p.s. I maybe just dumb to believe that there’s hope for humanity….there’s hope for the less privileged…I may be deaf to hear what they say that nothing can be done to the cry of the poor..the agony of the less fortunate.. I just hope one day the world will be a better equal place forContinue reading “Hope”

cloud nine (ecstatic feeling)

a deep loud vibration is beating in cool afternoon sheets. she heard you breathe noisily while sleeping in rough hoarse voices. a melody in a different tone in deep brightened sleep. she felt you’re good and done in shadows right through a nap. a joyful release of fondness in warmest sweet devotion. she felt yourContinue reading “cloud nine (ecstatic feeling)”

A Metaphor

A Metaphor   A day over night A coffee that perks me up A little ray of light.   Butter in my bread A sugar makes it sweet The spice in my food.   Pen in my paper A thought that fuels my mind As I write later.   At some point in our livesContinue reading “A Metaphor”