These Times

These Times

i would never forget the times
i am begging for you to stay
i am grateful for those times
you left me waiting; uncertain
i know how your heart breaks
more than mine
but that taught me
love’s greatest lesson
to look beyond what eyes can see
to feel loved beyond
hugs and kisses and warm embraces
especially at times when you are near me
yet a single glimpse is not possible
these times when love is love
regardless of and no matter what
these times when love is love
even if it felt like a glassful of water
splashed, suspended in the air
not knowing when to fall
not knowing how to land
these times.

For Sadje’s WDYS

Groovy Kind of Love

Groovy Kind of Love

’twas a groovy kind of love
what you had with your first love
i would never forget when you said
under the moonlight starry night
he declared his love, so raw
so pure so true so real
what happened after was surreal
you were left struggling in the dark
unsure of what the future would be
what used to be a love so true
was broken, was destroyed
so easily, so hastily
that groovy kind of love
turned out to be a modern twist
of the classic “Romeo and Juliet” tale.


Sixty – Five

i want a photograph of us together when i am sixty -five and you are sixty – nine
no longer capable of arguing over petty trivial matter sitting
quietly in our garden by the entrance porch your hand wrap around my shoulder
as our minds travel back in time when we  were young and restless
when our love stood by the ground of endless, pointless debates.

i want a photograph of us together when i am sixty-five and you are sixty – nine
the kind that speaks highly of a love that survived and weathered all sorts of storms
for we know love is as delicate as a morning dew
and as fragile as a glass frame hanging by the edge of a wall
easily broken easily lost, but we muddled through the best we can
a photograph that will scream loudly of our love that survived against all odds.

i want a photograph of us together when i am sixty-five and you are sixty – nine
wearing our beautiful smiles over our charming wrinkled faces
a remembrance that once upon a time there was a young beautiful “me”
who fell truly madly deeply in love with the dashing gentleman that is you
and that without a doubt were meant to be together from the start
even when we both doubted and ignored our overwhelming connection to one another.

so baby please hang on there for i so badly want that photograph of us together
when i am sixty-five and you are sixty – nine.

For David’s Weekly Prompt

Not True

It’s Not True

there would always be a silent drowning pain
in between my “i’m okay” and “i am fine”
whenever you are there and i am here.

there would always be a raging war in my head
in between my “it’s alright” and “i understand”
whenever you are there and i am here.

for truth be told it’s never okay and it’s never fine
‘cos i am not alright and i would never understand.

but, that’s just how silly life could be
you could be out there somewhere
and i am here.

the distance would always be never okay
the separation would always be never alright.

that’s just how things work
and “it’s okay”
“it’s fine”
“it’s alright”
and “i understand”