Snowflakes Did Fall (That Summer Morn’)


For Sadje’s What Do You See


‘Twas just a few summers ago

when snowflakes miraculously fell

unto my skin like a little solid raindrop

snowflakes should never fall in summer

but it did, that summer morning

from little snowflakes to snowfall

my dreams of building a snowman

did happen, on a summer morning

when snowflakes should never fall

but it did, that summer morning

snow and cold in summer, not ideal

but I built my first snowman, lovely

then the second one, cheerful

and then the third one, beautiful

finally, the fourth one could look like you

the forecast calls for near-zero temperatures and cool weather for the week, it was odd

but it did, snowflakes even fell that summer

and I built a snowman in May

totally and odd

just as you left, without saying goodbye

that summer morning when the

the sun should be shining and the days

should be hotter still you left,

as snowflakes fell that  summer morn’







In loving memory of my beloved father.