Perfect Spot

you paint the sky a million shades as you sink below the horizon nothing beats your majesty and mystery nothing beats your magic you are lovely as life itself as lovers used you as metaphors nothing beats romance with you nothing beats your charm and somewhere along the horizon, know that we will find youContinue reading “Perfect Spot”

Did You Ever Think Of Me On Valentine’s Day?

Did You Ever Think Of Me On Valentine’s Day?     for the many years and many times, and for all the moments and memories I pondered for a while did you ever think of me on those nights and days you were not with me? did you ever think of me on Valentine’s day?Continue reading “Did You Ever Think Of Me On Valentine’s Day?”

I Wonder

I wonder if we ever get to beborn back in the ’50swill you adore me in myhour-glass silhouette,softly rounded shoulders,nipped-in waist and voluminous skirts,feeling like a princess?will you ask me out for a dateand proudly bring meto a local ice cream shopshare a giant banana splitwith lashings of creamswimming in hot fudge saucethen we canContinue reading “I Wonder”