I Relinquish

I Relinquish

my years of restless nights
the pain i hide inside
the smile i keep
to camouflage
with the scars, i nurture
i relinquish
to the universe to
carry the burden
so heavy.
every single spark of hope
i carry around
that keeps me goin’,
i relinquish
to the moon and back
and let the sunshine
take away all my pain
let the moonlight
cast upon all my sorrows.
i relinquish
i surrender
i’m done.
and so maybe, just maybe
if you give me a call
i sure would surrender
to love’s final call
for i would not want anything
but you.
i surrender.

for Sadje’s WDYS



i never understood
how i made it through
all the ups and the downs
all the gaps and the in-betweens
all the chaos and the tribulations
all the uncertainties and trials
i never understood too
why some women are lucky enough
to have the chance i have
the chance of a good life
the chance to provide a voice
for the muted ones
the chance to live my dreams
when some women out there
are struggling to make a living
yet i am very sure they
have the same skills and talents as i am
the same determination
the same spirit
the same courage
the endurance
the same resilience
yet hiding in a shelter
worrying how the future would be
or if there would be a future at all
so this is for each and every woman
whose lives have been changed by abuse
whose fates have been altered by violence
whose resilience has been tested
by fear and hopelessness
and whose voices were silenced.
this is for you.
let me be your voice.

Ode to Love

Ode to Love

and though poets and writers alike
praise you like a golden strobbed light
magnificently beautiful, uncanny for most
i despise you now for you made me lost.

there was a time when you were roses and butterflies
when you turned the meadows into a magical realm in disguise
i trust you no more for all the giddy magical feelings you bestow
i like you no more for making my head spin for now.

and though artists and musicians alike
anchored their pieces upon you; from sweet naive
lyrics to passionate love songs; you are a blessing
but a terrible heartache at the same time
trust me, for no one is more inspired than
a wounded or love – drunk artist
but i’m just over you for now.

there was a time when you were rainbows and bursts of morning sunshine
when you turned a terrifying thunderstorm into a calm soothing melodious raindrop
i trust you no more for all the “weak of the knees” kind of feeling
i like you no more for making me cry all night long.


I know that an Ode is traditionally a form of lyric poetry that is written in celebration, dedication, appreciation, or reflection of something;  almost always written about a significant event, or someone or something that the poet admires. 

you might notice mine is here not a celebration of love on its glorious ways and forms; but its okay to be a rebel poet sometimes ๐Ÿคญ

For Eugi’s prompt : thunderstorm

For David’s prompt : Ode



in the nearby horizon
are luminous white
cotton candy clouds
splendidly bedazzled
by shimmering rays of sunlight
where angels sing in unison
hyms of unending melodies
in honor of a glorious memory
of a lovely soul who has gone by
taken away so suddenly
but will always be remembered
a little heavenly body
among the angels in heaven
you are now, my sweet darling.



love is the elephant in the room when it comes to poetry. for why else would one be crying over a love that never was? a love that was never there? a love that never existed?

these and many more poets argued over and over ’bout how crazy one can be when in love, and yet they say it’s okay to love fully. it’s okay to love with all your heart. thus, it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, says the great Tennyson.

oh, dear, my dear, what love has done to us all? when you’re blue, they say love takes it away from you. but what if love makes you blue? who will take it away? they say when it’s impossible, love gives you the reason to move even the highest mountain. but what if love itself is impossible who will move the mountain for you?

love indeed is crazy, made easy by romantic poets who desire to make us fall head over heels over the idea of love; and for what? we run to them for comfort over a love that never was ours, to begin with.

love, just what exactly are you that makes people fall for you even when you said to have caused everyone’s agony and woe?

love, just love, we can’t let go.

for David’s Weekly Prompt:

One Of (the what ifs)

One Of (the what ifs)

what if we never meet
what if we didn’t fall in love
what if I didn’t leave
what if you didn’t let me go
these and many more, i wonder
‘cos i am tired of playing pretend
that i don’t miss the sound of your voice
the feel of your touch against my body
the tenderness of your lips when it touches mine
these and many more i missed
every moment of every day
from the time you went away
(or i went away)
to this day
how long has it been?
i don’t know
but i remember
will i let the universe
decide our future?
will i allow the cards of my life
take its rightful way to you?
or will i be courageous enough
this time to say
“it’s you i am choosing?”

for Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Graveyard of Silence

Graveyard of Silence

in silence, i wept
for dreams, i postponed
for narratives, i kept
for emotions, i bottled up
for forgetting my true self
for pretending i am okay
for believing in good amidst the presence of evil
for all the nights, i pretended i was sleeping tightly
for all the days i fooled everyone with my smile
for all the memories i held on
for letting you go
for making you walk away
for being young
for being rebellious
for being stupid
for being dumb
for all these years
i wept in this graveyard of silence
where bodies were laid to rest
along with all that, they have wept
in silence and in agony
in their lifetime on earth

they wept.

i wept.

in silence.

for David’s Weekly Prompt

This weekโ€™s prompt guideline

โ€ข Write an ekphrastic poem inspired by the photograph below, which Steven has shared with us. Ekphrasis is a rhetorical device in which one medium of art tries to relate to another medium by defining and describing its essence and form.

โ€ข Steven took this photograph in September โ€™21, and he has given us permission to use it.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

i was a child of lies and compromises
i was a child of  disputes and pretenses
they say i was doomed from the start
broken before even i become whole.

i was a child of maybe’s and differences
i was a child of what if’s and controversies
they say i was a disaster in the making
condemned even before born.

they say it made me stronger
they say it made me braver
but i was a child
i don’t need to be strong
i don’t need to be brave.

a child i was
i need to  have a playground
i need to be in a safe haven
the womb was not even my haven.

it didn’t matter though
even if i didn’t have a playground
even it i didn’t have a safe haven
for true enough i am stonger, braver.

but if there is any a great woman that i am
is gravely afraid of that is the completely
abandoned and forsaken child version of me
in need of a playground, in need of a safe haven.

damn! finding haven
is the hardest scavenger hunt.

A single line prompt for this week by Reena:

“The only ghost that scares is a past version of you.”



mornings are bright
i could wrap you with
candied-coated embraces
over sunshine kisses
with a cup of half-emptied coffee
while you are caressing
my face gently in loving
circling motion.

how long has it been?

i can’t tell
but i remember.

This week, Mish over at dโ€™Verse challenged us to compose a Quadrille poem using the word Wrap

This is my first submission to d’Verse after over a year i guess.

๐Ÿ‘‰AUGUST 15, 2022 -save the date “It Ain’t Winning If Without You,” releasing worldwide in all platforms.



i thought i’m healed from all the wounds of my bruised days
but today i was reminded that only scars heal; wounds don’t; they never will
and you know what’s funny? you reminded me of them one by one,ย  every pain, every trauma
it takes one great love to ease down my brokenness
sadly though, that same great love cuts the same wound deeper, more painful
now i’m left waiting to heal my own

๐Ÿ‘‰my 7th Poetry book, “It Ain’t Winning If Without You,” releasing 15th August, worldwide on all platforms and in all formats.

๐Ÿ‘‰This is my response to A. J.’s prompt guidelines

โ€ข Write a poem of no more than 12 lines;

โ€ข It must includeย the word “waiting”

W3 Prompt #13: Wea’ve Written Weekly