what i possess


what i practice


i know


makes me

recovers fast

though i remain


For Val’s Scavenger Hunt

Golda: Created by Golda Walker. Can be broken into two or three stanzas or no


Title is mandatory. 12 lines.

6th and 12th lines rhyme.

Syllable Count: 2-2-4-1-4-2a 2-1-2-4-4-2a

Love Poem – An Emmett Poem

Love Poem – An Emmett Poem

i regret writing a love poem

regret it to the core

writing makes my heart sore

love poem that felt like home

poem stuck to my bone.

For Val’s Scavenger Hunt

The Emmett has 2 rules:

1. The first line of the Emmett is five WORDS long. Each word of the first line becomes the first word of the following lines. So the second word in line one becomes the first word of line two, the third word becomes the first word of line three, etc.

2. To make things a little more complex the, Emmett has a rhyme scheme of abbab.

There are no other restrictions on the meter or line length. (Meter optional, line length optional).

Pain -A Laurette Poem

Pain -A Laurette Poem

i bottled up


kept like a secret gem

feelings i hid

pains i concealed

fear of being condemned

For Val’s Scavenger Hunt

The Laurette: Created by Etta Caldwell Harris

28 syllables. 6 lines.

Syllable Count: 4-4-6-4-4-6 Rhyme Scheme: a-b-c-d-e-c

Life – A Marriane Poem

Life – A Marriane Poem

life oh, dear life

please be kind and gentle

don’t stab me like a pointed knife

been holding on

to thrive

For Sadje’s WDYS

Looking at the photo prompt by Sadje was both humbling and comforting. 

It’s not a new concept or sentiment that when life becomes so complex, we should look at the “silver lining” or “light at the end of the tunnel” or the “sunshine after the rain” concept.

Whether you’re making a difficult transition from school to work or between jobs, struggling with family issues, feeling depressed, or any other circumstance that makes life less than “enjoyable” or even “bearable” right now — remember that it’s just that: right now. 

 Keep the faith. Reflect on the myriad ways faith can have a purpose in our lives. There is religious and spiritual faith, of course, which may hold meaning for many people. But there is also faith in yourself, faith that things will turn out okay, faith that we are on a positive path, faith that we are meant to be here: in this school, in this job, in this field, faith that we met people for particular reasons, faith that we love certain people in specific ways for a reason, and faith that whatever happens you know you did the right thing. Some may call this faith “hope” or “trust” 


For Val’s Scavenger Hunt

The Marianne is a verse form that is written with a combination rhyme and syllable count. It was created by Viola Berg . The lines should be centered on the page.The Marianne is:

  • a pentastich, a poem in 5 lines.
  • syllabic, 4/6/8/4/2 syllables per line.
  • rhymed, axaxa x being unrhymed.
  • titled and centered on the page.

Monster – An Ovi Poem

Monster – An Ovi Poem

you grabbed my arms when i said “no”

pushed me down hard i can’t let go

you’re a monster ready to blow

spitfire upon my soul.

rape, that’s how you call it, damn you!

don’t tell me you don’t have a clue

you tattoed my heart in deep blue

how could you have done that?

tell me, are you still that monster?

who put me through hell and in fear?

so don’t ask me as if you care

‘cos you never really.

What is rape?

If a man forces you to have penetrative sex or has sex with you without your consent or agreement, that’s rape. I don’t want to be so graphic about this, but it is basically brutal and graphic on its own terms alone. Rape could also happen not solely to a girl or a woman but to a man or, worst, a young boy.

Whatever the circumstances, nobody has the right to force you to have sex or have sex with you without your consent. If this happens to you, it’s important to remember it’s not your fault.

What is sexual assault?

If someone intentionally grabs or touches you in a sexual way that you don’t like, or you’re forced to kiss someone or do something else sexual against your will, that’s sexual assault.

What is consent?

Consent can never be assumed, even in a relationship or marriage. It doesn’t matter what you wore at the time or how you behaved — sex without your consent is rape.

You may not be able to consent if you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs, didn’t understand what was happening, or were asleep. It cannot be assumed if you can’t give your consent.

You’re allowed to change your mind — if, at first, you wanted to have sex but then decided against it, that’s ok, and no one has the right to force you to continue. If they don’t stop, they are committing sexual assault or rape.

for Val’s August Scavenger Hunt

Ovi is commonly known as 12th-century folk-songs of the Maranthi Region of India which expressed love, social irony and heroic events.

Tukaram, a 17th Century Maranthi Poet wrote:

Because I could not lie

I named my dog “God”.

Startled at first,

Soon he was smiling

Then dancing!

Now he won’t even bite.

Do you suppose this might work

On people, too?

The elements of the Ovi are:

  1. stanzaic, written in any number of 4 line stanzas.
  2. syllabic, 8-8-8-(less than 8 ) syllables
  3. rhymed, with L1, L2, L3 mono-rhymed L4 unrhymed. aaax, x being unrhymed

Murder She Planned – A Donna Limerick

Murder She Planned – A Donna Limerick

i could murder him ’till he dies

snuck his two eyeballs

by my finger

the look of fear

on him gives me chills.

i could throw him out of the ditch

slaughtered mercilessly

by gentle me

by sweet dear me

for breaking me deeply.

for Val’s Scavenger Hunt (https://murisopsis.wordpress.com/2022/08/31/looking-at-names/)

  • The Donna is a syllabic Limerick, without requiring the anapestic rhythm. Created by Viola Berg, the verse should be witty and fun.
    • The Donna is:stanzaic, written in any number of quintains.
    • syllabic, lines of 8/6/4/4/6.
    • rhyme xabba, xcddc etc.


i know a limerick should be whimsical, light, and sometimes funny, but what can i do? i am a rebel poet.

Saturday blues is probably taking a toll on my happy poet heart, so here i am again with another sort of dark poetry for Val’s prompts.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

i was a child of lies and compromises
i was a child of  disputes and pretenses
they say i was doomed from the start
broken before even i become whole.

i was a child of maybe’s and differences
i was a child of what if’s and controversies
they say i was a disaster in the making
condemned even before born.

they say it made me stronger
they say it made me braver
but i was a child
i don’t need to be strong
i don’t need to be brave.

a child i was
i need to  have a playground
i need to be in a safe haven
the womb was not even my haven.

it didn’t matter though
even if i didn’t have a playground
even it i didn’t have a safe haven
for true enough i am stonger, braver.

but if there is any a great woman that i am
is gravely afraid of that is the completely
abandoned and forsaken child version of me
in need of a playground, in need of a safe haven.

damn! finding haven
is the hardest scavenger hunt.

A single line prompt for this week by Reena:

“The only ghost that scares is a past version of you.”

Heaven Forbids

NaPoWriMo day 17 prompt:

This is a fun one – it’s a prompt developed by the comic artist Lynda Barry, and it asks you to think about dogs you have known, seen, or heard about, and then use them as a springboard into wherever they take you

Scavenger Hunt Prompt (https://murisopsis.wordpress.com/2022/03/30/looking-forward-to-poetry-month/)

Rant poetry comes in all shapes and sizes, but it is most commonly defined as a free-verse prose poem written about an exasperating subject, about any subject that aggravates, pesters, or otherwise drives you batt

Heaven Forbids

i’ve met a furry baby so adorable so cute so immaculate.
you’d think she’s heaven sent for her eyes speaks of kindness.
but wait ’till she starts barking at you for no particular reason.
she’s unstoppable, she’s uncontrolable, she’s far from being an angel.

which by the way, i am reminded of a dearly beloved old lady from my hometown.
geez, when you look at her she could be mistaken as a saint.
for she speaks softly and politely, always uses Jesus too in any way.
she probably memorized the bible for she’d have bible verses as reference.
thus, she could never be wrong for it is what the bible says.

but wait untill she opens her big bad mouth and speaks ill of her neighbors.
oh dear how she hates them for being poor and uneducated.
she is known for giving alms to the poor children lining up outside the cathedral.
but hey wait! there’s a catch though, only when there are people gathered around.

you see covid happened two years ago, people started using disenfectant too.
for this lady, covid was there before it even happened.
for she’ d spray on disenfectant after an encounter with anyone around.
and that anyone is simply someone she calls “poor”

as we remember the death of Jesus Christ, i’m reminded
sure she is by this time present in the church praying all day long
chanting the rosary over and over again, you’d believe she is close to being holy.
but i’m sure if heaven could speak it will say “please don’t use God cover up your evil  behavior”.

truly i cannot understand nor i even aspire to understand
people who prays a lot, visits the church a lot or even serves the church
are the same people whose compassion to the poor is on a zero level.
whose understanding and kindness is purely superficial
whose actions are the exact opposite of what they actually say

these are the same people whose social media accounts
are flooded with bible verses and call for kindness
generosity and humility, but damn! they’re not even halfway
from being kind, generous and humble; they are one of the reasons
why most people have zero faith about the church.

Note: i’ve completed Val’s Scavenger Hunt’s Poetic forms. So to challenge myself further i will now  be doing the “word prompts” starting tomorrow.

River (A Waltmarie)

its day 12 of #NaPoWriMo, let’s write a Waltmarie poem..

River (A Waltmarie)

i love you you like ripples of the river,
i love you like the burble of running water,
i keep you in my heart like forest river keeps
i whisper sweet notes in cascading waters
for you
i embrace you into the watery warmth of the air,


10 lines
-Even lines are two syllables in length, odd lines are longer (but no specific syllable count)
-Even lines make their own mini-poem if read separately

Long Drives (Ottava Rima)

day 10 of NaPoWriMo Scavenger Hunt by Val let’s write an Ottava Rima poem, with a theme on long drive or road trips…

what do you love about long drives and road trips?

let’s talk ..😊

Long Drives

i love long drives with coffee and music
as i delightfully sing every  song
i love crossroads, crazy jam – packed traffic
as i look around with hope and longing
i love to see maze like streets it’s magic
as i find my way out that’s been so long
all these and many more i so adore
for it’s you i am with all through this tour

Ottava rima are 8 lines with an abababcc rhyme scheme, most commonly written in iambic pentameter (or 10-syllable lines). The form can work as a stand alone poem, or be used as connecting stanzas.