3 am

3 am

i wish i’m not where i am now, wondering

all the stupid crazy bullshit i regret doing

i held on to my pride for so long

i was better off away running

damn! i wish it’s not 3 am.

in the middle of my quiet gilded thoughts

i so wish badly i didn’t have to call it quits

i blame it for being arrogantly full of wits

i wish i had all the world’s courage and guts

damn! i wish it’s not 3 am.

i wish it’s not 3 am, i sure would be

to where you are precisely, i’ll flee

tomorrow as i woke up, i’ll see

the sun beaming full of glee

damn! i wish it’s not 3 am.

damn! i wish it’s not 3 am

damn! i’m dying to be where you are now.

On A Tuesday

This poem was inspired by a comment made by Reena (https://reinventionsreena.wordpress.com/) in my previous post, “On A Monday.” Here’s what happens on a Tuesday.

On A Tuesday

i know you’re probably somewhere
having coffee out of bare necessity
to get by the day’s grind and be fair
to yourself, you need a break; enjoy.

so here i am in my crazy weird thoughts
wishing i could be that cute coffee mug
your holding now, so i get closer to your lips
how i want to feel the warmth of your hug.

so here i am in my crazy weird thoughts
wishing i could be that pretty lady flirting
taking your orders in her widest smiles
how i want to see, your response beaming.

i know you’re probably out somewhere
taking a break from the hustle and bustle
of life’s melodramatic exuberant fanfare
please take care wherever you are.

‘cos baby, here i am
in my crazy weird thoughts
you’re probably out somewhere but
in a place, we used to go to for a coffee

on a
Tuesday afternoon.

Two Poems: One Star & One World

One Star

i beg you, my love, to
look at the sky tonight
sure we see the same light
that one lonely star from afar.

how astounding it is
as it shines brightly despite
the struggle to fight
the blinding lights around.

that, my dear, is how i love you
from where i am for no amount
of oceans and seas apart could make
me love you less than you deserve.

how did this happen i continue to ask
i struggle to understand the ocean
of doubts in our hearts, but i sure
miss you like hell, truly yours, my dear.

One World

it’s perfectly alright
to see the world
as an astounding
place to live despite
the chaos and the discord
the war and the conflict
the global warming and hunger
for when all these are over
we have but one world to live
the earth where God made for us
to tend and to manage.



how do you keep our love together?
how do you see the best in our sorrow?
will you hold me deeply ’till tomorrow?
will you kiss me eagerly like a rainbow?

i will put together a poem and a song
for you to remember how much i long
for your sweet, enduring hold and gazes
together we’ll make it epic in an instance.

we are in need of music that would flow
wildly as the raindrops on our ceiling
over my trembling lips as you kisses
me goodnight with all your loving embraces.

we will write a song to fall smoothly like
water from the shower with you waiting
in a great amount of anticipation over
our dreamy bed where love covers.

then let it be our magic melody
a spell to soothe our wary hearts
a spell to heal our aching souls
let’s kiss to the rhythm of our song.

Oh, Dear Mr. Sun

oh, dear Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun
what power you hold
that when we look at you,
you shine brightly as you ever do
your arrogance is felt every step of my way
the arrogance that is truly undeniably charming
for one can never dismiss your beauty in all its gracefulness

oh, dear Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun
how lovely you look today
as if you are God’s morning star
glowing, blazing, shining, flaming
you are by far the most beautiful thing God has ever created
for no one can dismiss the fact that you do wonders all the time

oh, dear Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun
are you a star or just a fiery ball in the sky?
or could you be a glowing medallion hanging
from somewhere we will never know?
one thing’s for sure though, I will never forget you
and that fateful afternoon
where you blazed like a Titan’s fiery wheel in the sky
it was a dazzling with splendor, a heart- swelling moment
for in between the gaps of the window
you shone more brightly than you used to
you were the silent witness of a love
a love that was born, born to last forever

For Kate’s Friday Fun – solar


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Poetry @ its Finest (or so I Thought)

I wonder if Shakespeare will ever be happy of these?

But it sure did make me smile this morning.

Thank you kate for this Friday Fun Prompt https://aroused.blog/2021/01/30/friday-fun-memes/

And here is the a photo of an actual page from the paperback copy of “What If Snowflakes Don’t Fall In Winter?”

How Do We Start Over?

How Do We Start Over?

it’s quite odd though that at some point
our lives, our world and everything that we do
evolve around and depend upon
the love of our life, or so we thought

but what happen
what could possibly happen
when the very reason
we exist
the very core of our being
becomes inevitably
the single sole reason
we are losing ourselves

should we take the road most people
travel when the going gets tough?
or should we dare move forward
and take on the highest routes to
nothing but road bumps and
multiple road blocks?

how much of ourselves
do we need to lose?
and how many risks do we need to take
to eventually realize
this aint gonna work?
do we keep hoping
or do we keep holding on?

it’s quite odd though, really odd
to be sitting right now
contemplating on what used to be
just a mere part of a movie marathon
we used to watch

and as we both witness
our own movie version story
painstakingly unfolds
right before our very eyes
I can’t help but wonder

what happened?
what happened to us?
did we lose it, or did it just die
a natural death?

and if this aint goin’ further
farther than where we are now,
how do we start over?

For Sadje’s WDY

Don’t Let Go

10th in the series of ” tell me your song, i’ll write you a poem”

Don’t Let Go

I’ve met you back in time when you and i were young
we had our shares of troubles
and our own separate lives
though i knew i needed you to be by my side
but i kept it cool so you won’t let go
and i thank God for that one time
one time, one moment
when you handed over
a note for me to read
then you smiled
your sweetest smile
and from that day on my love
our lives changed

I knew i loved you then
‘cos everytime you smiled at me
I saw our lives together, a life of love
as we grew old together, with kids
dancing and hanging around
as you silently watched them with awe
and with blissful joy
and i, looked at you, and thanked God for that one time, one time, one moment
when you handed over
a note for me to read
then you smiled
your sweetest smile
and from that day on my love
our lives changed

I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you to love, to hold and behold ’till we get older
and I swear my love, not even death can break us apart, for when we are gone
I promise to find you even in the life after
I know I will see you and you will be there to hand over a note for me to read
then I will thank God, for that one moment again, where you will smile
your sweetest smile
so we can start our lives together
even after life
‘cos baby I love you
so please say “you won’t let go”

no matter how many times we will be apart,
we’ll always have a brand new start

Say You Won’t Let Go- James Arthur
For @randomthoughts569

Wolf Moon

when the wolf moon
is out somewhere
and the sun is yet to shine
I look at the night sky
that we are both
wishing upon
the same star
chanting the same wish
for baby,
trust me when i say
I love you to the moon and back

For Eugi’s weekly prompt