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When you are asked if you can do a job, tell ’em, ‘Certainly, I can!’ Then get busy and find out how to do it. – Theodore Roosevelt

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Proposal/Poetry Reading


we could argue overnight for the rest of our lives
we could go on blame throwing in streak of fives
but baby there is no denying between our pride
and our love, the latter takes on by landslide

we could squabble over petty trivial matter
we could bring on particular details to be clear
but baby we’ve loved each other even before we knew
that love exists between two friends in feud

we could be crazy and wait for decades more
we could be silly and let things get loose further
but baby we we knew we can’t afford to squander
more years and more memories as we ponder

we could persistently ignore the reality
we could always care less with brutality
but baby we knew we are both miserable apart
for our lives evolve around us together to start

so baby trust me when i say we were never friends to begin with
i’ve loved you for years and years and will love you for more years
i’d say the cheesiest line you’d probably hear
please don’t laugh hear me when i say

“make me the happiest poet in the world and spend the rest of your life with me”

All The Love in The World

All The Love in The World

it would be in two months that i will suppose to welcome you into this world.
it was for two months too that i had you carried dearly with all the love i told.
’twas the most agonizing two months of my life more than ever to hold.
you had me in and out of the hospital with all of the little pains and occasional qualmishness, i felt cold.

to unreasonable food cravings, yes my dear ’twas indeed unreasonable.
for why else would you want your dear mama to crave a savory meal?
my dearest, i’m not a fan of food but because of you, i had finished a five-course dish with a great deal.
i enjoyed and hated it at the same time, but i would do anything for you for real.

yes, anything, even when the doctor said i couldn’t hold you for long.
i should just give up sooner for it was a useless battle to prolong.
i didn’t, i took on headstrong.
‘cos i want you in my life and i will do anything to keep you all along.

i used to wonder though, but i dismissed the thought for there is nothing i wouldn’t do to keep you, i need you so bad.
i prayed so hard.
i fought so hard.
i wished so hard.
i hoped so hard.

until there was nothing else to pray, fight, wish, and hope for.
i’m sorry my body couldn’t keep you, dear.
i’m sorry my body wasn’t your safe haven i didn’t bear.
i’m sorry i gave up the fight ’twas clear.

it would be in two months that i will suppose to welcome you into this world.
it was for two months too that i had you carried dearly with all the love i told.
i remember you.
i love you.
until then, i’ll see you.

for David’s Weekly Prompt

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“how can there be so much pain in a heart where there is so much joy?”

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how many times have you forgotten that you ain’t the story of your past
that you ain’t just a mere reflection of what happened. of a narrative once told
you ain’t that.

i know it feels like dying every day knowing that somewhere out there
a story has to be told a reality you’ve long avoided
but the world doesn’t end even when your story
doesn’t end the way you want it
it won’t end.

how many times have you convinced yourself
to just smile amidst the pain
to just breathe when it’s suffocating
to walk away gracefully from things and people
that don’t contribute to your
well being
don’t give up.

i know you are wiser than your inhibitions
you are better than your problems
you are stronger when in doubt
you are resilient when tested by fate
you are tougher when confronted by fear
don’t lose your composure
don’t quit.

take a break if you need to
but make sure to come back
better and stronger
wiser and tougher

don’t lose hope.

For Reena’ s Exploration Challenge

Common Good

Common Good

a smattering of people
opposes the results
and yet too much
and too many chaos
is sorrounding the event.

is it because the minority
is blinded by the truth
or that the majority
has made the wrong choice?

no hate is intended
just a moment of
reflection and goodwill
for the common good.



how do i mend my broken heart?
my broken mind? my broken promise? my broken hope?
for everytime i look at my self in the mirror
i can’t help but see the brokenness in me.

that broken piece of me you took away
i don’t blame you for that though
but i must say i hated you for leaving me
just like that.


how dare you not give me the chance
the chance every human being deserve
the chance to say goodbye
the chance to watch you go.

but you went.

unannounced. unnoticed.
and i don’t know if i could ever
forgive myself or you, or the circumstances
sorrounding your departure.

it sucks.

it hurts.

it pains me so damn hard.
and i don’t know how to get over it.

you left me dad.
and i am broken

even decades after.


Happy Birthday in heaven Papa💕

A Perfect Streak of Love and Destiny/Poetry Reading

A Perfect Streak of Love and Destiny

it’s true then what they say,
no amount of words will find a way
of expressing how much you love when its too great
too good, too endearing, my dear
but i’ll say it the best way my poet heart
can anyway

i love you, for many wonderful reasons
like when you just look at me with so much admiration
how can i not notice the smile in your eyes
and the joy on your face, and for that you made
me the happiest as always

i love you, for the many times you
make me giggle like a little child getting a hand-made doll
or the way you charm me with your classic
boy-next-door wink
oh, how you make me blush,
my heart skipping a beat

let me pause by saying, of course i don’t forget, we’ve come a long way, my dear
and i swear, the rocky roads and crazy road bumps, we’ve been through
were testaments of true love,
worthy of one great love tale

above all, my love, its true what they say
love knows no boundaries, doesn’t even have an age limit or expiry date, ‘cos trust me when i say, at forty – five, i love you
like i used to love you back in the days
when we were crazy and young and careless

ours, my dear, is a love written in the stars
where the universe conspires
and the Gods and Goddesses unite
to create a perfect story line, a perfect match, a perfect tale
for two imperfect individuals, to love and to hold, ’till death do they part

and so it’s true what they say,
no amount of words will find a way
of expressing how much you love when its too great
too good, too endearing, my dear
but maybe not, for a poet like me
‘cos i have a hundred million ways to tell you how much i love you

a perfect streak of love and destiny

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