I Stood Still

Its day 4 of Na/GloPoWriMo..today, I write a poem in the form of a poetry prompt, using the surrealist prompt-poem of  poet Mathias Svalina.https://www.instagram.com/p/CYecp-wl4S8/

I Stood Still

i stood still
in the valley of death
in silence and in agony
blinded by the lights
neither by hope
nor by despair
what they don’t hear
they won’t complain
what they don’t see
they won’t fear
what they don’t feel
they won’t despair.

i stood still
in the valley of death
waiting for the morning star
to light my way
to the garden of Eden
where sinners
find refuge and forgiveness
where Christ the King
took His oath
oath upon oath
to save
to redeem
the human race

even with
“Judas’ kiss”

Features of Surrealistic Poetry:
Dream-like scenes and symbolic images.
Unexpected, illogical juxtapositions.
Bizarre assemblages of ordinary objects.
Automatism and a spirit of spontaneity.
Games and techniques to create random effects.
Personal iconography.
Visual puns.
Distorted figures and biomorphic shapes.

I am again pushing my poetic skills to the edge by combining them with the IG Lent Poetry Prompts:

Christ the King
Refuge of sinners
Garden of Eden
Morning star
Valley of Death

Featured on Asian Times Now

poetrtbymich 💛💥💫 Featured on Asian Times Now, Asia’s biggest news agency

Below is an excerpt of the feature story, to read full feature story click this link https://asiantimesnow.com/michelle-ayon-navajas-bestselling-author-i-will-love-you-forever-too/

Michelle says “As for me I’d rather wait for the perfect time for things to happen and unfold on their own. We can always achieve greater things if we work hard and if we never give up. So, there is nothing that I would give up to become a better writer because everything that I have and everybody around me is what makes me a better writer.”

A Lifetime

A Lifetime

isn’t it odd that we are bound to have a list
of the things we wanna do before we go?

isn’t it peculiar that we do good deeds
because we want to be remembered?

what if we do things just as we want it to be
and just carry on with the daily life with glee?

what if we just say something nice
to anyone and everyone no dice?

we can try some random acts of kindness
no cameras, no other people to praise

we could volunteer in our community
and spread love around the city

we could visit or meet up with old friends
and reconnect with them it would be the best

or maybe, just maybe, we could love with all our hearts
no ifs, no buts, just take the chance and start

maybe then we’ll know what living truly means
that is letting go of our “before i die” list

after all who needs a list when we have
a lifetime of memories to make?

so baby, hold my hand and let’s live 
a lifetime together forever

For Sadje https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2022/02/07/what-do-you-see-120-february-7-2022/

Featured on Hindu Wire

poetrybymich 💛💥💫 featured on Hindu Wire, an Indian nonprofit news and opinion website which publishes in English, Hindi, Marathi, and Urdu.

An excerpt of the feature story. To read full story click this link https://hinduwire.com/michelle-a-navajas-on-women-then-and-now/

“We have achieved so much for which we should be both grateful and proud, but there remains a lot to be achieved. I think the spirit of feminism as I understand is very simple,” she said as the conversation proceeded into the discussion of feminism. More than focusing on the term, Michelle stressed how every woman deserves a life of dignity and the ability to make her own choices. She stressed over and over again upon women’s education, their financial independence, the need to give them career-oriented training, and women coming forward to help other women grow. Michelle expressed her strong critic of women who feel threatened by other women’s courage to break out of their traditional roles.”

New Book Alert

poetrybymich 💛💥💫

No one embodies triumph after hardship more than a woman who survived all sorts of adversaries – even the inevitable “death”

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Just A Kiss

i’d love to kiss you
on a dark starry night
it would be perfectly romantic

but i guess they were right
that you just need one kiss
anytime, anywhere

one moment, one kiss
to truly know you are love
that you are in love

ours happened one afternoon
unromantic no stars
unpoetic no moon

but love happened
no stars no moon
just a kiss

for Eugi’s https://amanpan.com/eugis-causerie-caress-february-1-2022/

Those Days

Those Days

“and when this is all over, i hope to hold your hand, kiss you around and see you smile”

i long for the days when friends are source
of love and inspiration and all sorts of measures
those times when people  are out of the street
unmindful of what’s happening and what’s scares a bit

i long for the days when friends witness each other’s smiles
the smiles and laughters we have forgotten for a while
those moments when we truly see how delightful people can be
is now sadly hidden behind a fashionable mask to see

i long for the days when hugs don’t freak anyone around
when kisses are manifestation of undying love to hold
those gestures that made us more human
those love language  we surely miss a lot this time

For Sadje https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2022/01/31/what-do-you-see-119-january-31st-2022/

So No One Told Me

So No One Told Me

so no one told me it would feel this way
unexplainable in so many beautiful ways
my mind is trying to make sense how this is
my heart is celebrating “it’s wonderful” it says

so no one told me it’s magical beyond magic
unknowable, impossible even through logic
my senses are feasting over delightful sight
of you beside me as i see the first ray of sunlight

so no one told me how it would feel this way
just you beside me is breathtaking i swear i say
i could trade anything in the world for you
to be where you are anywhere my boo

so no one told me it would feel this way
but thanks to you i knew it now anyway

The words to lead your piece for this week are

• unknowable

• unexplainable

Then Came Along You

Then Came Along You

my memory has become hazy
remembering what was crazy

my heart has become indifferent
loving like a true blooded poet

my soul has become cold
feeling the warmth so odd

my eyes has become bleak and blurry
looking for the future in a dark starry sky

my body has become weak and weary
fighting the urge to keep my bravery

then came along you

Written for:

Sadje’s WDYS https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2022/01/24/what-do-you-see-118-january-24-2022/

Eugi’s https://amanpan.com/eugis-weekly-prompt-hazy-january-25-2022/

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