When all else fail and hope seems no trail look upon the dark gloomy sky and you will see underneath the clouds a spark of light is desperately wanting to come out.   This poem is inspired by a recent visit to the NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SINGAPORE. There they provide a reading space for kids.Continue reading “Hope-poem”

For Once

  You are assertive and unyielded a friend who patiently listens and never walks away, not once.   You are refined and polished one, our source of encouragement, a man of honor and gratitude, all at once.   You’re always willing to say “sorry” and “forgive” me a nurturing man and a loving partner allContinue reading “For Once”

The End

  And just when all the beginnings has to end even the best ones. And how one faces it with a smile, when all you’ve ever wanted is forever? And there you start anew, despite of not wanting to let go. And then oblivion comes; forever is again, yet another word… Between here and thereContinue reading “The End”

Mysterious Rain

    You are a picture of quiet serenity Plunge into darkness Out of the blue And…on a hot weary afternoon Amidst silence And shimmering heat You become hot as a horseradish Steamy as a terrarium Then you gently thickened You poured… That mysterious rain On a scorching summer afternoon   p.s. the heat isContinue reading “Mysterious Rain”

My Summer Rain

Love goes, they say When the pain of loving Is too much to bear When you Can hope no more Wish no more When the heart finally gets tired… Of hoping… Of dreaming… Of waiting… Then love goes… My love, I say will never go. Even when it has been very painful Or too muchContinue reading “My Summer Rain”


Celebrate Love Of friends Bless Devotion Of comrade Magnify Affection Of confidant Exalt Passion Of YOU   P.S. What’s better way to celebrate than over a cup of coffee….so simple…so serene…but so real..

Singapore @ its best

“The world is a book…and those who do not travel read only a page”– Saint Augustine   Summer is fun! Not for the sun, nor for the amusement Or the enjoyment. .. Summer is fun! A time to trek…tour…and take a long trip…away!     They say Singapore is now considered the most expensive cityContinue reading “Singapore @ its best”

siloso beach resort

A day and a moment… a sunrise and a sunset… a life and me… a wish it could be… A snapshot of siloso beach in the morning. This photo was taken during Our stay in this resort last April 24 to April 29. It’s like a jungle in the city- with its “back to basics”Continue reading “siloso beach resort”