Ode to the Philippines (A Re-write) #Philippines#independenceday#arawngkalayaan

Ode to the Philippines (A Re-write) #Philippines#independenceday#arawngkalayaan Oh, my dearest Philippines, your rich and diverse heritage and culture has made you the young yet dynamic country that you are today Manila is your heart, where the iconic Luneta park is located it’s a hyperactive city, vibrant and vivacious with its high temperature and high humidity,Continue reading “Ode to the Philippines (A Re-write) #Philippines#independenceday#arawngkalayaan”

Ode to the Philippines

This is one that we’ve used before, but one test of a  good prompt is that you can come back to it! For this prompt, you will need to fill out, in five minutes or less, the following “Almanac Questionnaire.” Then, use your responses as to the basis for a poem. Almanac Questionnaire Weather: Flora:Continue reading “Ode to the Philippines”

Where Will We Be, Without You Now? (Ode to Taal)

You bear witness to a lover’s promise over the moonlight in an early evening delight as they made their vow of eternal and faithful love oh, how happy you seemed to be as you show off your great character and magnificent stature, so picturesque, so attractive you smile as lovers smile over the complexities ofContinue reading “Where Will We Be, Without You Now? (Ode to Taal)”

Ode to my Country

Land of the rising sun Pearl of the orient sea Where have all these gone? Oh, dear, we cannot see. Yours is an uphill battle Of centuries colonization But you stood as you struggle Winning was a confirmation. You are now being mocked As an old lady can’t hardly step up But you continue theContinue reading “Ode to my Country”

One Summer (David Baldacci)

One Summer A moment to care… a day to share… laughter to spare… a memory together… a father, whishing… A love to celebrate… a lifetime to partake… a forever to accumulate… a recollection to constellate… a wife, hoping….. A longing unclear… a loathing untrue… a grieving grudge… a loving sentiment….. a daughter, missing… A bidContinue reading “One Summer (David Baldacci)”

Typhoon Yolanda …TEN Amazing Things Yolanda Taught Me

Typhoon Yolanda …Looking at the Bright Side terrifyingly alarming… ghastly devastating… tremendously disgusting… on November 8, you struck. trees bustling… waters splashing… winds roaring… on November 8, you terrified. child crying… mother weeping… father mourning…   on November 8, you shocked. Yolanda… Haiyan… Typhoon… on November 8, you were named.   We all heard ofContinue reading “Typhoon Yolanda …TEN Amazing Things Yolanda Taught Me”