Soar it’s been many days many months and many years and I’ve traveled to many places and met different faces I could fly higher and soar farther. it’s been fun and exciting and wonderful, and oh really great for it made me say, ” I made it through the rain” I am proud of whoContinue reading “Soar”


forever i will be taintedtainted by the dark, sad realityof the wrongs that i have doneof the mistakes i deliberatelycommittedor, did i?was i wrong to just let you go?was i wrong to just let you walk away? when all i ever wanted to dothat moment you said goodbyewas hold you close to my heartso closeContinue reading “Tainted”

What If

(I see a woman, wondering and pondering of “what if’s”  and “what might have been’s”.) What If what if we didn’t meet?what if it didn’t happen?what if our hearts did not collide?what if our bodies did not unite? ’twas like a movie, in full productioni was the star, and you; just being you, in anticipationyouContinue reading “What If”

Don’t Make It Yours

of the many things you’ve saidI kept my silence, for my words are sacredI’d love to use them to speak of kindness,love, and compassion. but for once, just for once, and may the universe forgive me if I do dare you question what I feelhow dare you mock me when I am scaredI cried.Continue reading “Don’t Make It Yours”

Crescent Moon #writephoto #crescent #night-meets-day

i had you under a crescent moon where tiny raindrops and little sparkly lights are night’s mournful yet graceful norm the moon is in your eyes as it reflects back sun’s glorious light, not wanting to outshine the sadness within, as we await for the night to meet the day for up and ’till then,Continue reading “Crescent Moon #writephoto #crescent #night-meets-day”

Love Letter (A rewrite)

    “Never did I ever receive a love letter in a scented paper in a heart-shaped envelope from you, but ours could top the greatest love story ever“   your handwriting may not at all be easy to read but you write with great measures and  surprises instead always, almost a perfect Hallmark Valentine’sContinue reading “Love Letter (A rewrite)”

Without You #writephoto#cloud

  I am a lonely wandering cloud, in an empty sky  without you     for Sue’s Thursday photo prompt: Clouded #writephoto my ebook is still available, thank you all to those who pre-ordered and just purchased…my love and gratitude always and forever.

I Will Be Your Happily-Ever-After

if dreams do come true, just dream on for long, you’re better off there, its exceptionally wonderful   if reality bites, live in fantasy for a while, you deserve a magical escape, a restful solitude   if there is “happily- ever – after”, hold on to it, yours will happen soon, in time   ifContinue reading “I Will Be Your Happily-Ever-After”


“I never imagined witnessing something like this; never in my lifetime”   it’s like an apocalyptic movie. the airport looks like a ghost deserted town. it used to be just a movie used to be just a book narrative. it used to be just a perfect screenplay pitch. but I saw it with myContinue reading “Salute”

Smile #fantasy#writephoto

“each deepened creases in my smile is every beating moment of my heart, saying, i loved you then, and i love you now.”   If my smile could express what my heart wants to say, then you would know that everytime you look at me, I misses a beat, and I go heebie-jeebies.   YouContinue reading “Smile #fantasy#writephoto”