it was not so long ago, when you were holding my little hand, guiding every step of my way
every moment, was a moment to remember
a moment so fun, so dear
i learned to navigate the world through your gentle hands, through your brilliant mind,
through your compassionate heart
ours was a “love – hate” affair but never was there a time that you surrender

how long has it been?
i can’t remember, i really can’t
my ageing mind won’t wanna work backwards
won’t even wanna work on dates, and i think
it doesn’t matter, for now, i am in charge
of tiny little hands too, the ones whose lives
depend on how i will guide them through thier  ways, and i can’t help but be grateful, for the mother that you were to me when i was little

i am the mother that i am now because of you

I Didn’t Know

Happiest and grandest Sunday dear friends and poets.
Today’s poem is the complete/full text of my trilogy poem series.
I Didn’t Know
i didn’t know leaves could dance gracefully as the wind blows upon the signal of the monsoon rain while it pitter-patters on the roof
i didn’t know loud rumbling thunder could sound like a love song; so gentle and so sweet
i didn’t know a tremendous flash of lightning could look like fireworks at night, flashing spectacular lights in jubilant celebration
i didn’t see the beauty in them until the day i found you
i didn’t know beauty as much as I knew it when i had you
i didn’t know butterflies ever lived inside me waiting to fly, waiting to soar
until the day i saw you, i felt fluttering sensations
as if a million little butterflies were screaming, wanting to be freed
every single cell in my body was churning, cramping, feeling anxious, shaking, shivering, twitching by just the sight of you,
i didn’t know butterflies could live in my stomach until i saw you
i didn’t know butterflies could go crazy, as crazy as they became when i had you
i didn’t know love could be magical and enchanting and bewitching, until the day you took my hand by the door, gently
caressing my hair, your eyes
with a loving steady gaze, and then slowly you moved closer to me, i felt the warmth of your body, the tenderness of your lips, the fire in your heart giving me burning sensations
then i was burned, burned down to ashes by your touch, by your embrace, by your kiss
i didn’t know i could get burned by love until
i was burned, burned by your love

Fly High ( A Waltz Wave)

Fly High ( A Waltz Wave)

Heart and soul
With my
So true,
Forever too
I will be
Your wings
Fly high
Upon the sky
Dreams my

For Sadje’s WDYS

This is Waltz Wave form developed by Leo Waltz. It is a syllabic form with a title and 19 lines. The subject should be calming. The syllabic pattern is: 1/2/1/2/3/2/1/2/3/4/3/2/1/2/3/2/1/2/1. Words may be split to fit the pattern. There is no rhyme. Thanks to Val

Against The Dazzling Sunset

Dear friends I am delighted to share my poem published in Spillwords. Kindly click the link to read full poem. And don’t forget to click the heart button for me.

Thank you. Happy Reading presents: Against The Dazzling Sunset, a poem written by Michelle Ayon Navajas, currently residing in Malaysia.

Source: Against The Dazzling Sunset

An Ode to the Dragon

tycoons of the entertianment industry
made a blasphemy out of you for creating
an image, an image that may not
really be true

you are feared by many, in the movies
in the novels. you are the  man – eating
ferocious, savage beast, killing people
whenever possible

you made a few people rich though,
as you are little boys’ favorite merchandise
you are everywhere, in every toy store
around the world

you have made appearances in almost
everything, in the name of entertainment
and, yet, it’s not over, look where you are now

placed on top of the world.
to be feared?
to be adored?

i really don’t know.


i could hear you speak of kindness
in my heart, in my soul

For Sadje’s WDYS

What If (A look at the thoughts of Superheroes)

What If (A look at the thoughts of Superheroes)

what if dreams don’t really come true,
that they are just theories to fuel your ambition
or redirect you from reality to pure illusion?

what if dreams don’t really mean anything at all
that they’re but electrical brain impulses
of random thoughts and memories?

what if our superpowers don’t actually matter?
what if worst, we are not superheroes after all?
what if we are indeed products of creative imagination?

what if we’re not who we believe we are?
what if we’re just some make-believe characters?

what if dreams don’t really come true?
what if dreams don’t really mean anything at all?

what if I am not really Batman, and you are not Superman?
how do we save the world now?

for Sadje’s WDYS



it’s been many days

many months and many years

and I’ve traveled to many places

and met different faces

I could fly higher and soar farther.

it’s been fun and exciting

and wonderful, and oh really great

for it made me say, ” I made it through the rain”

I am proud of who I have become

I could fly higher and soar farther.

there was so much love

so much admiration

from people I’ve met

and I can’t be happier

I could fly higher and soar farther.

it’s been many days

many months and many years

and I’ve traveled to many places

and met different faces

I could fly higher and soar farther

but I’d like to stop the time

right here, right now

where you are

for if I ever fly again,

I’d soar the highest

with you

  • Let us soar higher, together…


This poem is included in my latest poetry book “I Would Fly To Where You Are” available on Amazon for paperback and kindle file.

I am also posting this in response to Eugi’s weekly prompt “Soaring”


forever i will be tainted
tainted by the dark, sad reality
of the wrongs that i have done
of the mistakes i deliberately
or, did i?
was i wrong to just let you go?
was i wrong to just let you walk away?

when all i ever wanted to do
that moment you said goodbye
was hold you close to my heart
so close you would feel my heartbeat
so close you would know
(or maybe, i was hoping you’d know)
that you were and have always been
the one i want,
the one my heart bleeds for
the one my soul yearns for

and for years and years, i wonder,
of how life’s been treating you
of which path you’ve taken
are you happy?
are you dreamin’ the biggest dreams?
are you writing like you used to?
are you smiling making people happy as you’ve always?

for now, i only have my memory,
my memory of you and of that day
that i let you walk away
was i not man enough to fight for you?
fight for my love,
fight for our love?

for Sadje’s WDYS

What If

(I see a woman, wondering and pondering of “what if’s”  and “what might have been’s”.)

What If

what if we didn’t meet?
what if it didn’t happen?
what if our hearts did not collide?
what if our bodies did not unite?

’twas like a movie, in full production
i was the star, and you; just being you, in anticipation
you said your “hello,” i think i said “hi” in return
i felt butterflies in my stomach
i’m sure you felt them too, i bet you did,
don’t you contradict
that’s how we first met, but
what if we didn’t meet at all
that afternoon?

we were inseparable, totally connected
adjustment wasn’t needed, it was just a word
we had endless conversations and pointless arguments by the alley, on the bench,
in the street, and even in the silence
of the church where everybody’s head was bowed for meditation
that’s how we bonded, but
what if it didn’t happen,
that afternoon?

your “i love you’s” were in many different forms
sometimes it camouflaged as the meatiest, savory Filipino version of the famous spaghetti
at times, it was in the simplest form of a rock hard candy, fresh from your pocket
sealed with a kiss, or the sweetest, 
most romantic verse written
that’s how we fell in love, but
what if our hearts did not collide,
that afternoon?

remember that beautiful late afternoon?
framed by the doorway, against the dazzling sunset, you held my hand for the first time,
then, we kissed our first kiss, ’twas magic,
’twas love, ’twas pure bliss,
your kiss felt like heaven on earth
your lips on mine felt like forever
that’s how we became one, but
what if our bodies did not unite,
that afternoon?

what if we didn’t meet?
what if it didn’t happen?
what if our hearts did not collide?
what if our bodies did not unite?

will there still be, a promise of forever?

will i ever be with you in the twilight of my life
where i could lovingly lay my head on your shoulder, from dusk ’till dawn?

For Sadje’s WDYS

I Thought We Lost It

i thought we lost it

that with which why we love

the most together

the endless conversations

the pointless arguments

the nonsense “sense of humor”

i thought we lost

who wouldn’t?

time and distance

made us strangers

life changes and perspectives

made us different people

or so i thought

i thought we really lost it

i really thought so, that

there wouldn’t be stories to tell

there wouldn’t be crazy theories to argue

there wouldn’t be silly jokes to laugh with

i thought we really really lost it

but i was wrong

for no amount

of time

or distance

can break

that crazy bond

that crazy connection

we have,

only for each other

For Eugi’s Weekly Prompt