A collaboration of three elusive poets, whose love for the written words can be traced back even before Instagram and Facebook was born, even before the words, “friend zone or status complicated” were invented.Three poets, one poem, one hope, one wish – to love and be loved eternally @michnavs, @chanticleer9 and @beruang_kuat Rainbow i’ve walkedContinue reading “Rainbow”

On A Lazy Sunday Morn’

A Blessed Sunday friends and poets 🙏🙏🙏..On A Lazy Sunday Morn’..if i could stop the clock,i’d stop it at the exact momentyou made me laughi’d say “freeze”, and be on that pointwhere i’d laugh, wide open‘cos baby, it feels so goodand in case you don’t knowit rarely happens,not all that is funnymakes me laughnot allContinue reading “On A Lazy Sunday Morn’”

It Isn’t Winning If Without You

It Isn’t Winning If Without You..i cried the hardest cry,swallowed the deepest trauma,absorbed the most painful wound.i took on the biggest challenges,the most enduring fightsthe craziest conflicts.but, i too.dreamt the impossiblehoped against hopewished against all odds.and nothing dear, no nothingbeats the feeling of winningwhen you thoughtyou’ve lost all along.nothing beats the feeling ofcoming home toContinue reading “It Isn’t Winning If Without You”


Papa.how can i ever get over you?how can i not think ’bout you?i kept your memoriesdearly in my heart for so longand oh, how i can forget youeven for a while?.they say time and distancewill make you forgetbut that won’t gonna work for meit has been so long, oh, so longi could clearly see yourContinue reading “Papa”

What If

(I see a woman, wondering and pondering of “what if’s”  and “what might have been’s”.) What If what if we didn’t meet?what if it didn’t happen?what if our hearts did not collide?what if our bodies did not unite? ’twas like a movie, in full productioni was the star, and you; just being you, in anticipationyouContinue reading “What If”

Don’t Make It Yours

of the many things you’ve saidI kept my silence, for my words are sacredI’d love to use them to speak of kindness,love, and compassion. but for once, just for once, and may the universe forgive me if I do this..how dare you question what I feelhow dare you mock me when I am scaredI cried.Continue reading “Don’t Make It Yours”


I took a much needed drivedrive to nowhere,nothing just driveto unleash, to unravelor maybe to find answersto many questions I so longstruggle to acknowledgeor maybe to stumble uponan answer to my soul’s dilemma ah this drive, oh, this driveif this could take meto where you are,exactly at the momentmy heart fully bleeds for youmy soulContinue reading “Drive”

Your Name

and in the twilight of my lifewhen my world will be partially illuminatedwhere there is neither darkness nor lightall I ever wish to have is that single speckof light, that single spark of joy with youfor I love you from the morn’ of my soul’till the dusk of my breathand I will love you evenContinue reading “Your Name”


what does your “how are you?” really meansI could take on the basic route and say“I’m fine thank you, how ‘ bout you?”or I could break it down tohow bad my day wentwith work messing upwith my stress levelat the highest peak and I could maybe tell you I’m not really welland that I probablyContinue reading “Hey”