and I wonderas I look at youstanding tall and steadylooking gorgeous as everwhat have I done to merityour mere presencein my lifeI must have been so goodbefore this lifetime,they say what we are nowis because of whatwe werebeforeit feels like a touch of heavenis right beside mea little heaven on earthwhen you are with meandContinue reading “Kiss”

Waterfall (On Writer’s Block)

          On Writer’s Block:   You don’t need to be a murderer to write a bestselling murder novel. You don’t even need to be an alien to write from the point of view of one. You don’t even need to stripper to write about the life of a stripper. That isContinue reading “Waterfall (On Writer’s Block)”

And When The Sun Sets

comelet’s go offwanderupon the meadowby the horizonhold my handas we watch the sunsets beautifullyin raging hot orangeto a soothing, calmingpinkish to light yellow huelet me lay my head on yourshoulder, rest, my weary heart would it be so perfectto be with you, in your loving armsin communion and harmonywith the rhythm of nature? just me,Continue reading “And When The Sun Sets”

I Was Never A Hopeless Romantic

“I swear I was never a hopeless romantic, to begin with, but I prepared all these for you, my love “ I was never in love with romantic love poems I was never a love poet myself I wrote ’bout life and its intricacies about dreams and ambitions and endless possibilities I wrote ’bout politicsContinue reading “I Was Never A Hopeless Romantic”

Do You Remember Heathcliff?

    Do You Remember Heathcliff? Do you remember how Heathcliffpassionately loves Catherine?the first time he laid his eyes on her?It causes her to shiverlike a root in the rainfrom the baseof her neckto the end ofher spine Do you remember how Heathcliffdeclared he indeed loves Catherine?that she is his soul mate,united to himin eternity?  It made herContinue reading “Do You Remember Heathcliff?”

Colors and Beyond

what if colors don’t define an emotion or a feeling?will there be love versus hatred? or joy versus sadness?or even success versus failure? what if black is simply black and doesn’t mean a thing?will there be a clamor for unity and equality?what if white is simply white and doesn’t mean a thing?will there be superiorsContinue reading “Colors and Beyond”

Your Eyes

I looked   closely steadily into your eyes wanting to see the smile of hope of love of compassion of kindness the smile that can only be seen through your eyes as your beautiful lips with perfect white teeth that used to reveal your truest emotions is now hidden, covered for how long we don’t knowContinue reading “Your Eyes”

I Remember You

  ’twas not so long agoI came to know youover exchange ofsmall talks and “hi” and “hello”how long has it been?I can’t even remember thenbut I remember you in dayswhen I’ve run out of things to doand my muse is in an ultimate unannounced breakI remember you over galleries of photographsand stunning images of people,Continue reading “I Remember You”