What If

(I see a woman, wondering and pondering of “what if’s”  and “what might have been’s”.) What If what if we didn’t meet?what if it didn’t happen?what if our hearts did not collide?what if our bodies did not unite? ’twas like a movie, in full productioni was the star, and you; just being you, in anticipationyouContinue reading “What If”


I took a much needed drivedrive to nowhere,nothing just driveto unleash, to unravelor maybe to find answersto many questions I so longstruggle to acknowledgeor maybe to stumble uponan answer to my soul’s dilemma ah this drive, oh, this driveif this could take meto where you are,exactly at the momentmy heart fully bleeds for youmy soulContinue reading “Drive”

Your Name

and in the twilight of my lifewhen my world will be partially illuminatedwhere there is neither darkness nor lightall I ever wish to have is that single speckof light, that single spark of joy with youfor I love you from the morn’ of my soul’till the dusk of my breathand I will love you evenContinue reading “Your Name”


what does your “how are you?” really meansI could take on the basic route and say“I’m fine thank you, how ‘ bout you?”or I could break it down tohow bad my day wentwith work messing upwith my stress levelat the highest peak and I could maybe tell you I’m not really welland that I probablyContinue reading “Hey”


Eternally up unto the sky beyond life and even time my treasure is you. over the night light on the far side forever my fondness is you. and in afterlife farther than eternity my passion is you. I promise to love you, eternally… P.S. today’s poem is from my latest book “I Would Fly ToContinue reading “Eternally”


of nachos and french friesof tacos and potato chipsof cheese burgers and pancakesall of which they say,unhealthy,detrimentalto health andwellness but why is it my lovethat these seeminglyunhealthy, most hated foodstuffs by fitness andhealth enthusiasts, are mostdelectable, delicious when eaten with you? tell me why can’t I stop munching on themlike they are your lips touching minethatContinue reading “Home”

Thank You My WP Family

“The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter.” – -Paulo Coelho I waited patiently for my time, and I was never disappointed even if waiting seemed longer than I expected. ‘Twas worth the wait. So,Continue reading “Thank You My WP Family”

Thank You!!

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”- Paulo Coelho So, dream the biggest… I did. And it happened. Four poetry books in two years… “I Would Fly To Where You Are” – Top 2 Best Selling book – Amazon (first three days of release), Number 1 trending in ebooksContinue reading “Thank You!!”