Some things in life are worth holding on,
and some need letting go
one is faced with so many options
but there are times that not even one
is worth the choice
you simply must give it up or die holding on and lose it all…
or live hating for wanting more…


To tell you, i love you


Sometimes it seems we can read
Each other’s mind
Like when you call me
Just as I am thinking of you
Or when you know
What I am going to say
Before I say it.

I feel you understand me
In a way no one else has
And my love for you
Just grows stronger
The more I know about you.

We’ve been honest with each other,
Revealing those things
We haven’t been able to
Tell anyone else.
I’ve always wanted to be
Able to talk to someone
About my feelings

Yet, somehow I know
I don’t need any words at all
To tell you how much




Happy heart’s day everyone

All through my life

All my life I will be singing

All through rays of sunshine and rains

All through hurts and pains

My love will keep burning

Cos it’s like a little heaven on earth when I’m with you

Like a little heaven on earth when I believe in you

So baby these chords I will be playing all through my life.


Scribbling in pain
Thoughts can’t explain
On this midnight blue
Trying to let go.

Scribbling with love
Simple desire to have
On this empty paper
Longing to decipher.

Scribbling with hope
Maybe to cope
With the pen in use
Wishing yet confuse.

Scribbling to fancy
Images to see
With mind exploring
Avenue of loving.


How do I forget
The day we met?
You were sweetly staring;
I was patiently waiting.

How do I resist
The smile I get?
You were joyfully talking;
I was sincerely listening.

How do I walk away
From the gentle touch, you pay?
You were carefully caressing;
I was nervously holding.

How do I run away
From you all day?
You were awkwardly caring;
I was silently rejoicing.

Do I ever forget?

Do I ever resist?

Should I walk away?

Should I run away?

Or should I face you bravely;
And say “it’s okay, I love it anyway”?