I Hope You Remember

I Hope You Remember

i hope you remember the smell of the roasted coffee
in our favorite place
where millions and millions of stories from miles and miles away
where connected and bridged together over a single shot americano
and you with your favorite cafe latte overloaded with sugar
i hope you remember how our stories made coffee time
not just incredible but one hell of a kind.

i hope you remember the first coffee drive-thru we had
with me over the cloud and over the moon, trying to grasp
the feeling of finally being seated right next to you after years
and you are speechless for the first time in your life, maybe
and you can’t take your eyes off me.

i hope you remember the countless times we made our coffee cold
with me over my endless out-of-this-world story-telling spree
and you couldn’t stop laughing at all of my epic fails
which i graciously claimed to have handled so well with pride
but you’d refute it by saying, ’twas funny but humiliating.

i hope you remember how we bonded over that sweet, nutty aroma smell
with me proudly proclaiming i could live with coffee and coffee alone
and you looking disgusted and disappointed ‘cos you’d rather hear me say
i could live with you and you alone.

i hope you remember, ‘cos i will always
remember us that way
the smile, the laughter, the tears, the longing, the wanting
the passion, the love, and the hope for forever
i will always remember us that way.

for Sadje’s WDYS



you want answers to your never-ending questions
you want clarity as to why things happened the way they happened
would it really matter now if i gave you answers to your questions?
would it make a difference if we cleared the air directly after years?

time heals all wounds, they say, but it’s obviously never true for us
the wounds you kept for my unannounced departure
the wounds i kept for your unwanted and agonizing silence
the wounds we kept haunt us, no matter what.

it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all
well, Tennyson might take offense if i say what good is love
if you can’t have it all by yourself, call yours and yours alone
what good is love if it will leave you hurt, broken, and in pain?

true love, great love; they say you never get to forget, come what may
i damn will agree, for despite the wound, despite the pain
despite the hurt, despite the brokenness, i sure know without a doubt
i love you with all my heart, with all my mind, with all that i am
from the very start, and i’m petrified ’till my last breath.

‘cos truth is, it’s that easy-breezy stupendous feeling
that makes me
wanna jump off the trail again, forget the “what ifs”
and “what happens” next
let go of the hurts and the pains, release all the tensions and apprehensions
‘cos truth is, i only get to feel this with you
so, let’s dive in and be crazy in love.


For Moonwashed Weekly Prompt

All The Love in The World

All The Love in The World

it would be in two months that i will suppose to welcome you into this world.
it was for two months too that i had you carried dearly with all the love i told.
’twas the most agonizing two months of my life more than ever to hold.
you had me in and out of the hospital with all of the little pains and occasional qualmishness, i felt cold.

to unreasonable food cravings, yes my dear ’twas indeed unreasonable.
for why else would you want your dear mama to crave a savory meal?
my dearest, i’m not a fan of food but because of you, i had finished a five-course dish with a great deal.
i enjoyed and hated it at the same time, but i would do anything for you for real.

yes, anything, even when the doctor said i couldn’t hold you for long.
i should just give up sooner for it was a useless battle to prolong.
i didn’t, i took on headstrong.
‘cos i want you in my life and i will do anything to keep you all along.

i used to wonder though, but i dismissed the thought for there is nothing i wouldn’t do to keep you, i need you so bad.
i prayed so hard.
i fought so hard.
i wished so hard.
i hoped so hard.

until there was nothing else to pray, fight, wish, and hope for.
i’m sorry my body couldn’t keep you, dear.
i’m sorry my body wasn’t your safe haven i didn’t bear.
i’m sorry i gave up the fight ’twas clear.

it would be in two months that i will suppose to welcome you into this world.
it was for two months too that i had you carried dearly with all the love i told.
i remember you.
i love you.
until then, i’ll see you.

for David’s Weekly Prompt

with Val of Murisopsis as this week’s host