When Summer Rain Ends

    Sing no sad song, not yet Or I’ll behold in your lids, Hang the sweet tears of agony Rather paint me visions Of thousand smiles in your lips… And upon your lips…your lips… The vision of night will fade away… Kiss me not, not yet… Least you’ll awaken a silent sea! And it’sContinue reading “When Summer Rain Ends”

It Still Rains

No, not yet, not yet… Let your eyes speak Of roses in bloom Remind me once again Of the chalice of love we shared Where fiery choir Sang our song At the blazing sun. Shed no tears, not yet… The midnight air Still whispers your name And deep from the abyss, Creature of the nightContinue reading “It Still Rains”

The Sun is Up

The sun is up, finally in days Of raining and wind blowing. The sun has shown After days of hiding. The sun is scorching hot After days of iced-cold breeze. But the sun hasn’t been up yet In my heart for days of longing. The sun hasn’t shown still In my being for days ofContinue reading “The Sun is Up”

Till Then (Summer Rain, still)

There isn’t time ‘Tis moment, you’re gone Parting is such a sweet sorrow It seems eternity To savor the warmth of your hold But time fleets, I realized And here I am Longing… Grieving the thought I’ll be losing you in time I feared there aren’t long rides to come I dreaded there aren’t storiesContinue reading “Till Then (Summer Rain, still)”

Summer Rain

You held my hand tight As you bid goodbye It was hard It was insane… You kissed me softly with a whimpering cry It froze my mind It broke my heart… You strained me in your embrace clasped me in your arms It pricked me It stung me… Then it rained on a summer afternoon.Continue reading “Summer Rain”

afternoon rain

afternoon rain….lovingly pouring. afternoon rain….sensationaly exciting. afternoon rain….sincerely moving. afternoon rain….remembering you. afternoon rain…seeing you. afternoon rain…loving you. afternoon rain…loving you till the end.

Waiting in Vain

When you wake up in the middle of the night not knowing why could be traumatic for some; not for me…it allows me to write down my thoughts and even the thoughts of other people… last Sunday I saw a man running towards the entrance of the church (where we went)..it was raining and obviously,Continue reading “Waiting in Vain”