Summer Rain Ends



O, shocked were my senses
Upon hearing the truth
It’s breaking my heart
Though I did not want to believe
From the start

Why have you kept me hoping so long?
Why have you treated me so kind;
And beaten me so hard?

Is that how to accept threats?
Is that how to understand punishments?
Is that how trust fails?
Is that how love hurts?

Is that how summer rain ends?




This is hopefully the end of my summer rain theme…

Hear Me

Hear Me





Hear me as I cry

For your sweet agonizing ray

Though I beg the sun to shine

As you stay by in

Oh, the rain came sweeping down

As blood oozes

Thru my vein, yearning for


Sweet embrace.

No, not this time

Never my love,

For no one is bound to know

How prepared I can be

When you will go

And forever I am doomed.

Please, don’t.

Never go.


Just for a moment.

I know I promised

I’ll let you go,

When summer rain ends.




I thought my summer rain poetry obsession  (sort of) will end as soon as the first ray of sun comes out; I was wrong because, like the rain that floods the streets, my mind is flooding too with heart -wrenching ideas…..ahhhh summer rain I just can’t let you go

When Summer Rain Ends



Sing no sad song, not yet

Or I’ll behold in your lids,

Hang the sweet tears of agony

Rather paint me visions

Of thousand smiles in your lips…

And upon your lips…your lips…

The vision of night will fade away…

Kiss me not, not yet…

Least you’ll awaken a silent sea!

And it’s faint murmuring

Turn to turbulent despair!

But surely when you pass away

I’ll grasp the air

And kissed the same

That kissed you.

Dry your tears,

let not your tears

Warm my icy tomb

And when light fade

Softly from my eyes

Take my hands once more

And into the clouds, I’ll fly…

When summer rain ends.



It Still Rains

No, not yet, not yet…

Let your eyes speak

Of roses in bloom

Remind me once again

Of the chalice of love we shared

Where fiery choir

Sang our song

At the blazing sun.

Shed no tears, not yet…

The midnight air

Still whispers your name

And deep from the abyss,

Creature of the night

Echoes my grief

Make me remember the picture

We make out of the clouds,

Hold my hand

And let us fly to the sky.

It’s still raining my love…





The Sun is Up

The sun is up, finally in days

Of raining and wind blowing.

The sun has shown

After days of hiding.

The sun is scorching hot

After days of iced-cold breeze.

But the sun hasn’t been up yet

In my heart for days of longing.

The sun hasn’t shown still

In my being for days of weeping.

It still feels like raining without you

On a hot summer day.



The rain has finally stopped. But for some weird reasons i can’t get over with the “summer rain” thought. So here’s hoping that this is my final version of my summer rain installment.

Summer Rain


You held my hand tight
As you bid goodbye
It was hard
It was insane…

You kissed me softly
with a whimpering cry
It froze my mind
It broke my heart…

You strained me in your embrace
clasped me in your arms
It pricked me
It stung me…

Then it rained on a summer afternoon.



I was driving home when it rained so hard..really??? raining on a summer day??? It freaked me out..ahh maybe this is what global warming is all about…or, maybe just maybe, this is how it feels to leave a beloved behind…feels like rain on a summer afternoon…