DREAM the Biggest Dream

I’m down in deep dark pitch; untangling the muddy ditch, oblivious of the heat, awaiting to be neat. I stood still and lay; all through the day, engulfed by fear and envy, keeping through and steady. I tend to steady or higher; with great physical power. brawny… muscular… rugged… stalwart… I struggle, I dream…dream toContinue reading “DREAM the Biggest Dream”


  Silence stood over, in the darkest corner, your gaze still and slow, in shallow breath high and low. Warm around and still, in deep hollow feel, your touch burns and show, in the cold body in tow. Scream yield and hover, in the soft sheet cover, your mute tender passion, the ingratitude of fervorContinue reading “Affection”


The love month is over… but i wanted to share with you some of the reasons why we love….even if it may sound absurd and pathetic; i guess we all went through this … The “playful you ” says you are in love because… 1. MENTALLY, it made you nuts. You believe that the oneContinue reading “Why We LOVE”

Happy Dad’s Day

We have the power… We have grace… We create beauty. .. We give strength. .. We set the pace… We breathe life… For all things must come to life… Under our emerald embrace… Maybe in life or in death… It may not be true to all…but I am a firm believer of “we create ourContinue reading “Happy Dad’s Day”

Guys Listen Up…

I have been anticipating this my whole life as a mom of four girls; however,  I didn’t realize it would be like this…the day has finally arrived when my eldest daughter who’s in college gets to have her first formal male/guy/boy visitor at home…on valentines day. Let me tell you what went wrong with theContinue reading “Guys Listen Up…”


It’s February 15…a day after Valentine’s Day…and well..again just like yesterday when I thought it would be another ordinary day…I was wrong…again I woke up with my girls running around with a personalized banner. Let me tell you what each heart says… …I believe in love at first sight; I love my mom the firstContinue reading “Love”

I Love You

This is not the season of love …but I just don’t know why…for some weird inexplicable reasons I am being compelled to write about …..well…LOVE… It suddenly made me remember the day I realized I too, was in love…the first time I saw him…the first time we spoke…everything seems just like yesterday because I keepContinue reading “I Love You”

Wedding Vow

One of my college students whom I have never seen for quite a while invited me to be a part of her entourage for her wedding day… I’ve always been fascinated by weddings and the joy that it brings to two people in love who wanted to spend the rest of their lives together… ItContinue reading “Wedding Vow”