how do you keep our love together?
how do you see the best in our sorrow?
will you hold me deeply ’till tomorrow?
will you kiss me eagerly like a rainbow?

i will put together a poem and a song
for you to remember how much i long
for your sweet, enduring hold and gazes
together we’ll make it epic in an instance.

we are in need of music that would flow
wildly as the raindrops on our ceiling
over my trembling lips as you kisses
me goodnight with all your loving embraces.

we will write a song to fall smoothly like
water from the shower with you waiting
in a great amount of anticipation over
our dreamy bed where love covers.

then let it be our magic melody
a spell to soothe our wary hearts
a spell to heal our aching souls
let’s kiss to the rhythm of our song.

I’ll Never Stop

I’ll Never Stop

how is it possible that
I finally found someone
someone I could be with
without hesitations,
without reservations,
without inhibitions?
I’ve waited all my life
all my life for someone like you
and now
now, my dear that you are with me
I will never waste any moment
not one moment, with you
I’ll never stop
never stop
loving you
even if it seems
‘cos no matter what I do
my heart longs for you
my soul cries for you
and my touch,
my touch is your touch
“I could rest my head on your shoulders”
I swear I could do it, all day long
all through my life, until my dying days
I’ll never stop
for I am yours and you are mine
and together we’ll never stop


First in the series of “tell me your song, I’ll write you a poem”

Write your song in the comment down below and i’ll write you a poem

Never Stop – Over October

For Nicole – an amazing and talented member of my creative team and her beloved Eboy