Phone Call

Phone Call (A Poetic Flash Fiction)

sometimes a minute is what we need to change our lives for the better forever. sometimes, it’s just a second of receiving a phone call unexpectedly.

“hello,” was all i could say when i heard you speak, “how are you?” on the other end of the line.

i knew it was you (even without asking). your voice hasn’t changed a bit. your tone hasn’t changed either. and oh, your sarcasm, it’s still the same. it has never changed too.

we started with a simple “how’s life” to exchange stories of how’s life has been since you walked away (or maybe, you were right; i walked away). either way, though, the truth is we both lost each other.

how long has it been? so long.

what i thought would be a simple “hi, hello” one-minute phone call turned out to be 30 minutes, then an hour, and before we knew it, it was as if there wasn’t over two decades of gap between now and then.

there wasn’t a need to catch up and get to know each other again. there wasn’t a need for some time to reconnect and bridge the gap. it was as if yesterday when i spoke to you last. but in reality, it was over two decades.

where am i goin’ with this? you probably will ask.

well, this is me saying, i am grateful for this phone call. i am thankful for this opportunity. i appreciate that you took a chance on me this time.  

no matter what happens and where life has taken us, we choose to return to where and how we started.

for Reena’s exploration challenge

Random Dreams

Random Dreams

random dreams upon my broken limbs
lingered slowly as it navigated to break free
dreams that have been my greatest solace
in those days when my world was in a total mess
random dreams, that’s all i got in a place full of regrets.

random dreams upon my broken heart
yearned deeply as it tried to come out of the pit
dreams that have been my bravest allies
in those occassions when living means denying
random dreams, that’s all i got in my life full of grief.

random dreams upon my vanquished soul
longed completely to be honored and fulfilled
in those moments when dreaming was impossible
random dreams, that’s all i got in my solitude full of chaos.

random dreams upon my forgotten self
random dreams, that’s all i got

until i got you.

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge



wolves in sheep’s shield
harmless but really wild
once power is upon them
votes casted in mayhem
dirty politics that’s what it is.

ballots have been closed
votes have been counted
these wolves are waiting
to shed their sheep’s shield
and to completely devour
victims anytime around.

it’s time to unite and be one
clean up the political cesspool
that has been humanity’s
greatest enemy,
forging division
instead of unity,
defiance over obedience,
oppression instead of justice.



i never understood
how i made it through
all the ups and the downs
all the gaps and the in-betweens
all the chaos and the tribulations
all the uncertainties and trials
i never understood too
why some women are lucky enough
to have the chance i have
the chance of a good life
the chance to provide a voice
for the muted ones
the chance to live my dreams
when some women out there
are struggling to make a living
yet i am very sure they
have the same skills and talents as i am
the same determination
the same spirit
the same courage
the endurance
the same resilience
yet hiding in a shelter
worrying how the future would be
or if there would be a future at all
so this is for each and every woman
whose lives have been changed by abuse
whose fates have been altered by violence
whose resilience has been tested
by fear and hopelessness
and whose voices were silenced.
this is for you.
let me be your voice.

Seventeen Again

Seventeen Again

and i am seventeen again

feels like yesterday ‘though ages ago

that you gently held me by my hand

as we walked past the busy street

of the University belt’s crowded intersection

i am seventeen again with you

holding my hand for real.

and i am seventeen again

feels like yesterday ‘though decades ago

that you kissed me sweetly, framed by the door

it wasn’t Christmas no mistletoe, but we kissed

i am seventeen again with you

kissing me tenderly for real.

and i am seventeen again

feels like yesterday ‘though years ago

that we passionately shared our love

amidst the blazing Manila skyline

i am seventeen again with you

manifesting your love for real.

feels just like the first time.

for Reena’s Exploration Challenge

The word prompt for this week is

Jamais Vu

It is the opposite of Deja Vu, jamais vu involves a sense of eeriness and the observer’s impression of experiencing something for the first time, despite rationally knowing that they have experienced it before. Jamais vu is sometimes associated with certain types of aphasiaamnesia, and epilepsySource: Wikipedia