Square One

Square One

you camouflage behind the comfort of your thoughts and the warmth of your tears.
you take solace upon solace from things that drove you prey to irrational fears.
over the years and beyond time and space you continued to live with grace.
over circumstances and between apprehensions and destruction you took on your space.

alas! you believe you are at peace, free from all the turmoils of your unlikely past.
alas! you thought you are cleared, from the demons in your head cluttered like dust.
those fine powder waste particles should have been lying on the ground.
those same particles took on living for years and years in your head.

you have removed the accumulated issues from your mind.
you have decided to unburden yourself from all that was behind.
you have discharged yourself from all the voids and the daunting oblivion.
you have stripped yourself of the covers of the past and live on with distinction.

and just so thought you have finally smoothened the edges.
finally put the puzzles into one completed beautiful art piece.

boom! just one trigger. and you are back to square one.


I wrote the above poem in consideration of the following scenario.

The tulip is a representation of ourselves trying to emerge beautiful and elagant despite of our unpleasant sorroundings.

The vase is our anchor, our solid ground keeping as steady.

The stone steps to which the vase with tulips is placed represent all that we go through as human beings. All the hardships, all the trials, all the problems and all the worries. And yet again like tulips, we emerge beautiful and stunning, vibrant and cheerful despite of our unpleasant environment.

May we all be like these gorgeous tulips: beautiful, stunning and vibrant, even when placed in an unpleasant environment.

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