Hindi Patas Ang Mundo(Hermy Tuerco, CSA-B, 2022)

@poetrybymich 💥💫💛first in the series of poems from the creative writing workshop i conducted last May 6.

have you ever loved the right person at a wrong time?

here is a fresher take on the overly used theme “we have the right love at the wrong time😔💔

Hindi Patas Ang Mundo
(Hermy Tuerco, CSA-B, 2022)

Sadyang hindi patas ang mundo
Pinaglapit man ang ating mga puso,
Landas ko naman sa iyo ay pinaglayo
Tayo ma’y itinadhana, pero di naman pinagtagpo.

Ikaw ang ilaw, sa madilim kung pananaw
Ikaw ang bunyag, sa puso kung bihag
Ang pagtanggi ng puso sayo’y malalim
Ngunit iyong pagsuyo ay mataimtim.

The world is just not fair
Even if our hearts are brought closer
My path to you has been diverted
We are destined, but not brought together.

You are the light, in my dark  perspective
You are the truth in my captive heart.
The rejection of your heart is deep
But your flattery is solemn.

I Could Never Be Her

I Could Never Be Her

do you ever wish for one second you had not loved me?
‘cos i feel you do everytime i see regret in your words whenever you are disappointed
everytime i hear exhaustion in between your sighs when you are disheartened
and when the tides are against your will i hear loud screams in your silence.

do you ever see me as a shadow of the one you used to love?
‘cos i feel you do
whenever you look at me i know you want something else
something else that i am not nor i wish to be
i feel it in between your warm embrace
and your passionate kiss
i see it in between your broken smiles and empty gazes
i feel your longing, i feel it there’s no denying.

you’d probably be cursing me when you read this
oh! dear forgive me
geez i wrote a poem ’bout you again, a poem you won’t even be happy ’bout
truth is, this has long been overdue; i should have written this
the day you broke my heart, the day you crushed my grief-stricken soul
the day i died in silence, ‘cos even if i screamed for help, it was pointless
that same day i realized i could never be her.

never, because i dare to be remarkably different
and “I have untapped abilities waiting to be discovered.”

Not True

It’s Not True

there would always be a silent drowning pain
in between my “i’m okay” and “i am fine”
whenever you are there and i am here.

there would always be a raging war in my head
in between my “it’s alright” and “i understand”
whenever you are there and i am here.

for truth be told it’s never okay and it’s never fine
‘cos i am not alright and i would never understand.

but, that’s just how silly life could be
you could be out there somewhere
and i am here.

the distance would always be never okay
the separation would always be never alright.

that’s just how things work
and “it’s okay”
“it’s fine”
“it’s alright”
and “i understand”

Happy Easter

Happy and blessed Easter my dear friends and poets. 💛🙏

Easter taught us that life never ends and love never dies.

There is hope in “After Rain Skies”
There is love in “What If Snowflakes Don’t Fall In Winter?”
There is resilience in “Oh! Dear One”
There is perseverance in “I Would Fly To Where You Are”
There is forever in “I Will Love You Forever, Too”
There is empowerment in “After Rain Skies, 2nd Edition”
Truly there is magic in poetry.

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What If

(I see a woman, wondering and pondering of “what if’s”  and “what might have been’s”.)

What If

what if we didn’t meet?
what if it didn’t happen?
what if our hearts did not collide?
what if our bodies did not unite?

’twas like a movie, in full production
i was the star, and you; just being you, in anticipation
you said your “hello,” i think i said “hi” in return
i felt butterflies in my stomach
i’m sure you felt them too, i bet you did,
don’t you contradict
that’s how we first met, but
what if we didn’t meet at all
that afternoon?

we were inseparable, totally connected
adjustment wasn’t needed, it was just a word
we had endless conversations and pointless arguments by the alley, on the bench,
in the street, and even in the silence
of the church where everybody’s head was bowed for meditation
that’s how we bonded, but
what if it didn’t happen,
that afternoon?

your “i love you’s” were in many different forms
sometimes it camouflaged as the meatiest, savory Filipino version of the famous spaghetti
at times, it was in the simplest form of a rock hard candy, fresh from your pocket
sealed with a kiss, or the sweetest, 
most romantic verse written
that’s how we fell in love, but
what if our hearts did not collide,
that afternoon?

remember that beautiful late afternoon?
framed by the doorway, against the dazzling sunset, you held my hand for the first time,
then, we kissed our first kiss, ’twas magic,
’twas love, ’twas pure bliss,
your kiss felt like heaven on earth
your lips on mine felt like forever
that’s how we became one, but
what if our bodies did not unite,
that afternoon?

what if we didn’t meet?
what if it didn’t happen?
what if our hearts did not collide?
what if our bodies did not unite?

will there still be, a promise of forever?

will i ever be with you in the twilight of my life
where i could lovingly lay my head on your shoulder, from dusk ’till dawn?

For Sadje’s WDYS



I took a much needed drive
drive to nowhere,
nothing just drive
to unleash, to unravel
or maybe to find answers
to many questions I so long
struggle to acknowledge
or maybe to stumble upon
an answer to my soul’s dilemma

ah this drive, oh, this drive
if this could take me
to where you are,
exactly at the moment
my heart fully bleeds for you
my soul truly sought for you
I’d gladly take
the extra mile

‘cos baby it’s lonely
out here

For Sadje’s WDYS https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2021/07/05/what-do-you-see-89-july-5-2021/

Your Name

and in the twilight of my life
when my world will be partially illuminated
where there is neither darkness nor light
all I ever wish to have is that single speck
of light, that single spark of joy with you
for I love you from the morn’ of my soul
’till the dusk of my breath
and I will love you even more
in the midnight of my being
when the whole world is in perfect silence
my heart screams loudly
of your name like it’s the last
word I am gonna utter
your name and yours alone



what does your “how are you?” really means
I could take on the basic route and say
“I’m fine thank you, how ‘ bout you?”
or I could break it down to
how bad my day went
with work messing up
with my stress level
at the highest peak


I could maybe tell you I’m not really well
and that I probably needed some rest
oh, well I am not sure if that’s
what you want to hear
I really am not sure
but yeah, I’m fine
I always am

what does your “hey, just dropping by” means?
I could take it easy and say
“by all means come in”
or I could break it down to
details and say,
a visit with some lovely good food
would be much appreciated
or maybe you can stay a bit longer this time
watch some movies, or simply
join me as I scribble over sweet nothings


maybe I could say, nahh
I’m really not in the mood for
social interactions right now
I just needed to be alone, be alone
with my thoughts, with my heart, with my soul
oh, well I am not really sure if that’s
what you want to hear, but please
come in by all means

and hey,

have you ever wondered what my
“how are you?” means, or what
“just dropping by” for me is?

it means

a million over “I love you”
a million over “I miss you”

how long has it been? I can’t remember
I only have my memories of you,
of you and your “how are you?”
and “just dropping by”