Just You, Me, A Cup of Tea And Our Symphony #whatdoyousee

For Sadje’s What Do You See? https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2020/07/27/what-do-you-see-40-27-july-2020/   “you are a lovely melody serenading my heart in a plethoric symphony”   The sound of my life was ultimately jarring, clashing, rasping, and boring. It has the saddest refrain. But you, my love, was the missing piece; the percussion that beats my heart out {and meltsContinue reading “Just You, Me, A Cup of Tea And Our Symphony #whatdoyousee”

Broken (inverted etheree)

You hit me the hardest, wounded deeply Break my soul and destroy my spirit Crushed me down and left me bleeding Why do you love me so much? And treat me so damn kind? Yet, breaks my being Tear me apart? Why do I Love you Still?  

Songs of Love (triple haiku)

  Kept among the clouds Songs of my undying love Waiting to be sung. Let the angels sing In joy, perfect harmony Songs of love for you. As you lay in bed Sleep tight oh, my love so sweet With my songs of love.

Eternally (Triple Haiku)

    Up unto the sky Beyond life and even time My treasure is you. Over the night light On the far side forever My fondness is you. And in afterlife Farther than eternity My passion is you.   I have been following the blog of DavyD “inside the mind of DavyD” for a littleContinue reading “Eternally (Triple Haiku)”

Goodbye Zoe (Poem for Zoe )

Originally posted on michnavs:
I have a very heartbreaking story to tell. My youngest daughter who is 12 years old has a bestfriend of 6 years. Her name is Zoe. Zoe has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer (yes a 12 year old girl with an ovarian cancer).. she underwent surgery last February 2016. Unfortunately, her…


You You were everything i wanted to be You were all that i ever had to be I would give you the world if i could I would stay with you if i should Baby, i know i love you, i must say And i love you more everyday I wish you all the luckContinue reading “You”

Run Away

Run Away I. I hold on really for so long But that damn feeling, so strong I don’t know why but i tried To run away and hide II. I run my thoughts on you Wishing i’ll get over through But its so hard, really tough You have tied my heart real tight Chorus IContinue reading “Run Away”

All Through My Life

I. Mark my words, these chords I’m playing All my life, I will be singing All through rays of sunshine and rains All through hurts and through pains My love will keep burning. Chorus 1. It’s like a little heaven on earth (2×) ‘Cos it’s like a little heaven on earth When I’m with you…ooohContinue reading “All Through My Life”

Perfect Christmas Kiss

    I like peanut butter; you  prefer mayo     I eat everything but beef; while you enjoy a meal of steak             And I like quiet dinner together but you said conversation is what makes it better I hate cracking jokes but it is your life I guess      Continue reading “Perfect Christmas Kiss”