i thought i saw you, from a distance amidst the crowd
i could run to you and make you remember, all that we were
all that we probably never will,
nahh, it might never actually be you
i see you everywhere, yes everywhere
unforgotten, that’s what you are to me

i see you in the morning sky, as i give thanks for a new life
a new beginning, as every ray of sunshine, is your smile
your smile, how they made me giggle secretly
in my silence
how they made me nervous, in an oh, so silly manner
‘cos you to me is the sunshine
unforgotten, that’s what you are

i see you in every book, in every novel, in every poetry i read
for each page, each verse, each syllable, and each rhythm and rhyme
is your strong, regular, repeated pattern of speech
i do love to listen to over and over
‘cos you to me, is a lovely melody
unforgotten, that’s what you are

i see you in every little miracle there is
when a child begs for a piece of bread and she receives a bag full of food
when a teenage boy helps an elderly woman cross the street
‘cos you to me, is a miracle in itself
unforgotten, that’s what you are

i see you in the silence of the night where the world is asleep
the universe is at a halt, where there is complete
where there is total peace as the midnight moon appears over a dark starry sky
‘cos you to me is solitude
unforgotten, that’s what you are

i see you even in the sanctity of my dream
where the world is mine
and yours to live
where i can be yours and you can be mine
where “happily- ever – after” happens
where true love reigns
‘cos you to me is my “dreams do come true”
unforgotten, that’s what you are

baby, trust me when i say,
since i know of your love i have never
lived a day without thinking of you
unforgotten, that’s what you are


Your Name

and in the twilight of my life
when my world will be partially illuminated
where there is neither darkness nor light
all I ever wish to have is that single speck
of light, that single spark of joy with you
for I love you from the morn’ of my soul
’till the dusk of my breath
and I will love you even more
in the midnight of my being
when the whole world is in perfect silence
my heart screams loudly
of your name like it’s the last
word I am gonna utter
your name and yours alone



I am the gentle rain slowly dripping upon
your windowpane, begging for attention
begging to come in. I am the gentle rain
and if you let me be, I’ll shower you with
the abundance of love and admiration.

let me come, for you will be safe in my arms
let me come as lovely serenade on the roof
and steady drumming on your window
let me nourish you like the rain to the
sweet brown soil.

I am the gentle rain,
and I will be your sweetest
source of blissful solitude
and thoughtful happiness

for Eugis’s Prompt


of nachos and french fries
of tacos and potato chips
of cheese burgers and pancakes
all of which they say,
to health and


why is it my love
that these seemingly
unhealthy, most hatedΒ 
foodstuffs by fitness and
health enthusiasts, are most
delectable, delicious when eaten with you?

tell me

why can’t I stop munching on them
like they are your lips touching mine
that they are your hands caressing
my face, with each spilled cheesy sauce
or that they are your tongue dusting
the crumbs on my blushing cheek
oh, please tell me why

until then

one large french fries for me please
with lots of cheesy garlic sauce


lets go take a long drive,
along the boulevard down to your hometown, with bright smiles
awaiting for your homecoming

and, oh dear let’s not forget
we eat these on separate occassions
and that, Mc Donalds, Jollibee
and Burger King, none of them
paid me for this poetic fast food get away

along the highway, over crossroads
and junctions with our song on the radio
your left hand on the steering wheel,
the right one fervently holding my hand


a passionate quick kiss on my lips
when the red traffic light is on

maybe then can we take
the curve somewhere?


I am home with your kiss


For Eugi’s Weekly Prompt Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Celebration – June 17 , 2021 πŸ₯³πŸ₯‚-https://amanpan.com/2021/06/17/eugis-weekly-prompt-celebration-june-17-2021-

Join me over nachos and french fries; tacos and potato chips; cheese burgers and pancakes as we celebrate Eugi’s Birthday today.

Happy Birthday Eugenia πŸŸπŸŸπŸŸπŸ”πŸ”πŸ”


I am the placid water in the lake
quiet, calm, still, and tranquil
I admire the beauty of the moonlight
carefully gazing upon the earth
bringing magic,
to the even-tempered night

I am the soft wind that blows perfectly
upon the meadows,
where birds could hover freely watching
butterflies transfer pollen grains
from flower to flower

I am the placid water and the soft wind
and I love, I love you; a love that is quiet and calm, still and tranquil
I love, I love you; a soft love
and perfect, gentle, and free

above all

I am the clock that
strikes midnight, where I could be
in the silence of your dreams
in the comfort of your memory


I love you, a love
where tranquility resides
and peace is abundant


When Words Aren’t Enough

when words aren’t enough,
and thoughts don’t complete
what the heart wants,
will colors satisfy the need,
the need to yearn for more,
crave for more, long for more,
love more?

when words aren’t enough,
and thoughts don’t complete
I’d paint you, paint you
vibrant warm hues
of red, orange, yellow
colors of fire, of fall leaves,
of sunsets and sunrises

‘cos, baby believe me when I say
words aren’t enough,
and thoughts won’t complete
for you deserve so much more