To tell you, i love you

TO TELL YOU ..I LOVE YOU Sometimes it seems we can read Each other’s mind Like when you call me Just as I am thinking of you Or when you know What I am going to say Before I say it. I feel you understand me In a way no one else has And myContinue reading “To tell you, i love you”

All through my life

All my life I will be singing All through rays of sunshine and rains All through hurts and pains My love will keep burning Cos it’s like a little heaven on earth when I’m with you Like a little heaven on earth when I believe in you So baby these chords I will be playingContinue reading “All through my life”

Till Then

    Parting is such a sweet sorrow So do now I know. Adieu, goodbye Now I can’t stay. Gone, mislaid Till then I said. Affectionate, adoring Forever falling. Remember me with a smile So you are glad for a while. Parting is such a sweet sorrow Surely now I know.     P.S ThisContinue reading “Till Then”


Celebrate Love Of friends Bless Devotion Of comrade Magnify Affection Of confidant Exalt Passion Of YOU   P.S. What’s better way to celebrate than over a cup of coffee….so simple…so serene…but so real..

One Fateful Day

One day morning When the sun was dawning I see you smiling “With you, I’m beaming” Your chinky eyes I noticed. Soon that day over When it’s getting colder I hear you whisper “With you, I’m safer” Your husky voice I heard. Then the night was dark When the stars spark I feel you soContinue reading “One Fateful Day”


Scribbling in pain Thoughts can’t explain On this midnight blue Trying to let go. Scribbling with love Simple desire to have On this empty paper Longing to decipher. Scribbling with hope Maybe to cope With the pen in use Wishing yet confuse. Scribbling to fancy Images to see With mind exploring Avenue of loving.


Looking thru the corner of my eyes; A wonderful vision of a soul passing by. Needing to catch a glimpse for it flies; Indelible moments don’t know why. Realizing this may be gone forever; Hide not the desire meant. Knowing this will end sooner; You’re special though for a moment.