturing the young. They too have done an awesome job. And because they are awesome let us also greet them a HAPPY MOTHER’S Day – in celebration of their AWESOMENESS…

By the way, these women I am referring to are those in the religious service. I have known wonderful Sisters and I tell you its really difficult to nurture and take care of a child you barely even know but they did great… So HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY SISTERS…you deserve it.