maybe i wasn’t meant to soar higher yet then
maybe, it wasn’t my time.
for no matter what i do my feet were stuck on the ground.
grounded for long. not that i am complaining. i don’t. never did.
of course it felt better to be standing firm on a solid ground.
’twas my comfort zone. for the longest time.

’till you taught to spread my wings. slowly. gently.
“one flapping of wings at a time”, you said. you told me to move upward.
against the force of gravity. even forward. and like a newborn bird,
i learned how to fly. learned how to adapt. used special features.
for my advantage.

i have learned to appreciate my own weaknesses.
i have capitalized on my strengths to stay up. defy gravity.
and like what they always say, even against all odds.
keeping my feet on the solid ground sure felt better and safe.
and flying was daunting and intimidating and God knows what else.

but the world looks better up there. the fields are greener.
the city is stunning. the night lamposts are my stars.
the honking of the cars are my soothing lullaby. the croosroads and boulevards are easier to navigate this time.
and the people, oh! they are more appealing once you’ve seen them from afar.

and my world, oh! my world is much better up here.
with you beneath my wings. with you keeping me afloat.
with you making me soar higher. fly farther. defying gravity. against all odds.
solid ground sure is safe. but i am safer up here.
with you.
the world, our world is a much better place.


“I Would Fly To Where You Are” available via KOBO.COM and AMAZON (ebook/kindle file/ paperback)

Poetry – like a mathematical equation – can go from simple to complex.

But it can only get appreciated once understood. However, what sets poetry and equations apart is the fact that poetry talks about experiences and emotions.

I had known the author, Ms. Michelle Navajas, back when I was still in college. She was an instructor in our school before, and when I was still a freshman, I had already dreamt of having her as my English teacher. Though, time did not grant that dream. When her daughter enrolled in our college, there I got the chance to meet her again. Every time we would have literary competitions, I would always consult her to check our pieces. She never fails to keep me in awe with her talent and eloquence in writing and speaking.

In this book of Ms. Michelle Navajas, she will take us to greater heights to remind us of that euphoric feeling of being in love. Being in love sets us on cloud nine – ecstatic, delighted, and thrilled.

Love gives us a certain amount of strength and boost that is both unexplainable and unfathomable. It gets us through whatever obstacle to be with the one to whom our hearts belong. But love is not always about joy; it also includes pain – especially when love fades or becomes one-sided. If the feeling is real and deep, moving on would be the hardest thing to do. Time may heal all the wounds, but the pain will leave a scar. Nevertheless, love, despite the pain it may bring, will always keep us going.

Jhonel S. Española

Chemical Engineer/College Instructor

Colegio San Agustin – Bacolod


it’s been many days
many months and many years
and I’ve traveled to many places
and met different faces

I could fly higher and soar farther.

it’s been fun and exciting
and wonderful, and oh really great
for it made me say, ” I made it through the rain”
I am proud of who I have become

I could fly higher and soar farther.

there was so much love
so much admiration
from people I’ve met
and I can’t be happier

I could fly higher and soar farther.

it’s been many days
many months and many years
and I’ve traveled to many places
and met different faces

I could fly higher and soar farther
but I’d like to stop the time
right here, right now
where you are

for if I ever fly again,
I’d soar the highest
with you

for Sadje WDY

Soar Like an Eagle #soar#writephoto


you told me
to soar like
an eagle
aim high
and fly
dream the biggest
and reach for the skies
oh, you said
remember, it won’t
be that simple
nor easy
you taught me
life lessons as an eagle
learns to fly
they fly alone or at least
with their kind
and in life
find people
who think like you
dream, grow together
never waste time with naysayers
as eagles do
embrace challenges
make sure to welcome
every storm
as eagles do
for storms lift them above the clouds
where they can rest their wings
and become stronger

and because of you
I, now soar higher
above the clouds
as eagles

Happy Father’s day Dad, wherever you are❤❤❤


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(For visually challenged writers, the image shows a sky full of dark, stormy clouds against which four large birds are silhouetted in flight.)