Alone and Happy

I was having coffee at starbucks with my college daughter. I knew she would leave me as soon as she’s done with her coffee to catch up with her morning class. But what i didin’t realize is that she’ d leave sooner than she can finish her food. That’s when reality struck me. I amContinue reading “Alone and Happy”

Hello and Goodbye

We are about to to say goodbye to 2015 and say hello to 2016. What does hello and goodbye really mean to us? It means that we have to go through painful times – that moment of saying goodbye … moment when we felt pulled apart , moment when we knew the hurt of leavingContinue reading “Hello and Goodbye”

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas has been a wonderful blogging year for me thanks for all your support.. MALIGAYANG PASKO….

When everything else fails

When everything else fails I will run away and sail at the ocean so wide; but I can’t, for you can’t run away with me.   When everything else fails I wanted to cry, cry till my tears run dry; but I can’t, for you can’t cry along with me.   When everything else failsContinue reading “When everything else fails”


as the stars descent upon the dark sky a lullaby can be heard let the deliciously warmed milk put you to sleep and its scent put you to ease with her gentle hand patting your soft hair may you fall asleep with mother’s care. p.s a poem written by my 13 year old daughter. whatContinue reading “Lullaby”

afternoon rain

afternoon rain….lovingly pouring. afternoon rain….sensationaly exciting. afternoon rain….sincerely moving. afternoon rain….remembering you. afternoon rain…seeing you. afternoon rain…loving you. afternoon rain…loving you till the end.