3 am

3 am

i wish i’m not where i am now, wondering

all the stupid crazy bullshit i regret doing

i held on to my pride for so long

i was better off away running

damn! i wish it’s not 3 am.

in the middle of my quiet gilded thoughts

i so wish badly i didn’t have to call it quits

i blame it for being arrogantly full of wits

i wish i had all the world’s courage and guts

damn! i wish it’s not 3 am.

i wish it’s not 3 am, i sure would be

to where you are precisely, i’ll flee

tomorrow as i woke up, i’ll see

the sun beaming full of glee

damn! i wish it’s not 3 am.

damn! i wish it’s not 3 am

damn! i’m dying to be where you are now.

Maria Clara (A Loop Poetry)

Maria Clara (A Loop Poetry)

you are the woman they used to call Maria Clara
Maria Clara the symbol of purity and innocence
further described by Rizal as a pure soul
soul that is of a sheltered  Filipina woman.

woman, who does not value material things
things bestowed upon her by admirers
admirers seeking to capture her heart
heart that she promised to remain pure.

pure and demure that’s what you are
are you just now a product of forgotten history?
history twisted and fabricated by some and by many
many who who have nothing but evil intentions.

intentions after intentions; ambitions after ambitions
that destroyed the pure heart
heart of a Filipina woman called Maria Clara
Maria Clara, oh, Maria Clara where are you now?


👉María Clara, whose full name is María Clara de los Santos, is the mestiza heroine in Noli Me Tángere, a novel by José Rizal, the national hero of the Republic of the Philippines. Her name and character has since become a byword in Filipino culture.

👉José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda was a Filipino nationalist, writer and polymath active at the end of the Spanish colonial period of the Philippines. He is considered the national hero of the Philippines.

Over at d’Verse Grace asked us to write a loop poetry.

Loop is a poetry form created by Hellon. There are no restrictions on the number of stanzas nor on the syllable count for each line. In each stanza, the last word of the first line becomes the first word of line two, last word of line 2 becomes the first word of line 3, last word of line 3 becomes the first word of line 4. This is followed for each stanza. The rhyme scheme is abcb.


1. Stanzas, writers choice on the number, no rhyming, the last word, first word scheme is maintained.

2. One long stanza, no limit on number of lines, no rhyming scheme, the last word, first word scheme is maintained.

3. Couplets mixed with 4 line stanzas, the last word, first word scheme is maintained in the stanzas. It can also be used in the couplets. Rhyme scheme is ab, cc, defg, hh, ii, jklm, nn, oo.

👉SAVE THE DATE: 15th August, 2022 “It Ain’t Winning If Without You” releasing worldwide.

I Do

Here is my whimsical take on this week’s poetry challenge by Eugi (Moon-washed weekly challenge)

I am using the word prompt “dramatic”…to say…

I Do

i just wanna say, “i do”
i don’t need a grand hair updo
or a stunning glam team
that would make me look like a queen.

i just wanna say, “i do”
i don’t need a dramatic dress though
or an awe-inspiring long trail veil
that would make me look like a character from a folktale.

i just wanna say “i do”
even if it would be just me and you
for i don’t need an ensemble of people, i don’t know
or a magnificent gymnasium venue.

i just wanna say “i do”
no need for a melodramatic
full symphony entrance
the ’80s hit love song would do
sang or played on a piano.

i just wanna say “i do”
with you and you alone, i do
so baby, tell me will i wait in blue
in anticipation with glee?

‘cos i just wanna say “i do, i do”
and let the whole world melt
with my vow of undying love for you.

How Much Longer?

How Much Longer?

i wonder
dearly as i beam
radiantly with pleasure
on a late night
daydream light
will i ever get
the chance
to hold your warmth
for once
or will i just keep
for the thought
of seeing your
waking smile
how much
longer can i hold
this admiring
love i long foretold
to you and to the world?

For David’s Weekly Prompt. Punam is the poet host this week, so i shouldn’t miss this…

It Ends Where It Begins

It Ends Where It Begins

is there anything
you can’t seize and hold firmly?
you have been shattered
you have been splintered
over the years
over time.

you have dealt
with all the traumas
and dramas so gracefully
that you emerged
beautiful and victorious
over the years
over time.

is there anything
you can’t seize and hold firmly?
i doubt there will be any
for you have kept a beautiful smile
amidst pain
amidst heartaches
over the years
over time.

when something ends
another begins what happens
in between is unknown to many
as to your ending and beginning
the in between was what made you
the woman that you are now.

amidst pain
amidst heartaches
over the years
over time.

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Danger Zone

Day 24 of NaPoWriMo…Today, I’d like to challenge you to channel your inner gumshoe, and write a poem in which you describe something with a hard-boiled simile. Feel free to use just one, or try to go for broke and stuff your poem with similes till it’s . . . as dense as bread baked by a plumber, as round as the eyes of a girl who wants you to think she’s never heard such language, and as easy to miss as a brass band in a cathedral.

Danger Zone

his perfume smells murder in the coming even from two blocks away you’ll be churning.

his built reads like a “danger” sign when crossing a bridge under renovation.

he carries a tone of excitement as crazy as a tornado crashing a building.

and his eyes, oh! his eyes its burning like a California wild fire.

not to forget his love is red flag waving war and distraction.

an absolute peril to a woman craving for affection.