Vote for Publication of the Month

@poetrybymich ❤💕 my poem “Wednesdays of Longing” is nominated as Publication of the month on @spillwordspress to vote kindly click the link on my bio or this link

Thank you all and thank you to Dagmara and the Spillwords team#wednesdays #publicationofthemonth

Winner -Publication of the Month

My WP family, thank you so much for the love and support..

My poem “Holding Hands” is the Publication of the Month -November in @spillwordspress .

Thank y’all so much for the love and support. To all my beloved readers abd followers, fellow poets and writers who voted, “thank you”

To read the full poem click the link in my bio or you can go to Spillwords and read more exciting litary pieces.

To Dagnara and Spillwords Team “Thank you so much”

Here is a very heartwarming note for me from Spillwords editor.

“We want to congratulate you as your publication ‘Holding Hands’ has been voted by Spillwords Press Members as November’s Publication of The Month 🙂

Your literary work has received the largest amount of votes which is a testament to its popularity and your writing abilities.
‘Holding Hands’ will appear on our website’s sidebar through the month of December in the widget called Post of the Month.”

  • Dagmara K, Director of Development | Editing Department, editor,