A Flicker of Light #whatdoyousee #hope #light

‘ twas dark, cold and eerie I am scared scared to death I could die any moment of fear fear of the unknown of  not knowing and why the stillness of the air could suck even the sound of the wind the trees seemed not to rustle tensed for what was to come a momentContinue reading “A Flicker of Light #whatdoyousee #hope #light”

My Princess

  For Sadje’s What do you See?https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2020/05/18/what-do-you-see-30-18-may-2020/   come sit with me and let’s talk about fairy tales and how dreams do come true that’s what we always do in the afternoon before sunset just after an afternoon nap you told me of how dreams could come true just willingly use the power of yourContinue reading “My Princess”

Longing for You

’twas like nightmares trying to scream and nothing comes out no matter how hard you try ’twas like drowning trying to breath underwater and you can’t simply can’t ’twas like missing a step your foot is suspended in air, you know it should felt solid ground but you have no idea what’s happening if youContinue reading “Longing for You”

I Love you Gently as Snowflakes

i love you gently as snowflakes tumble through the air, swirling and spiraling, each taking different paths to the ground finding gloriously a special spot transforming, creating new beginnings I love you gently as snowflakes trickle the ground twirling and spinning as i find my way unto your heart defying thy gravity melting in your arms softlyContinue reading “I Love you Gently as Snowflakes”


    Attempt quivering voice torn into pieces jammed words dashingly sealed tongue -tied feelings suppressed a power uproars whispered unto thyself acclaimed thy heart longing to blaze conformed thy faith declared thy attempt to bestow equity thy affectionate feeling to love forever My lovely daughter Allana took this photo sometime ago. I promised herContinue reading “Attempt”

Of all the Things

    (There are so many good things out there, but the best one is actually just right beside us)                     Of all the Things   Of all the things i adore your smile i can’t ignore for it extends to your eyes and deep intoContinue reading “Of all the Things”

Concubine Lane-Ipoh

  Splendid, beautiful and warm That’s what you are, full of charm But history was unkind To the truth, some were blind Your story was interestingly told By many as they stroll, young and old Tell tales has it, you were gifted By a wealthy man indeed Some whispered you were the haven Of loveContinue reading “Concubine Lane-Ipoh”


When all else fail and respect is gone listen to your own heartbeat and you will hear the sound of your own voice screaming silently with courtesy and consideration Respect comes in different forms and appears in various LAYERS it could be a show of  esteem or honor for someone or something. An example ofContinue reading “Respect”