I Pray #worship


(a pack of food given to a frontliner in the Philippines)


(lighted candles used by Christians to pray) 


(An old Catholic Church in the Philippines)


(A giant Murugan statue in Malaysia )




I pray for the world to heal
as we all thrive and struggle
some call for Allah
others bow down
in genuflect
for Jesus Christ
Buddha for the rest
is a symbol of
and that’s why
they run unto him
for reverence and devotion

I pray for the world to heal
as we all thrive and struggle
some pray five times
each day
others simply light
a candle
as they bow down
and pray
the rest meditate
to practice
inner reconditioning

I pray for the world to heal
as we all thrive and struggle
it doesn’t really matter
how we worship
if we call for Allah
Jesus Christ or Buddha
or whether we bow down
in prayer or
chant in meditation

We pray, with the hope
that we heal as one
one race
one humanity
one world


This is written for creative purposes only and based on my basic understanding of the different beliefs of the different religion mentioned; with no intention to malign or discredit any forms or religious beliefs

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You are my happy memory of the past,

The joyful moment of the present,

And the hope and promise of the future..






Asked when hurt
Answers needed
To feel better then
The agony within
Excruciatingly painful
Harrowing, wrenching, torturous
Satisfying one’s pain, one’s disdain
Why, is all we have but not for so long.



We have so many questions in life. When I was a child I had chores to do after school. I asked why. I sometimes did not like doing it because of my free spirit who actually wanted to read and imagine things around.

I grew up always asking “why” on anything. I speak my mind and I always want answers for all of my questions.

As I grew older, however, I realized that not all questions have answers nor, not all concerns have to be told or spoken. I also began to recognize that there is a dynamic source of guidance and consolation within me. I became more deeply rooted in the belief that I am unconditionally loved.

Each one of us carries certain crosses every day; and it made us wonder and question God. But we must understand that each of us too carries a spiritual power that can cause even the tiniest of faith-seed to grow. So we must protect and nurture this seed so that it thrives. We must realize that we need parameters so that our life does not seep away into endless busy-ness and unguarded, unfocused activity.

It is okay to ask, but never hold on to your “why” for so long.

Do you have any ” why” lately?

Let me know.



I can’t think of a better way to discuss this anxious feeling than in long ranting…..(if this is a rant)…let me say for the record that i am not in any way sad, lonely or troubled. 

Lately i have been witnessing so many deaths within our circle of friends. 

My father died….i never even had the chance to say goodbye.

My brother died…i never even had the chance to say goodbye too.

My father – in – law died…that time i was there beside him…..Ahhhh the irony of life…

Goodbyes are as much as part of our lives as the seasons of the year.  The story of gain and loss, of joy and sorrow, of life and death, of union and separation, is inside each of us.  The cycle begins at birth when we were broken loose from our mother’s womb. The cycle continues throughout our lives. 

Whoever has not said farewell to someone and felt a great heartache and a deep sadness, wanting to stop the process and wondering when the ache inside would ever leave?  Many years ago i remembered saying goodbye to my father who came to visit us. …that last little space when an onrush of sadness suddenly wells up and causes a great inadequacy of expression.  Dad turned and hugged me. Then he looked at me with a tear prompting to drop in his eyes and painfully said..” i will miss you..”…..It was his last goodbye.

Do we ever get used to saying goodbye? Or should we? I think not. Saying goodbye helps us to experience the depths of our human condition. It leads us to a much deeper understanding of what it means to live life in its mystery and wholeness. we ought not to be afraid of partings that life asks of us.  Nor ought we have to hold back in giving ourselves fully to love, to the wonderful growth opportunities of investing ourselves in people and events.

       days are long,

      weeks pass by…

     clock ticks faster…

     this time ever…

      goodbye, we say..

      with hope someday soon

      we’ll meet ever again…..

P.S  a random rant about parting…ranting for no particular reason… 

A Metaphor

A Metaphor


A day over night

A coffee that perks me up

A little ray of light.


Butter in my bread

A sugar makes it sweet

The spice in my food.


Pen in my paper

A thought that fuels my mind

As I write later.


At some point in our lives we lose the zest that we used to have; so we need something that will help us bring back that zest and eagerness in life.

Like when we go to bed at night ….we know that there will always be a morning after…what is your “morning after”?

When we wake up in the morning and the one best thing that helps us kick off our day is a little touch of coffee in our body…What is your little “cup of coffee”?

Or when you put off the light in your room and you suddenly realized there’s a little ray of light passing through your window…what is your “little ray of light”?

Better yet; when you can’t have your bread without butter. That kind of feeling which makes you wanna have more bites each time you have one. What is your “butter in your bread”?

Or for those with sweet tooth; those who can’t live without a dash of sugar in a day. What is your “sugar that makes your food sweeter”?

Or sometimes there are those who love a little spice in their food. The kind of spice that makes you wanna crave for more as you grasp and struggle for a glass of water. What is your “spice in your food”?

And for all of us who’s passion is to make their thoughts come to life through their words; what is your “pen without your paper”? And what are your thoughts without someone to fuel it as you write alone?


Here’s wishing you all that you find your greatest metaphor in life.

Waiting in Vain


When you wake up in the middle of the night not knowing why could be traumatic for some; not for me…it allows me to write down my thoughts and even the thoughts of other people…

last Sunday I saw a man running towards the entrance of the church (where we went)..it was raining and obviously, he was literally wet…what was so surprising was the fact that when he entered the church, I saw him looking all over.. as if trying to check on every person inside.. was he lost? …looking for a companion?…did he go to the wrong church?…but I thought, he could not be lost because he seemed so sure of where to go when I saw him running…he could not be looking for a companion too because again, judging on the fact that he has to brave the rain, surely, he has companion waiting inside…or he could have not even gone to the wrong church…well as obvious as it seems there is only one church in that area, the other one though is a little further….so why was he acting so weird?….


Braving through the rain

on a windy morning;

struggling in vain

only to see you gazing.

Running through the stairs

as I gasp for air;

wishing you’d be there

with a smile to spare.

Entering a crowded room

my body began to shiver;

looking for your face I roam

you’re there no more, I wonder.

Gushing through a deep sigh

truth begun to unravel;

knowing you’re not there, I cry

deep inside I die, as I travel.

Frustrating, I cry in pain…

Longing, I mourn in vain…

Wishing, I hope in disdain…



you see, when I saw him whispering to someone, I realized he was indeed expecting somebody inside…unfortunately that somebody is not around….so here is a space for you whoever you are..with the hope that next Sunday you’ll find that somebody you were running after through the rain…

Good luck…you will need that ..and oh by the way…maybe next time, do yourself a favor by sincerely going to the church for the mass.. who knows, that somebody you’re waiting would suddenly appear beside you…..



Life is not a game of chance,

nor a lot of great circumstances.

Life is not even a bed of roses,

nor a bag of chocolates.

Life is indeed a matter of good choices

and how to make the best choices.

My choices in life may have not been really the best ones. I must honestly say I have had my own share of bad choices. But as my life progresses I was able to turn those bad choices into the best ones thus making me the best possible person I am.

My mother taught me the basics of discernment. It was with her that I realized that things don’t just happen, but it happens because we make it happen no matter how much we intellectualized or rationalized that it is beyond our capacity as human beings. But she said….that is why we were gifted with the power to discern. The dictionary defines discernment as to to the ability to reveal insights and understand.  Exactly why we need to empower ourselves with discernment. This will usher us to make the right choices.

As my eldest daughter entered college I want her to make the best choices.

1. I want her to choose FAITH

I am not a very religious person. I am not even the type you see in the church all the time. I am not the one who also memorizes every single prayer there is. I also am not the typical middle-age woman in a veil going to mass. But I say, I choose to believe in GOD. I choose to believe that HE is powerful and thus HE is responsible for all that I am. I want my daughter to have the same choice because if she does, she will always go to the basic fact that she chose to believe in GOD, and thus every choice she makes will be in accordance with what GOD wants her to be.

2. I want her to choose HAPPINESS

As I have mentioned, life is not a bed of roses. It can be bad, it can be sad, it can be lonely, it can be worst……but if we choose happiness no amount of bad, lonely, sad, worst situation can make us reject the fact that life is what we make it after all…

We all surely have gone through a lot of rough, bumpy roads…who didn’t? but if we only learn to see the good in even the worst situation…LIFE would be GREAT… remember, happiness is simply a choice; loneliness is simply optional.

3. I want her to choose THANKFULNESS

An ungrateful heart always leaves us feeling miserable. If we carry on with ungratefulness, no matter what we have, no matter what happens we would – it would never always be enough.

4. I want her to choose POSITIVENESS

Blessed Laura Vicuna said, “smile always and suffer silently”…Her life is a wonderful example of how someone could turn a negative situation into something positive; an example of cheerfulness amidst heartaches.

We don’t have to be saints to be positive. As they say, if we only see life “like a glass full rather than half empty” then we would have the power to change our lives for the better for good.

5. I want her to choose AWARENESS

Awareness in everything that we do, awareness in everything that we can’t do, awareness in every talent that we have, and awareness in the fact that we were all made unique.

We need to be aware of every situation we are in and what led us into it; it is by then that we see if we are leading towards sin…or towards a life anchored in GOD.


Choosing FAITH, HAPPINESS, THANKFULNESS, POSITIVENESS, and AWARENESS…..your good to go…go and battle all the evils of life.