Eternally (Triple Haiku)



Up unto the sky

Beyond life and even time

My treasure is you.

Over the night light

On the far side forever

My fondness is you.

And in afterlife

Farther than eternity

My passion is you.



I have been following the blog of DavyD “inside the mind of DavyD” for a little while now. I used to write long narrative verses. I seldom write short poems and verses, until I discovered his works. He writes brilliant and amazing short poems and verses most especially when he’d accompany it with an equally stunning photograph or computer-generated images. And just then that I thought I could try it myself too. This afternoon, on the way home I took this stunning photograph and wrote a triple haiku alongside as my expression of my eternal devotion to my beloved and of course as inspired by Davy’s beautiful short verses.

I have been writing short poems for a while now. I enjoyed the most my haikus which actually lead to a wonderful haiku collaboration with the talented Rose of the Poet Rummager.

So here’s for Davy ¬†and Rose for inspiring me to try on short poems.