Privilege Underdog

  you are a privilege underdog and yet, you have the audacity, to hurt me break me tear me apart I wept I cried in silence I agonize in fear you are a privilege underdog your insolence destroyed me robbed me of the beauty and elegance I have you took away the best of meContinue reading “Privilege Underdog”

Picture Perfect-free verse

Perfectly calm Secretly cool Intentionally well Passionately damn Picture perfect I marvel in awe P.S. Posted for calmkate’s Friday -foto- fun I was very happy with this shot because it looks like a framed painting; but its not. A sunset at one of our local beaches back home. And for Eugenia’s Word of theContinue reading “Picture Perfect-free verse”

I Am Mother Nature -poem

I have loved you for so long And give you all that I own Your existence is to where I belong I am with you from dusk till dawn.   What happened my dear? Why did you abandon me in fear? Why did you rob me of everything? Now, I am left with almost nothing.Continue reading “I Am Mother Nature -poem”