with this beautifully paintedand perfectly made fluteI profess my loveto you oh, dearairy, lightand mellowmy poetry in musicgracefully penetratingwhistling and whisperingmy love, forever you will be,the lyrics to my songsthe flawless melody to my musicand as I slightly open my mouthto blow air into this instrumentknow that I have youin my thoughts,in my heartbreathing theContinue reading “Breathe”

Your Glaring Eyes

    I wonder what is behind behind your glaring eyesare you a friend or are you a foe?‘cos I really don’t know I wonder what is behindbehind your glaring eyesare you cunning or simply shrewd?or maybe misunderstood I wonder what is behindbehind your glaring eyesif they’re the window to your soulthen I’m scared, scaredContinue reading “Your Glaring Eyes”

Rest Now, My Friend

and so, life indeed is full of surprisessuch as when you could carry on smiling while I was in tearsyour positive energy was remarkable, I swearyour smiles were authentic, crystal clearand for that “cheerful” could be your first name and I don’t know how you did it over the yearsyou created a bubble, life, freeContinue reading “Rest Now, My Friend”

When Beauty and Poetry Collide

your laughter can be contagiousyour smile can be infectiousand when you speak of poetryyou light up the roomlike no one else haslike nobody else has when poetry and beauty collidelove resides, truly in your heart P.S my poet heart is so pleased to have met a beautiful young woman who loves poetry…