Your Name

and in the twilight of my lifewhen my world will be partially illuminatedwhere there is neither darkness nor lightall I ever wish to have is that single speckof light, that single spark of joy with youfor I love you from the morn’ of my soul’till the dusk of my breathand I will love you evenContinue reading “Your Name”

Jco, the Mighty

Jco, that’s how we call younamed after the famoussoft and fluffy almost cake-likedonut we fell in love with;friends and relativesargue about their safety around you,you are compactly-built,muscular, fast, and powerful,standing between 26 to 29 inchesat the shoulderyour body is sleek but substantial,and is covered with a glisteninggolden brown huethey are scared of you,if they onlyContinue reading “Jco, the Mighty”

Crimson Sky

“I remember you” is so lame“I think of you” is just anunderstatement for I did not just remember younor did I just think of you babe, I long for that an understatement still?it could be. last night, oh, last nightI saw you, under the moonlightjust beneath the horizonwhere the earth separatesfrom the skystanding tallContinue reading “Crimson Sky”


Attempt quivering voice torn into piecesjammed words dashingly sealedtongue-tied feelings suppresseda power uproarswhispered unto thyselfacclaimed thy heartlonging to blazeconformed thy faithdeclared thy attemptto bestow equitythy affectionate feelingto loveforever Each day is an attempt to be better in loving you dear… today’s poem is from my latest poetry book “I Would Fly To Where You Are”Continue reading “Attempt”

You Miss Another One Of My Birthdays Again!

I wish you’re beside me right now‘cos there’s just so much I wanna tell youafter all, you’re at your best listening to my storiesyour eyes, oh how I remember they light upto your heart’s desirewhen I giggle, when I laughat my own faulty storytelling technique I swear I could finally win, anyword games you wouldContinue reading “You Miss Another One Of My Birthdays Again!”


Eternally up unto the sky beyond life and even time my treasure is you. over the night light on the far side forever my fondness is you. and in afterlife farther than eternity my passion is you. I promise to love you, eternally… P.S. today’s poem is from my latest book “I Would Fly ToContinue reading “Eternally”

Thank You My WP Family

“The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter.” – -Paulo Coelho I waited patiently for my time, and I was never disappointed even if waiting seemed longer than I expected. ‘Twas worth the wait. So,Continue reading “Thank You My WP Family”