You #writephoto #painted

For Sue #writephoto #painted   you painted my world with perfect strokes of beautiful rays of sunshines in my mornings of verdant meadows in my life’s landscape with freshness and sensitivity you built an impeccable bridge of love and passion of feelings and satisfaction and for that I love you now and ever after

Come, Sit With Me (my princess)

come sit with me let’s talk ’bout how things used to be when the world was better and things were nicer when a walk in the beach alongside a crowd was full of fun bumping at each other making new friends along the way when watching the sun set was so much joy while arguingContinue reading “Come, Sit With Me (my princess)”

Quirky (three poems)

          (My lovely quirky girls) she is unusual and unexpected in ways that may surprise you or worst worries you for that, you call her quirky but her weirdness is her best asset she stands out from the crowd she is inspiring and memorable still, you call her quirky she isContinue reading “Quirky (three poems)”

The Old Lady in a Cane

i once had a dream of a fairly old lady walking by a cane slowly… slowly… she stoops as she walks she begs as she cries slowly… slowy… she wanders and wonder along the street into the corner slowly… slowly… she sits as she cries she mourns as she weeps slowly… slowy… she wails inContinue reading “The Old Lady in a Cane”

My Sunflower

you are my sunflower dotingly opens to the sun standing tall, bold and true shining brightly even on the darkest of days oh, how i love thee! you are my sunflower adoring the sun with soul on fire, heart with grace blooming cheerfully after the longest wait oh, how i love thee! you are myContinue reading “My Sunflower”

What if Snowflakes Don’t Fall in Winter?

What if snowflakes don’t fall in winter? and fresh buds don’t bloom in spring? or summer don’t need sunshine? nor leaves don’t fall in autumn? Will you remember how we used to be? the love we shared gently like snowflakes falling smoothly in winter out of thin air unannounced, unnoticed unspoken yet blissful the dreamsContinue reading “What if Snowflakes Don’t Fall in Winter?”

My Dearest Muse

how do we promise over a love so honest and so pure a love that was ours even before when the world was yours and mine and when our words were the silent witnesses to a love unspoken those little pieces of verses and lines that only makes sense to you and i you scribbleContinue reading “My Dearest Muse”

I am Yours

I Am Yours   I can go anywhere and i can be lost somewhere but all i ever wanna be is where you are and be lost in your arms for can i see rainbows and sunshines and butterflies all through your eyes and it doesn’t matter where you are for i am yours andContinue reading “I am Yours”