with this beautifully painted
and perfectly made flute
I profess my love
to you oh, dear
airy, light
and mellow
my poetry in music
gracefully penetrating
whistling and whispering
my love, forever you will be,
the lyrics to my songs
the flawless melody to my music
and as I slightly open my mouth
to blow air into this instrument
know that I have you
in my thoughts,
in my heart
breathing the same air you breathe

Coffee Love

from the night i slept

to the morn’ of your beauty

where night and day met

the sun shines with its glory

in your arms sun’ s brighter dear

the day will begin

with a loving thought ’bout you

coffee blended love

that’s how we are my dearest

lost without the caffeine kick

Today’s poem is from my book “What If Snowflakes Don’t Fall In Winter?”

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Your Glaring Eyes



I wonder what is behind
behind your glaring eyes
are you a friend or are you a foe?
‘cos I really don’t know

I wonder what is behind
behind your glaring eyes
are you cunning or simply shrewd?
or maybe misunderstood

I wonder what is behind
behind your glaring eyes
if they’re the window to your soul
then I’m scared, scared as hell

Rest Now, My Friend

and so, life indeed is full of surprises
such as when you could carry on smiling while I was in tears
your positive energy was remarkable, I swear
your smiles were authentic, crystal clear
and for that “cheerful” could be your first name

and I don’t know how you did it over the years
you created a bubble, life, free of fears
free of anxities and free of worries, gosh you were so good
so good at being okay, being fine, simply good
and for that “positive” could be your last name

and how much of you do I need to emulate?
‘cos at times I don’t know how you did it
you smiled amidst pain, and you laughed amidst trouble
and I can’t thank you enough for the love so great
you spared us from the pain, the pain of knowing your agony

and how amazing is it that you showed me the joy of living
when you were silently, slowly dying inside?
that each smile you gave was simultaneous with every silent pain you recieved
each joyful word you uttered, was every quiet cursing you made

and as we lay you to rest, I pray
I pray for strength,
strength to carry on with just the smiles, the joy, the laughter
you shared

rest now, my dear friend, you are love
always and forever

-in loving memory of a dearest friend-

What If Snowflakes Don’t Fall In Winter – Coming out soon..

Coming out soon….

When Beauty and Poetry Collide

your laughter can be contagious
your smile can be infectious
and when you speak of poetry
you light up the room
like no one else has
like nobody else has

when poetry and beauty collide
love resides, truly in your heart


my poet heart is so pleased to have met a beautiful young woman who loves poetry…

thank you @mgauxvenuscumd