a change of heart
a rebirth
whether literal or metaphorical
it is a momentous occasion
in our lives
a moment of great change
an extraordinary development.

literature offers a smorgasbord
of rebirth stories
from the classic rebirth story of
Ebenezer Scrooge in Christmas Carol
who sees the errors of his ways and transforms
to the magical love story of Beauty and the Beast
when Belle realized there was more to the Beast
being just a beast.

i have my fair share
of rebirth stories myself, the ones
that did not only change my ways
but my perspectives and my disposition
in life, in situations, and in handling people around.

but my greatest most amazing
rebirth story, if i may say
is when i met you when you held my hand
for the first time, when you kissed me
and embraced me and made your own
that my love was a total rebirth for me
it changed not only my ways, my perspective,
my disposition, but it changed
my heart and soul.

‘cos nothing and no one could beat the fact
that love, when true and pure and honest
that love, when endures the test of time
that love, when held on for so long
is the best rebirth story
one could ever tell.

P. S.

The beautiful artwork is by the talented Jayjay Z. Ebahan. You can check more of her beautiful graphic designs and artworks thru her IG and FB accounts:

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge #236

for Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Groovy Kind of Love

Groovy Kind of Love

’twas a groovy kind of love
what you had with your first love
i would never forget when you said
under the moonlight starry night
he declared his love, so raw
so pure so true so real
what happened after was surreal
you were left struggling in the dark
unsure of what the future would be
what used to be a love so true
was broken, was destroyed
so easily, so hastily
that groovy kind of love
turned out to be a modern twist
of the classic “Romeo and Juliet” tale.



your eyes
are like the sun burning fiercely
ablaze with excitement
whenever you see me smile
whenever you are beside me
and just like what they all say
your love is burning
and i am so burnt up
over you.

so let go of everything
abandon yourself to my love
love me
enjoy me
follow me
lean on me.

we will watch as
the skies set on fire.

Family: To Be or Not To Be

Family: To Be or Not To Be

i am part of the DNA that binds a family together
but a huge part of me is not connected though
a father i have not really from the same blood
but had me as his own ’till his dying dawn
a mother i have not the one who carried me into her womb
but loved me as her own even in days i am doomed
siblings i have, no binding DNA’s attached
but adored me as nobody else’ did
as you can see we can be family
minus the scientific description
of what a family should be.

A family isn’t limited to parents and their biological children. The word “family” is a big word. It covers many other types of loving Families who are closely bound by their love and concern for one another.

Some families have one parent—either a mom or a dad. Some have both a mom and a dad. Others have two moms or two dads.

Some kids live in families with foster parents. They care for children when their biological parents cannot. Other parents choose to adopt children to love and care for.

Lots of people consider good friends to be part of their family.
Family members are often close. They feel they can depend on one another for caring guidance and support.

For David’s Weekly Prompt

Love Liberates (after Maya Angelou)

Love Liberates (after Maya Angelou)

if you need permission to go i set you free
i’m sorry it took me years to do it with glee
i’m sorry i didn’t dare to do it sooner
i’m sorry for losing you i couldn’t bear.

i am grateful for your love all through these years
i am grateful for the many chances and many tears
i am grateful for all the times you let me be
i am grateful for the moments you stayed with me.

i love you even if you are near or far
i love you even if you live elsewhere
i love you even if i don’t see you around
i love you even if i don’t hear your sound

i would love to have your arms around me
i would love to have your smile to see
i would love to have your hug to hold
i would love to have your hand to hold

but that is not possible for now
so if you need permission to go
i set you free, i let you go
you deserve it from me

some people need permission to go
and i did not give that to you
it took me decades to let you go
and now, it’s time for you to go

love liberates
and i liberate you
from my love.

P. S.

Maya Angelou has always been my favorite American poet and civil rights activist. Maya Angelou speaks about the power of love to liberate the human spirit. She speaks of how her mother’s love liberated her to become her fullest self and how Maya’s love liberated her mother at the end of her mother’s life.

And when i saw Sadje’s photo prompt today, i was reminded of my Papa. the boat is and has always been symbolic of the fact that i have had separation “problems” with my father ever since i was a kid. i hate to see him leave for long days of work. why the boat? because i grew up spending my summer vacations in Boracay with the rest of my siblings and my father. and the boat is the only means of transportation to go and leave the island. and at the end of our summer vacation, i could not even bear the idea of looking at the boat because it will signify us leaving the island.

when my father died years ago, i was devastated (i was already an adult when he died) for one, i didn’t get to see him before he died. and years after i still feel like a am still holding on to him. there are days when i had to blame him for not waiting for me. there are days when i wanted him so bad because i am in such a big mess.

and though, i grew up so sheltered my papa never doubted, that i could one day become a strong and independent woman. he never doubted my skills, my talents, and my dreams. his love made me the woman that i am now. his love liberated me from the traditional “papa’s girl” notion; that when you are one, you won’t be able to do things on your own.

it has been over a decade now since he passed away, and as father’s day is now approaching it is just fitting to honor him and his love and to finally let him go. liberate him; from me questioning why he didn’t give me the chance to at least say my final goodbye to him.

Happy Father’s Day Papa, i promise from now on i will be writing poems about you only to celebrate your love for me.

for Sadje’s WDYS

Nightmare (A Modified Haibun)

Nightmare (A Modified Haibun)

the night is still, peaceful, tranquil, and calm. but i can hear the howling blowing of the wind. the sound of the night owl is barely even audible as i could only hear the fast beating of my heart. 

i keep my silence, i ignore, i don’t care as my phone keeps ringing and keeps bugging me. i know what you want and you will not get it from me. not now not in the future.

i keep my distance. i stay away. that’s what i do to people who turned their backs on me when i needed them the most.

so if you have been trying to reach out and you don’t hear from me, you know why. i am not mad or angry. you just don’t exist in my world anymore.

the dream you promised

is a horrible nightmare

i didn’t see it

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge

The theme for RXC#234 is

Isolation, Communication, Conversations

All The Love in The World

All The Love in The World

it would be in two months that i will suppose to welcome you into this world.
it was for two months too that i had you carried dearly with all the love i told.
’twas the most agonizing two months of my life more than ever to hold.
you had me in and out of the hospital with all of the little pains and occasional qualmishness, i felt cold.

to unreasonable food cravings, yes my dear ’twas indeed unreasonable.
for why else would you want your dear mama to crave a savory meal?
my dearest, i’m not a fan of food but because of you, i had finished a five-course dish with a great deal.
i enjoyed and hated it at the same time, but i would do anything for you for real.

yes, anything, even when the doctor said i couldn’t hold you for long.
i should just give up sooner for it was a useless battle to prolong.
i didn’t, i took on headstrong.
‘cos i want you in my life and i will do anything to keep you all along.

i used to wonder though, but i dismissed the thought for there is nothing i wouldn’t do to keep you, i need you so bad.
i prayed so hard.
i fought so hard.
i wished so hard.
i hoped so hard.

until there was nothing else to pray, fight, wish, and hope for.
i’m sorry my body couldn’t keep you, dear.
i’m sorry my body wasn’t your safe haven i didn’t bear.
i’m sorry i gave up the fight ’twas clear.

it would be in two months that i will suppose to welcome you into this world.
it was for two months too that i had you carried dearly with all the love i told.
i remember you.
i love you.
until then, i’ll see you.

for David’s Weekly Prompt

with Val of Murisopsis as this week’s host



i have been longing for a place
of refuge, from the hypocritical
inhabitants called humans.

i wish for a paradise
where my soul and conscience
could be in unison with nature.

but i couldn’t find one
i gave up looking, turned myself
into my own paradise, my own island.

i am threatened by conflicts
i don’t stay connected 
“privacy” is my last name.

i take pride in exercising
freely my own solitude
and my independence.

i fear being needed
my defensiveness
is largely unconscious.

i am often deemed

who cares, that’s what
an island is suppose
to be; isolated.

i like it that way so far
no fuss, no drama,
no agitation, no uproar

until came along you
i surrendered, took on the refuge
held on tight

to you
my much
needed anchor.

for Eugis Weekly Prompt: