Everything Will Be Fine

Everything Will Be Fine

even though its hard to do
i confront my fears
with faith in my heart
with fire in my soul

i possess the courage
i have the strength
to bring another life
healthy in this world

i am strong and healthy
i trust in the wisdom
of my body to be
a safe place

i can do all the impossible
I’ve survived all the worst
i am strong
i will be fine

just breathe.

For Eugi’s https://amanpan.com/eugis-weekly-prompt-affirmations-january-18-2022/


As I continue to explore writing issues and topics that are mostly taboo; like “miscarriage” I opted to write an affirmation poem for mothers who have silently lost thier babies during the course of pregnancy.

Positive affirmation will hopefully help them heal.

Miscarriage is a traumatic event which affects every woman differently, but can lead to grief, anxiety, depression, and even symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Some women chose to speak up and share. Some opted to keep silent and continue with their lives. And it might surprise us, but some have actually become a highly functional empowered woman. And some believed (even the mother herself) that she moved on with the trauma. Little do we know that they are actually the ones agonizing the most. When the lights, the glamour, the demands of work are over their world will fall apart. And the cycle just continues for them.

Between Intermittent Signals And Poor Connectivity

Does distance affect LOVE? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section

Between Intermittent Signals And Poor Connectivity

in between intermittent signals and poor connectivity
we struggle to keep our conversations hearty and easy
with you missing some verses and me forgetting my next story
you laugh at me freezing for a moment, looking odd
yet beautiful as always you say in my Louis Vuitton   
pajamas and messy hair, I struggle to stay clear
of what’s up and where you have been
how amazing it is, my love,
that in between intermittent signals and poor connectivity
we discovered love, love unlike any other,
unlike nobody else’s
we talked of the past and how it used to be just us
in between traffic lights and crowded intersections 
we scuffled to cross the road, with your right hand grabbing mine

in between intermittent signals and poor connectivity
and in between time differences and work calls and messages
we tussle to keep our sweet nothings and flying kisses
oh, how it makes me laugh to see you looking silly
snogging and smooching from a faraway distance 
made possible, thanks to intermittent signals and poor connectivity
do you remember the time when 
I was eating and you were driving?
how we achieve to keep our silly nothing conversations just a bit out of this world

in between intermittent signals and poor connectivity
we made love with our words and conversations
we kissed with our hand signals and funny cuddling
we made plans of how we will be
we created life, a life like no one else
not even you or me ever imagined would be

our love has survived all the road bumps 
and even the hardest roadblocks
our love has been tested by time 
and by distance
our love has defied all probabilities and all possibilities

funny how our love too has survived
intermittent signals and poor connectivity

A poem from my poetry book “I Would Fly To Where You Are”, consistently in TOP 500 on Poetry About Love in Amazon worldwide and in all other platforms

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I Will Love You Forever, Too (In Notion Press)

poem from my 5th poetry book “I Will Love You Forever,Too”

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How Many More Poems
how many poems do I need to write
to tell you how much I love you?
I’d count from one to ten
or maybe ten over a hundred,
I don’t know,
I really can’t tell
for every time my pen bleeds
it bled more of you, and when my verses scream,
it screamed of love, love for you

how much of my creative thoughts
do I need to pour,
to tell you how much I love you?
I’d like to paint the world in blue
(for it is the perfect hue you adore)
I’d like to create a bubble for you
where you’ll never get hurt, never be blue
for every time I think of you
I think nothing but the best for you


how many poems do I really need to write?
how much of my creative thoughts do I need to pour?
I don’t know
I really can’t tell


each time I breathe, I breathe of you,
‘cos my love, believe me when I say
you are the air that runs
through my veins
the only air
my lungs long for
the only air
my body is familiar with


Alkansya (A Poetic Flash Fiction)

it’s true what they say
that love defies time
no matter how long
it will stay

that’s how i am writing
the love story so endearing
of my *lolo and *lola
a love that knows no bound

*lolo is gone, gone in heaven
and as a loving remembrance
*lola insists on telling their story
there’s just one problem ‘though

*lola is no way able to write, able to read
never been to school, never been educated
for life was hard, so one day she decided
to smash her most precious kept *alkansya

“*apo, go buy that thing you call laptop,
so you can write how your *lolo in heaven
love *lola so much”

*lolo –Filipino word for grandfather
*lola – Filipino word for grandmother
*alkansya -Filipino word for a coin bank
*apo- Filipino word for grandchild

For Sadje’s WDYS https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2021/11/29/what-do-you-see-110-november-29-2021/

I Should Have Kissed You Mine (Spoken word poetry)

I Should Have Kissed You Mine

I never realized love could hurt so much
until I saw you walk away
it hurt so much ‘cos I was too proud, too proud to tell you I love you, I just kissed you without saying a word
I thought that kiss should have sealed the deal, instead it broke us apart
I should have poured my heart out, instead of pretending ’twas nothing
I should have said I love you, instead of letting you go

and when friends asked about you I pretended to be happy
but truth is, just the mere mention of your name broke me into pieces, shattered me
and there is nothing I can do, but just think of you and what to do with a life without you
‘cos when I think of you, I think of the day I let you go
I let you go without fighting a good damn fight
I should have said I love you, instead of letting you go

and it may be too late to say, but i’ll say it anyway
I am sorry for kissing you without telling you why
I am sorry for letting you walk away instead of stopping you
I am sorry for giving up on you without even trying
I am sorry, I should have told you I love you, when I had the chance

now I am too late, too late a hero, so to say
how could i let it happen so fast?
I waited, yes, just waited, I thought waiting was enough
I thought waiting will make you come back
I thought waiting will be my only chance to finally tell you how I feel
but baby waiting wasn’t enough
I should have told you I love you, when I had the chance

I should have kissed you mine, instead of kissing you goodbye
I should have asked you out, but I did not,
I was too young, too dumb to make the bold move, too silly to take the big leap
I should have loved you when you were with me
I should have told you I love you, when I had the chance

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it’s been said many times
a house is not a home
it’s just a dwelling place
to get through days

it’s been said many times
a home is made up of
a loving father, a caring mother
and kids to share

yet, through and through
over the years, over time
we’ve witnessed, homes
crumble down

and for most they say
it’s the father, not so loving
or the mother, not so caring
which leaves the kids scuffling

but i say my dear
my home is with you
regardless of
no matter what

For Sadje https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2021/11/22/what-do-you-see-109-november-222021/

Together, In A Crowded Place

Together, In A Crowded Place

in a spot where the crowd is proud
to strut and to flaunt all that they have
from a bejeweled phone case to the latest
fashion trend, to what’s new, what’s hot

in the same spot, the same scene, the same place
i’d flaunt not my Rolex Zenith Daytona watch
nor my bloody red Louis Vuitton Brentwood bag
not even my Hermes Oran slides

in a multitude of people gathered to share
their daily routines, life updates, even dreams
i’d talk not of how my life has been so far
or my “what ifs” and my hundreds of “maybes”

in a jam-packed crowded place, i’d show off
my most precious, dearest, valuable piece
that no amount of hard cash or ready money
could compensate to pay, to buy, to acquire

in a huddled place, loaded with different faces
i’d display with great pride, with honor, and
a smile on my face, i’d take your hand, together,
let’s reveal to the world what true love is

baby, hold my hand, in a crowded place
together, let’s flaunt each other, with
nothing but the undying love in our hearts
and the hope of true love forever

let’s do what they call crazy weird
a public display of affection
in a crowded place, damn!
who cares! 



and just when you thought solitude
is what you need to live and survive
what if, it’s but a mere illusion?

in fact,

there isn’t stillness in seclusion?
there isn’t freedom in liberation?
there isn’t hope in ambition?

‘cos, no matter what you do

the war is in your head
the rage is in your soul
the inferno is in your heart

and, peace is just

a product of your imagination
a manufactured information
a fabricated deception

go, fight

the demon in your head
the evil under your bed
the culprit that said

“you are not good enough and you will never be”

accept the challenge

spring up. climb.
rise up. grow.

prove them all wrong.

unlock your fullest potential.

I Will Love You Forever, Again

I Will Love You Forever, Again

it’s been many days, many months, many years
i could barely remember the reason, the story behind
we parted ways, we said goodbye
but the pain of letting go, saying adieu
broke me in million little pieces
shattered me in million more ways

it’s been many days, many months, many years
we have moved on, we have moved forward
i could barely remember the challenges, the obstacles
i went through just to get by
forgetting you wasn’t easy, ’twas so damn hard
i was torn apart, i was wrecked, i was fragmented
i grieved in silence, i suffered in perfect serenity

it’s been many days, many months, many years
i could count more days, more months, many more years
i’ve mastered the art of smiling while agonizing
i’ve mastered the skills of being broken yet whole
i’ve mastered the way to move on while wanting to look back

it’s been many days, many months, many years
i am completely convinced, totally assured
that you are but, a fragment of my dream,
a beautiful memory of my past worth remembering as i smile, until on the 29th day
of the second month of the year,
you appeared my dear

and all the days, the months, the years that passed by were forgotten, set aside
would it be too late or too soon
to say my dear that i’ve missed you so
in all those days, those months
and those years, and if you may, let me say
“i promise to love you forever, again”

Appleseed (Jayson Polley)