don’t stay for rainbows and butterflies and stars

stay even for the thunderstorms and the waves and the hurricanes

don’t stay for the smiles and the touches of laughter and the joys

stay even for the tears and sorrows and tribulations

don’t stay for the love and the care and the understanding

stay even for the indifference and the hate and the outrage

don’t stay for the beauty and the cheerfulness and the charm

stay even for the ugliness and the dejected and the hideous

just stay for whatever whys



Inspired by a recent poem of Gina it hit me the hardest and I can’t get my chest off the line ” stay no matter why”. Sadly, some people choose to be with us or to stay with us only for good reasons and only for the best that you are. When you hit rock bottom and you falter they simply walk away. That probably is just the reality of life and the reality of human behavior.