Poet’s Heart

to write is to dream and to dream is to write wide awake or deep asleep a poet’s heart dreams forging a link a link between the imagery and symbolism and the power of words creative sparks fly love lives hope survives the universe agrees to what the poet’s heart’s desires my poet heart desiresContinue reading “Poet’s Heart”

Your Hello

what is with your “hello,” dear?that I so long desired to hear a kind of hello, i used to adorewhenever you’re up and close by the door the hello that awakened my soulfulfilled my true heart’s impulse a kind of hello, i missed and longed forregardless of the millions i heard over the hello thatContinue reading “Your Hello”

Not You, My Love

the gentle tidemay turn intoa raging wave but not you my love, dreamsmay turninto nightmares but not you my love, wounds may hurtand becomelasting scars but not you my love, love may fade awaybut i believeyours won’t no, not yours my love, some may losea battle, go homewounded but not you my love,never really youforContinue reading “Not You, My Love”

My Baby Blue Eyes

7th in the series of ” tell me your song, i’ll write you a poem” My Baby Blue Eyes I was a small town girl with big dreams in store, a small town girl with looks entirely different from yours, and in a game of probability, what were the odds that i would have you,Continue reading “My Baby Blue Eyes”

A Hundred Million Love Songs

A Hundred Million Love Songs there are over a hundred million love songs  and I could dedicate each for you  each and everyday for you are my greatest love the poetry I write and the melody of my heart there are over a hundred million love songs and I could sing each one for youContinue reading “A Hundred Million Love Songs”

A Snowflakes of Thank You

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” – Ashley Smith I believe in dreams, and I see the good in even the worst situation; IContinue reading “A Snowflakes of Thank You”

I Love You, At First

I Love You, At First you walked past by me wearing a dashing smilewith the sun so hot and up, but the air was coolcould it be, because of your easy-breezy presence, I was beguiled?or was it just me feeling the numbness of my senses I could drool? your smile I can’t forget and yourContinue reading “I Love You, At First”