they come in many forms
for the little ones
it could be the famous
Casper, the friendly ghost
for the adults and the believers
of life after death
it could be their friends or loved ones
visiting them after deaths
and for the joyful and adventurous ones
it could be just another spooky Halloween tale
but little do we know, or little do we recognize
the ghost that truly haunts us down
for some, it could be a childhood experience
of losing a loved one early on in life
for others, it could be a terrible heartbreak
of losing “the love of your life” for the first time
but for the silent majority
it could be a one-time big-time trauma
haunting them down as they sleep at night
for years and years and years
and that no matter what they do
it keeps coming back
as what most ghostly appearances do
it appears anytime, anywhere
uninvited, unsolicited
more so, in the darkest hour of the night
even in the silence of their dreams
and in the comfort of their
wildest, most brilliant creative imagination
it appears




until it’s gone
for just a moment

Who Murders Halloween #spillwordshalloween

Who Murders Halloween? poetry by Michelle Ayon Navajas at
My Halloween poem out now in Spillwords

It wasn’t long ago that trick or treating
was so much fun, where kids gather hanging
around the streets with their specialized masks on
creatively made by their doting moms for this occasion
as their annoyed dads yelled over and complained
of a burnt cupcake in the oven or a dish uncooked

read more…

Who Murders Halloween?

I Stopped

“I tried so hard, and that’s the thing.
Trying didn’t help so, I stopped.
And it felt so good; missing you
without trying not to.”

And all this time I thought I mastered the art of concealing, the art of hiding what I really feel. I thought I learned the tricks and trade of smiling even when it hurts, of smiling even when it pains, of smiling even when it sucks. But I guess I will never be able to learn and master how not to miss you.

I tried and tried really damn hard. But trying didn’t even ease a single hurt or a single pain. Trying didn’t even make me smile the way I do when I am with you.

The smiles they see my love are all just for the show. It’s nothing but a senseless, artificial smile hiding the reality, the truth, and the gravity of how my heart aches.

Truth is, I miss myself when I am with you.

For Kate’s Friday – Fun: ( i missed this one last week, though)

I Don’t Know Why

I don’t know why
And I really don’t care why
Some are quick to judge
And driven by
Wrong perceptions
And unrealistic expectations
When all that is needed is just
One good heart to see and
One good soul to feel
What our naked eye cannot perceive

What If Snowflakes Don’t Fall In Winter – Coming out soon..

Coming out soon….

Dreams Do Come True


This a lengthy post, longer than my usual posts. Below is the actual post I made here on WordPress seven years ago. I am sharing it all with you guys because I never thought that, that one single moment of “airport boredom” could actually change my life and my perspective about writing and publishing. I started out with only a few followers. My first post (one below) had three ( 3) likes. 

Seven years after, my Word Press family grew bigger. I’ve met interesting, talented, and, supportive bloggers/writers/poets, and eventually made friends with them. It has been a wonderful seven blogging/writing years. (I’d write a different post about the amazing people I’ve met here)

My first few years were a bit off, so to say. I didn’t know which and what direction to take as a writer or blogger or poet. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism so, I must be equipped with the basic knowledge in writing. I was a student writer as well back then, so writing is really not new anymore. I was also a teacher – coach for all of my students’ (including my own children) writing competitions, and I did pretty well as a coach the, I made champion writers out of my students and my daughter as well. 

Never did I thought that one day, I will be writing again myself, the least publish my own book. That one  “airport boredom”  piece of poetry prompted to many more WP posts/poetry. After years of struggling to find my voice, I made a breakthrough in poetry with my “Summer Rain” poem series – a poetry series in honor and remembrance of my beloved father you is now reunited in heaven with our creator. The response was very overwhelming and I realized I must be really doing something right. That time, I was posting under my pen name “michnavs”, with no profile bio or even a photo. My readers and followers were completely unaware of who I am/was. Then, came my next struggle. Should I go public about my identity? I don’t even have any social media accounts. I was enjoying the that I was writing anonymously. WP was my sort of my “virtual self”. Some of my closest friends and family don’t even know I was in WordPress. 

Well, until of course opportunity happens. Luck happens. Great thing happens. I had the best opportunity of working with Perak Women for Women Society, in helping to create awareness on abuse and violence. (I’d write a separate post to honor these lovely women)

I wrote my first book Last 2019. It was well-received in Ipoh, Perak. And then, the next is history, they say. Writing and speaking gigs happened one after the other. It boosted my confidence and I made several submissions to different international poetry platforms and online magazines. Surprisingly, my first ever submission was chosen among the hundreds of poems submitted. And, before I realized, I was making submissions almost every week and got published and made few award nominations too. ( I will write another post about my submission journey)

I then made my debut in the online publishing during the pandemic. My first ebook was well-received too, and thus, it gave birth to more, better, and greater opportunities.

Currently, as I mentioned in my previous post, I am working on some amazing projects.

I am expanding my poetry and my advocacy on “abuse and violence”, via my online instructional videos and awareness campaign. 

So, to all of my WP followers and readers, you will now be able to finally see the face behind “Michnavs” and behind all of my poetry. 

Final announcements and links will follow soon.

With this, I say, over and over again “dreams do come true” – even when you least expect it. Just quiet yourself and listen to what the universe is telling you. And, wait, just wait for that “perfect timing”.

“So hush now, the universe is telling you something”. (oh, my I think I just have another poetry collection theme)

Watch out for my second book too.

Thank you all wonderful WordPress people….cheers…

Thank you to my family for all of their support and encouragement. I would have not done it without them.


My first WP post (

I am a mother of four. A former college English Professor. It’s been two long years since I quit my job to be with my four beautiful girls—— full time. This means I got to prepare breakfast for them, drive them to school, pick them up in the afternoon, and tutor them in the evening. It’s exhausting but very rewarding. (and oh, in case you wanna know I am lean and fit at sighhhhhh…36 …they say I am the eldest version of my children) And as a usual reward, my husband would fly us all to Singapore every summer… for the past years, we’ve been flying through Cebu Pacific. I discovered that it’s very affordable not only that the flight attendants are really friendly…my list could actually go a long way so I wrote them down in poetry.. in case I haven’t mentioned I’m a self-proclaimed writer (Whatever that is……)

On a chilly morning

I hear your voice ringing;

signals a new beginning

wishing for a happy ending.

On this motion-filled place

I see your image as I trace;

signifying a new world to face

hoping it to be an enchanting maze.

On this seat, I first had your touch

feeling the warmth, marvelous as such;

waits as we soar waits as I catch

flying so high the sky within my touch.

Seven years and still flying

with you it’s wonderful and enchanting;

discovering new worlds so amazing

watching the stars oh breathtaking.

“thank you for flying with us

making Cebu pacific your airline of choice”;

intercom interrupting as I chase

ending a dream with a smile on my face.

through the years we’ve been in the sky

enjoying the heavens so might;

flying like the rich and famous safely

without being costly.


this is not a paid article… I just thought you guys wanna travel in style minus the guilt of overspending for an airline ticket.

fly high and enjoy…..see you…

Greater Things Are Unfolding Soon

“The universe will conspire

to make your dreams come true

to make your mystical life a reality

to make it happen just as you wish it”

If you ask me if I wanted anything else in life, I’d say no. I don’t think there is anything else that I would want for in life rather than raising well-mannered and grounded children. 

But not because I don’t want anything else doesn’t mean, don’t have my dreams. I still have my dreams. And I believe that dreams really do come true. It can happen anytime in your life – even when you least expect it.

You just have to quiet yourself, learn to listen to what the universe is telling you. You don’t need to rush, no need to push, no need to complain, no need to whine. You have to wait for that perfect timing, perfect moment. 

“Perfect timing” for some happens at the prime of their youth – young, single, and full of life, that’s wonderful. While others “perfect timing” may come too late in life – married, with children, a bit matured in age, and that is still perfectly fine. 

My “perfect timing” happens. My “dreams do come true” happens. 

Yours will happen too, in time.

Inspired by the prompt of Eugi;


“You melt my heart in
A way no else has.”

It’s amazing how a single word can change a single thought, and a single word can melt a heart.

But you, my love, without a doubt, don’t need to say a word to change my mind or melt my heart.
Your presence is more than enough.

The smoothness of your arms tickled me; your strong jaw mesmerized me and, your broad shoulders made me feel so secured.

“You melt my heart in
A way no else has.”

for Sadje’s

Love, As It’s Called





I love you with the love that is sometimes triumphant and sometimes sad, sometimes purposeful and sometimes lost.

love that is  filled with poetry,

love that is strong enough to imprint itself onto the world around you,

love that changes the way I experience life,

love that makes me ache for the ordinary,

love that makes me want to be selfish, just a little bit longer, to just be selfish for just a little while longer,

love that hurts like nothing, 

love that holds on through everything,

love that can get swept away by the tide,

love that restores, like water,

love that leaves a lover grieving,

love that glows.

P.S. I am writing my new book guys, please watch out

When Beauty and Poetry Collide

your laughter can be contagious
your smile can be infectious
and when you speak of poetry
you light up the room
like no one else has
like nobody else has

when poetry and beauty collide
love resides, truly in your heart


my poet heart is so pleased to have met a beautiful young woman who loves poetry…

thank you @mgauxvenuscumd