I Am Yours

I Am Yours

i am lovingly yours
come rain or sunshine
even in the aftermath
of a storm in the desert
or a winter in the tropics
i am lovingly yours

i am lovingly yours
through thick and thin
even in the face
of adversity
or tragedy
i am devotedly yours

i am lovingly yours
in sickness and in health
i will stand by you
this is my solemn vow
i am faithfully yours

Wednesdays of Longing in Spillwords

My poem “Wednesdays of Longing” is up now in Spillwords.

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I am your days of longing
on a rainy morning
on a long sunset drive
on a fun-filled pit stop
on a sweet homecoming
I am your days of longing
and I crave for you

on a Wednesday

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It Ain’t Winning If Without You

Life is a beautiful journey meant to be embraced to the fullest every day. However, that doesn’t mean you always wake up ready to seize the day and sometimes need a reminder that life is a great gift. Whether an overly used quote from a famous personality or an encouraging message about giving it your best from a successful person, we can all use a little motivation and inspiration these days.

My journey to book publishing wasn’t an easy road. I’ve always said that it took me decades to publish my first book. And now, I am on to publish my 7th poetry book. Three of my six published books hold the title of Amazon Best-Selling. To write a book is already daunting. To publish it is hard work (lots of hard work, sleepless nights, and more hard work)…and to make it to the best-seller list is a gift, a miracle, a blessing.

My 7th book, “It Ain’t Winning If Without You,” is not your ordinary poetry book that is basically just a compilation of poetry written by the poet over time.

For one, it has exceeded the expected word count for a poetry book, only 15k words; “It Ain’t Winning If Without You” has a word count of 30k, a collection of two hundred (200) remarkable poems that tell a story.

Secondly, it has a storyline. It tells a love story that spans decades. It celebrates young and careless love. It celebrates a love that withstands the test of time. It celebrates a love that is willing to endure and forgive and wait.

Thirdly, it’s a story of a loving daughter wanting her stolen goodbye back when her father died unexpectedly, and no amount of time could ease the feeling of longing, wanting, and wishing. “I should have been there” is the least we always say when we lose our chance. This kind of longing is magnified in this book.

And lastly, it is a story of sharing success with everyone who remarkably made the success story meaningful and significant. And why not? What is success if not shared with the same people who were there all along to help and guide us?

“It Ain’t Winning Without You” is no ordinary poetry book, and I am sharing it with love and gratitude.

“It Ain’t Winning Without You” is a poetry book that will give you chills, the excitement, the drama, the tension, the pain, the sorrow, the anger, the madness that every novel you’ve read has given you; and finally, it will provide you with a feeling of ease as you flip on to read the last page of the book.

Be ready to read a novel in a Poetry Book on 15th August as we release “It Ain’t Winning If Without You.”

Thank You, India!

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Your Name

and in the twilight of my life
when my world will be partially illuminated
where there is neither darkness nor light
all I ever wish to have is that single speck
of light, that single spark of joy with you
for I love you from the morn’ of my soul
’till the dusk of my breath
and I will love you even more
in the midnight of my being
when the whole world is in perfect silence
my heart screams loudly
of your name like it’s the last
word I am gonna utter
your name and yours alone


Jco, the Mighty

Jco, that’s how we call you
named after the famous
soft and fluffy almost cake-like
donut we fell in love with;
friends and relatives
argue about their safety around you,
you are compactly-built,
muscular, fast, and powerful,
standing between 26 to 29 inches
at the shoulder
your body is sleek but substantial,
and is covered with a glistening
golden brown hue
they are scared of you,
if they only knew how kind
and sweet and adorable you are,
they’d love you too
I swear

you won’t eat without me
by your side
and now that we are apart,
oceans apart
I know you have learned
to eat by yourself but that 
makes me really sad

you outlived Maggi our pomeranian
and Otaku our mini pinscher
the passing of those two cute furries
I witnessed you cry
you had sleepless nights
when Otaku died
so we decided to get you
someone your kind
Macky arrived at your delight
you were energetic and lively again
but little did we realize
that you are such a spoiler big brother
gone are those days when
you wanted to be fed first
and gone are those days when
you wanted your place to get cleaned first
even in your daily bath, you wanted Macky to be the first

Now, you are aging…
you no longer run as fast
as you used to…
nor jump high as you always do…
and I don’t know what to write next…
my heart is bleeding…
just by the thought of it…

For Sadje’s WDY

I am reminded of my beloved dobberman JCO who passed away months ago.


Crimson Sky

“I remember you” is so lame
“I think of you” is just an


I did not just remember you
nor did I just think of you


I long for you.
is that an understatement still?
it could be.

last night,

oh, last night
I saw you, under the moonlight
just beneath the horizon
where the earth separates
from the sky
standing tall and charming

now, that’s pure fantasy.
maybe it is, but babe, I saw you,
I swear I did.
How could I be wrong?
It was you.
I hear you.
I feel you.


As I scribble to get this to you

here’s hoping that we were looking
at the same crimson sky last night
with our silent whispers suspended
in the air, “never let go.”

I hope you saw me too.



quivering voice torn into pieces
jammed words dashingly sealed
tongue-tied feelings suppressed
a power uproars
whispered unto thyself
acclaimed thy heart
longing to blaze
conformed thy faith
declared thy attempt
to bestow equity
thy affectionate feeling
to love

  • Each day is an attempt to be better in loving you dear…

today’s poem is from my latest poetry book “I Would Fly To Where You Are” available in Amazon for kindle file and paperback copy

You Miss Another One Of My Birthdays Again!

I wish you’re beside me right now
‘cos there’s just so much I wanna tell you
after all, you’re at your best listening to my stories
your eyes, oh how I remember they light up
to your heart’s desire
when I giggle, when I laugh
at my own faulty storytelling technique

I swear I could finally win, any
word games you would challenge me
for oh, I bet you didn’t know
I’ve learned a lot overtime
I’ve mastered it for a while
and I would bet every single coin
there is in my pocket for this

do you remember how I’d cry
but I wouldn’t say a word why?
I was hurt, so hurt I know you will be
if I tell you why, but, with you
no amount of words is needed
nor a great amount of pep talk
is required, with you heaven is on earth

and right now, just right now
I wish you’re beside me
there’s just so much I wanna tell you
‘cos papa, nothing beats your warm angelic embrace
your comforting words and your heavenly presence

you are still, the only man who truly
believes in me even when I say nothing at all
and, I could trade anything just to be
with you right now

and oh, papa, you miss another one of my birthdays again!


A late Father’s day poem for my papa in heaven wishing he is with me on my birthday (late birthday post too)