Come Rain and Sunshine

(I am a dark sky without you)   hear me as I cry for your sweet agonizing ray I beg the sun to shine as you stay by in time. oh, the rain came sweeping down as blood oozes through my vein yearning for your sweet embrace no, not this time never my love, forContinue reading “Come Rain and Sunshine”

My Sunflower

you are my sunflower dotingly opens to the sun standing tall, bold and true shining brightly even on the darkest of days oh, how I love thee! you are my sunflower adoring the sun with soul on fire, heart with grace blooming cheerfully after the longest wait oh, how I love thee! you are myContinue reading “My Sunflower”


  You were smiling, all day long even amidst a lonely, forlorn afternoon You could put the sun to shame the way your corner lips rise slowly Your eyes, how it turned into a lovely crescent moon Then you let out a soft, light giggle as you hiding your smile behind your charming face MyContinue reading “Sunshine”