Perfect Spot

you paint the sky a million shades

as you sink below the horizon

nothing beats your majesty and mystery

nothing beats your magic

you are lovely as life itself

as lovers used you as metaphors

nothing beats romance with you

nothing beats your charm

and somewhere along the horizon,

know that we will find you

our perfect spot

as the sun sets

“I found my perfect spot with you”

for Sadje’s WDY

Did You Ever Think Of Me On Valentine’s Day?

Did You Ever Think Of Me On Valentine’s Day?



for the many years and many times,

and for all the moments and memories

I pondered for a while

did you ever think of me

on those nights and days

you were not with me?

did you ever think of me on Valentine’s day?


the roses and chocolates you sent to someone else,

an expression of your love undying and true

with poems you wrote on scented paper

with colorful pens, sealed with a kiss

profoundly written, beautifully expressed

did you ever think of me, when you were writing them?

did you ever think of me on Valentine’s day?


for all the love and sweet nothings

the surprise dates and the “your all that I want” moments

the plans you created, the memories you shared

did you ever think of me when you were holding her hands,

caressing her face, finger –combing her hair,

whispering lovely thoughts into her ear?

did you ever think of me on Valentine’s day?



the day you walked down the aisle,

the minute you said “I do”

and the minute you kissed to seal the deal

did you even see a part of me in her?

did you even think it could have been me?

did you even remember me on Valentine’s day?


‘cos, baby I did.


I think about you on Valentine’s day


“it could have been me”


For Eugi’s Weekly Prompt


I Wonder

I wonder if we ever get to be
born back in the ’50s
will you adore me in my
hour-glass silhouette,
softly rounded shoulders,
nipped-in waist and voluminous skirts,
feeling like a princess?
will you ask me out for a date
and proudly bring me
to a local ice cream shop
share a giant banana split
with lashings of cream
swimming in hot fudge sauce
then we can talk, look at each other
as we take another serving
this time, on a cone
then maybe, just maybe, we can share
not just an ice cream, but our first kiss
in between our melted ice cream cones?
then we could snuggle up
at the drive-in theater
and watch Aubrey Hepburn’s “Roman Holiday”
let’s end the day, in a parking spot
staring at the night skylines counting stars
and looking like a pair of
crazy teenagers

I wonder if we ever get to be
born back in the ’50s
will you be brave enough
to ask for my hand for marriage?

For Sadje’s WDY