Waiting in Vain


When you wake up in the middle of the night not knowing why could be traumatic for some; not for me…it gives me the opportunity to write down  my thoughts and even the thoughts of other people…

last Sunday i saw a man running towards the entrance of the church (where we went)..it was raining and obviously he was literally wet…what was so surprising was the fact that when he entered the church, i saw him looking all over.. as if trying to check on every person inside.. was he lost? …looking for a companion?…did he go to the wrong church?…but i thought, he could not be lost because he seemed so sure of where to go when i saw him running…he could not be looking for a companion too because again, judging on the fact that he has to brave the rain, surely, he has companion  waiting inside…or he could have not even gone to the wrong church…well as obvious as it seems there is only one church in that area, the other one though is a little further….so why was he acting so weird?….

Braving through the rain

on a windy morning;

struggling in vain

only to see you gazing.

Running through the stairs

as i grasp for air;

wishing you’d be there

with a smile to spare.

Entering a crowded room

my body begun to shiver;

looking for your face i roam

you’re there no more, i wonder.

Gushing through a deep sigh

truth begun to unravel;

knowing you’re not there, i cry

deep inside i die, as i travel.

Frustrating, i cry in pain…

Longing,  i mourn in vain…

Wishing, i hope in disdain…


you see, when i saw him whispering to someone, i realized he was indeed expecting somebody inside…unfortunately that somebody is not around….so here is a space for you whoever you are..with the hope that next Sunday you’ll find that somebody you were running after through the rain…

Good luck…you will need that ..and oh by the way…maybe next time, do yourself a favor by sincerely going to the church for the mass.. who knows, that somebody you’re waiting would suddenly appear beside you…..