Privilege Underdog



you are a privilege


and yet, you have

the audacity, to

hurt me

break me

tear me apart

I wept

I cried in silence

I agonize in fear

you are a privilege


your insolence

destroyed me

robbed me of

the beauty

and elegance

I have

you took away

the best

of me

my eyes

are scald

for all of the tears

I cried

tears prick

tears flood




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Picture Perfect-free verse

Perfectly calm
Secretly cool
Intentionally well
Passionately damn

Picture perfect
I marvel in awe


Posted for calmkate’s Friday -foto- fun

I was very happy with this shot because it looks like a framed painting; but its not. A sunset at one of our local beaches back home.

And for Eugenia’s Word of the week at

marvel – (verb) – be filled with wonder or astonishment. Synonyms – stare, gape, goggle, admire, applaud.

marvel – (noun) – a wonderful or astonishing person or thing. Synonyms – wonder, miracle, spectacle, genius

I Am Mother Nature -poem

I have loved you for so long
And give you all that I own
Your existence is to where I belong
I am with you from dusk till dawn.

What happened my dear?
Why did you abandon me in fear?
Why did you rob me of everything?
Now, I am left with almost nothing.

My once beautiful self in driblet
Has lost its spark a bit
I love you and I always will
For you, I will fight out still.

I am forever yours, no matter what
I am at your service, sure of that
I will hold you dearly in my palm
As sweetly as possible and calm.

For I am mother nature
Forever you, I will nurture.