Concubine Lane-Ipoh

  Splendid, beautiful and warm That’s what you are, full of charm But history was unkind To the truth, some were blind Your story was interestingly told By many as they stroll, young and old Telltales has it, you were gifted By a wealthy man indeed Some whispered you were the haven Of love untoldContinue reading “Concubine Lane-Ipoh”


When all else fail and respect is gone listen to your own heartbeat and you will hear the sound of your own voice screaming silently with courtesy and consideration Respect comes in different forms and appears in various LAYERS it could be a show of esteem or honor for someone or something. An example ofContinue reading “Respect”

Helen of Troy

If silence has a voice It could have screamed A million little cries And if Helen of Troy had a choice She would have made a statement When she was stripped down and displayed For men of war to choose Kidnapped by Paris, or did she willingly escape? If words are wounded It could haveContinue reading “Helen of Troy”

Mirthless Muse -poem

  The flowers move as you sway the wind catches you to stay The bees trace your track trying to catch you back Your lovely that’s what they say your smile brightens their day Your scent makes them shiver as you walk down and ponder One day the flowers move no more the wind stoodContinue reading “Mirthless Muse -poem”

Those Days

you strum the guitar softly and wrote songs with a great melody the crowd was cheering joyfully your band playing rock n roll gently those days, oh those thrilling days we exchanged the sweetest hellos and the saddest goodbyes the passionate and endearing kiss lingering gaze, I remember always those days, oh those enchanting daysContinue reading “Those Days”

How Much Longer -poem

How much longer can one bear the hurt of broken hope and a curtailed dream? How much longer? I already don’t know. How much longer can one smile, over a bruised and wounded heart? How much longer? I already don’t know. The pain is too harrowing to feel. I am numbed. I don’t know.  Continue reading “How Much Longer -poem”

I Am Mother Nature -poem

I have loved you for so long And give you all that I own Your existence is to where I belong I am with you from dusk till dawn.   What happened my dear? Why did you abandon me in fear? Why did you rob me of everything? Now, I am left with almost nothing.Continue reading “I Am Mother Nature -poem”

Gone -poem

Gone The sun is up today so I gleefully  say “This espresso I am having is soothing and warming”. I bet it’s from the blue mountain of Jamaica, Columbia, Guatemala or Java it has a golden colored crema on top and that robust flavor made me snap. I felt a sweet lingering after taste soContinue reading “Gone -poem”

Stone Cold (poem)

Stone cold, that has become Of a child abandoned at home.   Stone cold, a mother had been Lonely, tired, and forgotten. Stone cold, a father for sure All tide up at work, joy so unsure. Stone cold, a family will be If, and only they allow it to be.