where do i begin to tell you at least, that
i can’t make it here, while you are there
i can’t have breakfast in bed while you are on the phone
i can’t have coffee while you are driving through the highway
i can’t have sumptuous lunch while you are ordering fastfood
i can’t have dinner while watching you fix yours from a distance

where do i begin my dear, to that say i am sorry
ours could be so odd, so odd we don’t see eye to eye
i don’t wanna go to bed whispering goodnight while caught between crazy storms and poor connectivity
i don’t wanna dream of forever hopeful but alone
i don’t wanna wake up at the first blush of sunshine without you by my side

so, while you are there and i am here
trying to figure out the best way to share
our love, our hopes, our dreams
remember then,
life always ends where it begins
ours, just come in full circle

we are back to where our love started;

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Song – Portland, Maine (Donovan Woods)

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HAPPY DIWALI to all my Indian friends and poets.

Diwali is a symbol of hope to humankind. May it bring universal compassion, inner joy, love and the awareness of unity to all.💛🧡❤

My Love

My Love

for what else is life without you ’till the end of our days?
for what else is love if it’s not you i will hold on tight as we age?
for what else is dreaming if it’s not ’bout wishing you around?
for what else is hoping if it’s not you i adore the most?

my love, i promise to be with you until our dying days
i swear to love you even if you become the most annoying human being
i vow to hold you closer to my heart wherever we go
and with all my remaining strength, i will serve you even then

for what else is growing old if you will not be there with me?
for what else is the beauty of retirement if you are not beside me watching the sunset?
for what else is solitude if it’s not in seclusion with you?
for what else is the joy of becoming grandparents if your not a part of it?

my love, i promise to make my life forever yours and build my dreams around you
i swear to love you more than any metaphors could ever express
i vow to forever be the woman that you see now in your eyes

for what else is happiness if we lose our spark?
for what else is laughter if we don’t laugh together?
for what else is family if it’s not with being with you?

and so my love, give me your hand, and I will give you forever
i promise to love you with my whole heart with a passion that can’t be expressed in words, only in kisses, glances, and years of fun and adventure with you by my side

For Sadje –

Up In The Sky

Up In The Sky

i traveled by land, by sea and by air
i witnessed customs in different views and different ways
i learned and mastered travel guides, travel rules and travel etiquettes
i went to places others could only dream of
i met people of different races and different faces
i bet, i am blessed, i am lucky

i saw the world from the top as i took
to travel by air, and while up in the sky so high
i couldn’t help but always wonder
how one could be so lucky in life, while others were not?
how could the rich become even richer each day,
while sadly the poor got poorer?
my thoughts kept on wandering as i counted every single cloud my eyes caught by
i thought of our government leaders and what else they needed to do with our sagging economy
i thought of the youth and how they could become better citizens of our land
i thought of the fathers and how they could provide more for their families
i thought of the mothers and how they could nurture, raise grounded and God – fearing children
i thought of the unborn children and how the future would be for them

up in the sky is magical, thoughts could go from wild to wildest when the airplane flies through violent waves of air
my mind too becomes uneasy, searching for answers to many of the questions i so long have been needing answers to

but, baby since the day i found you, traveling has no longer been the same
i think of nothing and no one else but you
as i get on my flight
my mind is in a complete halt and complete silence
i take my deepest slumber
knowing that down there you are waiting
in great anticipation



i fear there is more confusion than certainty
is my lack of discernment coming our way?

i fear there is more hurt than healing
do i lack empathy to perceive how you’re feeling?

i fear there is more pain than ease
is my trepidation hindering our peace?

i fear there is more sadness than solace
do i miss the signs or am i just clueless?

i fear there won’t be you, needing me
i fear…

For Sadje’s WDYS

After Dark

After Dark

raging storm, i am
as i tuck myself to bed
waiting for my goodnight sleep to come

restless, my heart is
as my emotions run wildly distressed
the pitch dark night is my sole silent witness

chaotic, my mind is
as my thoughts are in absolute clutter
the unseen moonlight could be my only hope

i am a raging storm; restless, chaotic
in dire need of a quiet refuge and sanctuary
salvage me, from my total shambles

‘Twas Like That

‘Twas Like That

’twas a magical night, so enchanting
where a cloud of tiny water droplets
suspended in the atmosphere
like floating through an invisible body of water
with luscious green moss covering the land
’twas like in a dream where fairy tales do come true
that “happily – ever -after” moment
of Cinderella and Prince Charming
that “true love’s kiss” of Sleeping Beauty
from slumber, she shall wake
that minute Snowhite singing “I’m Wishing”,
attracting the attention of the Prince,
who’s passing by on his horse
that time Ariel rescued Prince Eric from a shipwreck
’twas like that to be finally with you
’twas like that to kiss you goodnight for the first time
’twas like that to be lying next to you last night
’twas like that to feel you breathing as you sleep
’twas like that to wake up in the middle
of the night with your tender kisses
’twas like that to dream a dream with you beside me
’twas like that to see you smile at the first blush of the sunrise
’twas like that to love you and to hold
to take care of you and to behold
’twas like that to wish for forever with your body next to me,
in synch, in perfect harmony,
in thoughtful motion of love eternally

For Sadje’s WDYS



Let’s hold on tight as we watch with delight
The sun’s blinding light dancing against the skyline
Let’s kiss our sweetest kiss, feel the warmth of the sun
Passing through every edge, every corner of the window

Let’s write the sweetest, most passionate lyrical verse
In multiple metaphors and crazy hyperbole
As the sun’s colors dance elegantly upon the
Reflection of your endearing and charming eyes

Let’s sing an enchanting and magical melody of love
On top of our lungs, like the world is yours and mine
Enjoying every beat, every chorus, every chant
As we keep an eye on the sun’s vibrant glow

Baby, let’s stop the clock hold on tight watch with delight
The sun’s blinding light dancing against the skyline
Reminding us that without each other, life would be like
A world without sunshine, without poetry, without melody

And when the sun is out, let’s enjoy basking together
In the afterglow of our love

Manila Skyline

Manila Skyline ⭐💛

the Manila skyline is covered with a blazing orange sunset, they say it’s pink, does it really matter?
not for me whose only memory of the sunset is you, you on that fateful afternoon
baby, the sunset is all that i ever had of you
it is what reminds me of you, of your eyes burning with love, burning with passion,
burning with desire
and as the sunset slowly emerged with the night sky
baby we knew, we fell hardly, hardly in love
and along the busy street of Recto
across the Mendiola intersection
where humans were worst traffic than the moving vehicles
we navigated our way in silence, in deep harrowing silence

the sun went down, the traffic was cleared
and so was our chance, our only chance at love
and like that fateful afternoon,
everytime we say adieu
baby i am broken in pieces,
in a million pieces and a million more
the kind of brokenness that is inexplicable
my mind is completely blank
my heart is totally shattered
my soul is absolutely beaten

one fateful afternoon, one sunset
(doesn’t matter whether orange or pink)
one lost love, two broken hearts
two lost souls forever
and here i am trying to make sense of everything
through rhythm and rhyme
through words and syllables
through lines and verses

and, as my words don’t even make sense
or my syllables can’t find their rhythm
nor my verses barely create a thought
i think of you, of you and of our love
on that fateful afternoon, as the sun set,
that afternoon, the Manila skyline turned into
a raging orange sky, there was me
there was you, there was love

Manila skyline, in perfect orange hue
that’s how i loved you.

  • Poetry by Mich

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I Look For You

I Look For You

in a land where magic happens
where supernatural forces 
make impossible things possible,
such as making people disappear
or controlling events in nature
i look for you…

in a land where fairy tales are true
where “once upon a time” is now
where princesses, talking animals,
evil queens, witches, and goblins
live in perfect harmony
i look for you

in a land where the past and future collide
where technology meets nature at its finest
where humans and androids are buddies
where homes are flying up in the sky
and the land below is nothing but
a reflection of a blissful life
i look for you

i look for you anywhere everywhere all the time

For Sadje’s WDYS