quivering voice torn into pieces
jammed words dashingly sealed
tongue-tied feelings suppressed
a power uproars
whispered unto thyself
acclaimed thy heart
longing to blaze
conformed thy faith
declared thy attempt
to bestow equity
thy affectionate feeling
to love


My lovely daughter Allana took this photo some time ago. I promised her I’d write a poem about rainbow; but I haven’t written one yet, until today. Well technically it’s not about the rainbow, but they say “there’s always a rainbow after the rain”. And I realized that every opportunity or attempt to do something whether for our family, our friends, ourselves is a chance to recognize that rainbow. Sometimes, we struggle to accomplish something, we give up easily on life, on love. Why? Because we failed to recognize the simple fact that rainbow only appears after a terrible rain. In life, we have problems, we have difficulties and in love, we have worries, we have concerns and we have fears, these are our “heavy rains”, our “storms” and sometimes, the “wind” that will blow our faith and topple us down. But remember, “there’s always a rainbow after the rain”.

May we all enthusiastically wait for the “rainbow” to come. Meanwhile, we should never give up. Never give up on life and on love. It will come in time and when you needed it the most.

And, as we are all facing the worldwide crisis and threat of the virus COVID 19, may we all keep our faith and believe. Believe that this too will fade away.

Believe in the rainbow.💛💛💛💛