Speechless I am speechless, flabbergasted when I see you walk, hear you talk when I see you smile, feel your love I am dumbstruck, my brain freezes  I am stuck, stuck in love with you I am speechless, I am flabbergasted unable to speak, my tongue-tied my brain stutters for a moment every part ofContinue reading “Speechless”

Your Hello

what is with your “hello,” dear?that I so long desired to hear a kind of hello, i used to adorewhenever you’re up and close by the door the hello that awakened my soulfulfilled my true heart’s impulse a kind of hello, i missed and longed forregardless of the millions i heard over the hello thatContinue reading “Your Hello”

I Bet You Were Right

remember how we usedto talk ’bout movies and love songsand happily -ever- after?you said romance is for the hopeless romantic, for the young,the careless and the carefeeeI bet you were right,you were right‘cos at forty -five,I’m the same; young,careless, carefree,hopeless romanticstill crazy in love with you remember how we usedto talk ’bout our storyour loveContinue reading “I Bet You Were Right”

Through All The Times

through all the things i’ve doneand in all the many places i’ve gonefor the many times i’ve changed my waysand for the countless moments and daysyou’ve been in my heart, in my thoughts I swear through the many faces and friends i’ve metand the enormous challenges i’ve betfor the hours i’ve consumed, i’ve depletedand forContinue reading “Through All The Times”

I’m Not Skinny

I’m not skinny, I’m not thinI’m just fit and leanI can do rounds of planks and squatsas you watch and admire with loving thoughtsI can have a fully loaded vegetable salad mealas you enjoy steaks and your cheeseburger meal I’m not skinny, I’m not thinI’m just fit and leanI can fit into anything, skinny jeansContinue reading “I’m Not Skinny”

Oh, Dear Mr. Sun

oh, dear Mr. Sun, Mr. Sunwhat power you holdthat when we look at you,you shine brightly as you ever doyour arrogance is felt every step of my waythe arrogance that is truly undeniably charmingfor one can never dismiss your beauty in all its gracefulness oh, dear Mr. Sun, Mr. Sunhow lovely you look todayas ifContinue reading “Oh, Dear Mr. Sun”

My Flowers Came Too Late

My Flowers Came Too Late I was sixteen whenyou first gave me flowers’twas beautiful, to say the leastthey were white roses,so innocent, so pure,I danced and swayed my wayas I paraded them over for all to seetheir heavenly fragranceinvited everyoneto smell,their long green stemswere as fragile as glass,or so I thoughtI was on cloud nine,IContinue reading “My Flowers Came Too Late”

Rock ‘N Roll Star

Rock ‘N Roll Star I’m sipping my cappucino,quietly enjoying the bitter after taste,with our favorite songplaying on the radiowhen I remember how I first met youyou were smiling, probably the sweetest smile I had ever seen, and I was terrifiedfor a minute or so hey man, there was something about youin your faded jeans andContinue reading “Rock ‘N Roll Star”