Come Rain and Sunshine


(I am a dark sky without you)


hear me as I cry for your sweet agonizing ray
I beg the sun to shine
as you stay by in time.
oh, the rain came sweeping down
as blood oozes
through my vein
for your
sweet embrace
no, not this time
never my love,
for no one is bound to know
how prepared I can be
when you go
forever will I be doomed

please, don’t
never go
just for a moment

come rain and sunshine
in darkness and in light
all through my life
I will love thee
eternally forever
Now I beg, rain please don’t go!




We remember and pray for all those mourning the demise of a loved one because of COVID 19. We also remember and pray for all those who can’t be with their loved ones in this moment of darkness.

To be alone is sad; to be sick and alone is even devastating

More love on your way guys as we face the current health scare💓💓💓

Stay at home. Stay healthy. And remember in time, we will all be fine again.
Be safe☺

My Sunflower

you are my sunflower
dotingly opens to the sun
standing tall, bold and true
shining brightly
even on the darkest of days
oh, how I love thee!

you are my sunflower
adoring the sun
with soul on fire, heart with grace
blooming cheerfully
after the longest wait
oh, how I love thee!

you are my sunflower
taking its life from the sun
guiding, illuminating my mornings
caresses warmly with gentle rays
after a sweet night embrace
oh, how I love thee!

you are my sunflower
and oh, how I love thee!

let me be your sunshine!


(My cheerful Pat in a sunflower garden)



For the lovely kate, who loves sunflower

And more love everyone amidst the current health scare.

May we find our sunflower, one who will be our source of happiness and optimism.

May we all be like sunflowers; may we have the power to grow from darkness into light




You were smiling, all day long even amidst a lonely, forlorn afternoon

You could put the sun to shame the way your corner lips rise slowly


Your eyes, how it turned into a lovely crescent moon


Then you let out a soft, light giggle as you hiding your smile behind your charming face

My heart skips.


And I remember, you were always my ray of light, my sunshine



Life can be tough. Some days are good, some days are not. Some people will love and support you, and some won’t. That’ life. That’s the world. That’s reality.
It is crazy and chaotic.

Amidst trouble and turmoils, amidst the darkness and lonely days, my daughters are my ray of light, my sunshine, my RESTFUL place.

They too are my muse, my inspiration, and my kindle

They are my LIGHT…

and I wanna say HAPPY DEEPAVALI to all my lovely Indian followers and blogger friends.

Let us all together join them and celebrate the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance.