Amidst Silence and Tears

You Betrayed me I wept and wailed In agony I could die a thousand deaths And cursed a million times Amidst silence and tears. But I chose to simply cry ‘Till the tears run dry And I could cry no more I suffered in silence I was quiet But I was brave Amidst silence andContinue reading “Amidst Silence and Tears”

Silent Scream

Silent Scream when you’ve done everything, and its never still enough. when you look around and see nothing else is left. when you blink and notice a little ray of hope. then one day, when you’re gone your silent screams be heard at last!!  


When I am Oh so damn To whom I run? And make me like fun? I am sad and lonely Alone, in this dark alley I will tell you I need a time Go out wonder, explore and be fine I can’t, you think this is where I should be. When I am Feeling blueContinue reading “Silenced”