What Am I?

What Am I?

i come in many forms
i could be a he, a she, an it
unexpected time when i propose
of brilliant masterpiece
you just go for it.

i come in many forms
i could be your greatest inspiration
yet a source of desperation
when i decide to go off grid
off the hook.

a bestfriend for some
an illusion for others
one important thing though
your imagination would be empty
without me.

🌹For David’s Weave Written Weekly

Brandon’s prompt guidelines

Riddle me this… I would like to you to compose a riddle or “puzzle” poem. J.R.R. Tolkien included several in his novels, as did Lewis Carroll. Emily Dickinson wrote several riddles in poetic form as well. Here is a link defining “riddle”: https://poets.org/glossary/riddle

There are no restrictions on length or rhyme. You can give the answer at the end of your poem, or to make it a little more fun, allow readers to try to guess the answer. You can also provide the answer within your poem. Have fun!

🌹voting for SPILLWORDS PRESS 2022 AWARDS is still open. i would be glad if you could head over the link and vote for my poem “LOVE HAPPENS” as Publication of the Year (Poetic). 

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Hush – A Triple Tetractys


my love
it’s scary
but we’ll get through
the end will all be worth it, so dear hush

love me dearly as the sun loves the moon
hold me tightly
don’t let go
please my

tonight dear
then dream of me
meet me halfway in your deep quiet sleep

For David’s Weekly Prompt:https://skepticskaddish.com/2022/12/21/w3-prompt-34-weave-written-weekly/

D. Avery’s prompt guidelines

• Write a ‘Tetractys’;

• A further challenge is for the first and last word to be the same;

• A double or triple Tetractys, in either order, would be okay.


• At least 5 lines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 syllables (total of 20);

• Can be written with more than one verse but must follow suit with an inverted syllable count;

• Can also be reversed and written 10, 4, 3, 2, 1;

• Double Tetractys: 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 10, 4, 3, 2, 1;

• Triple Tetractys: 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 10, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 10; and so on…

It Ain’t Winning If Without You (A Book Review)

here is an in depth book review of my 7th and #1amazonbestseller poetry book “It Ain’t Winning If Without You ” by an instagram user with the handler name: @towardsliterature.

Title is pretty good, holding the beautiful meaning that without love winning no longer be a winning. Book is the compiled form of love poems and will dwell you in profound love. If u want to relish love, this book is for you. It will take you deep into the ocean of love and make difficult for you to avoid your bae.

Poetess divided the book into three parts, of which, first part is entirely devoted to love, another one is dedicated to her father and the last one is commited to us, readers. She presented few enticing poems from other poets also in culmination.  

Sixty-five is one of the enchanting poems, I spot. Although every poem is captivating, but few poems have my heart such as “Crimson sky”; “Baby, can we take it slow”; “If You Were Not Made For Me, Then Why”; “I thought we lost it”; “What am I to you”; “Baby, take me home” and more in queue. 

At places, poetess unveiled some poetry forms that is quite unexpected. At first, it felt irritating to me but later I realisedthat this part is awesome in its own way. Thus, I appreciate the poetess for being this informal.

“My Dearest Muse”, oh my God, what a poem it is! As far as I go into the book, I lost in its beauty. It is beautiful page by page. I found a poem spellbound but when I turn the page, I found another one more alluring. I was overwhelmed while reading.

Some words are unnecessarily used for the sake of rhyming. Hiding pain behind pretty smile is quite trending, poetess can elaborate it in distinct way. These are the only grey portions of book. 

Well, I am obsessed with some lines so I am bound to write them here;

🙂 of the many things you’ve saidI kept my silence, for my words are sacre i’d love to use them to speak of kindness love and compassion but for once, just for once and may the universe forgive me if i do this.

🙂 that it isn’t winning, when you’re grieving that it isn’t smiling, when you’re hurting  (Indeed, it hits me disparately).

🙂 my spirituality is as poor aas my skills in Mathematics but i know how to believe. 

Happy Reading !

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Complications – A Daisy Chain Poem

Complications – A Daisy Chain Poem

complications should not only be about love

love is just like a honey bee flowing gently

love is about lovely imagery and metaphors

love is all the beat and rhythm in life and living

love is just like the perfect counts of syllables in a poetry

but why, oh, why, with all these complex complications?

For Val’s Scavenger Hunt

Daisy Chain: The last word in the line becomes the first word of the next line. To end the poem, the last word is the same as the first word.

It Ain’t Winning If Without You (best-seller in Japan)

happy and blessed September 1st my dear friends and poets. i’m kicking off the month on a very jubilant mood.

i am beyond thrilled seeing my book “It Ain’t Winning If Without You” once again making on the best-seller’s list, this time on Amazon Japan. and to make it even more exciting it is along side the updated editions of  John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” and Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”

for a book to be a best-seller is a blessing and a gift; and to see it along the league of the great poets is beyond what my mind and my heart could ever dream of.

i am off to do my happy dance now. 🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️

Japan, thank you so much. 🙏🙏🙏

👉 Here’s how to purchase my 7th and #1amazonbestseller book “It Ain’t Winning If Without you.”

👉Amazon.com (readers and followers in America and other parts of the world where Amazon is not available, such as Philippines)

👉 Amazon.ca (readers and followers in Canada)

👉Amazon.com.au (readers and followers in Australia)

👉Amazon.in (readers and followers in India and nearby territories)

👉Amazon.co.jp (readers and followers in Japan and nearby territories)

👉Amazon.ae (readers and followers in UAE and Middle East)

👉if you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop us a message.

🙏thank you all for making “It Ain’t Winning If Without You” a certified best-seller worldwide.



magnificent colors

an enchanting moment

of resplendent sky

of earth’s glorious escape.

the same kind of escape

i so badly need it right now

it doesn’t have to be magical

it doesn’t have to be colorful.

just an escape with you

on a Wednesday over

a long sunset drive it could be

anywhere you wanna be.

your left hand on the wheel

your right-hand holding mine

how long has it been?

i can’t tell, but i remember.

for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

On A Monday

On A Monday

my hand reaches out for yours
my hand longs for yours.

my mind screams of your brilliance
my mind yearns for you from a distance.

my heart desires your endearment
my heart craves for you at this moment.

my soul demands your assurance
my soul needs your love.


my hand reaches out for yours
while sadly, you’re reaching out
someone else’s hand.


at this moment, i hide and cry in pain
this moment, the same time
you used to say you love me

on a Monday, early dinner.

I Stood Still

Its day 4 of Na/GloPoWriMo..today, I write a poem in the form of a poetry prompt, using the surrealist prompt-poem of  poet Mathias Svalina.https://www.instagram.com/p/CYecp-wl4S8/

I Stood Still

i stood still
in the valley of death
in silence and in agony
blinded by the lights
neither by hope
nor by despair
what they don’t hear
they won’t complain
what they don’t see
they won’t fear
what they don’t feel
they won’t despair.

i stood still
in the valley of death
waiting for the morning star
to light my way
to the garden of Eden
where sinners
find refuge and forgiveness
where Christ the King
took His oath
oath upon oath
to save
to redeem
the human race

even with
“Judas’ kiss”

Features of Surrealistic Poetry:
Dream-like scenes and symbolic images.
Unexpected, illogical juxtapositions.
Bizarre assemblages of ordinary objects.
Automatism and a spirit of spontaneity.
Games and techniques to create random effects.
Personal iconography.
Visual puns.
Distorted figures and biomorphic shapes.

I am again pushing my poetic skills to the edge by combining them with the IG Lent Poetry Prompts:

Christ the King
Refuge of sinners
Garden of Eden
Morning star
Valley of Death

Featured on Asian Times Now

poetrtbymich 💛💥💫 Featured on Asian Times Now, Asia’s biggest news agency

Below is an excerpt of the feature story, to read full feature story click this link https://asiantimesnow.com/michelle-ayon-navajas-bestselling-author-i-will-love-you-forever-too/

Michelle says “As for me I’d rather wait for the perfect time for things to happen and unfold on their own. We can always achieve greater things if we work hard and if we never give up. So, there is nothing that I would give up to become a better writer because everything that I have and everybody around me is what makes me a better writer.”

A Lifetime

A Lifetime

isn’t it odd that we are bound to have a list
of the things we wanna do before we go?

isn’t it peculiar that we do good deeds
because we want to be remembered?

what if we do things just as we want it to be
and just carry on with the daily life with glee?

what if we just say something nice
to anyone and everyone no dice?

we can try some random acts of kindness
no cameras, no other people to praise

we could volunteer in our community
and spread love around the city

we could visit or meet up with old friends
and reconnect with them it would be the best

or maybe, just maybe, we could love with all our hearts
no ifs, no buts, just take the chance and start

maybe then we’ll know what living truly means
that is letting go of our “before i die” list

after all who needs a list when we have
a lifetime of memories to make?

so baby, hold my hand and let’s live 
a lifetime together forever

For Sadje https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2022/02/07/what-do-you-see-120-february-7-2022/