Even If

a love poem to remind us that despite our differences, our incompatibilities, our struggles, and our problems we still have the reason to smile, to hope, to wish, to dream… and the more reason to love.

it doesn’t have to be perfect.
it doesn’t always have to be romantic, cheesy, or sappy.
it doesn’t even have to be the way you expect it to be.

you just have to love, for whatever reason that maybe.

they say life is not a bed of roses.

it isn’t indeed.

my take is, you just need to find that one perfect rose, where you can lay your head at night, comfortably, lovingly, unmindful of the thorns around,because that perfect rose will protect you against his self, against his own imperfections.
2020 is the year, humanity will forever remember, for sure because of a pandemic or the famous COVID 19; but I for one will forever remember this year, as the year, I found true love: true love from people across the world who adores and supports my poetry, true love from people who honestly and sincerely care despite my shortcomings, true love from people I just met, true love from people I just reconnected with, and the truest most sincere, honest to goodness love from my family.

let 2020 be a reminder of our incompetencies, our shortcomings, our vulnerabilities, our differences, our inaccuracies, and our failures;
but let it be a reminder too of our ability to LOVE, to HOPE, to be KIND, to DREAM, and most importantly, to be HAPPY.

Happy 2021 everyone. DREAM ON, BELIEVE, and LOVE

with much love,