The Lovely Lady Who Loves Tea

there was once a lovely lady who loves tea,  as graceful as a willow tree
slender and lithe and pretty
lives in extravagance, in Spanish -Mediterranean luxury home


its red tile roofs create shady overhangs
with large windows, exposed beams
features tall interior ceilings,
cool tile floors, lots of windows
bringing in a fresh breeze
she likes to decorate both indoors
and out with a bountiful flower
garden arrangements where tiny little birds flapping their wings are seen
singing tunes of melody unknown
the lovely lady who loves tea, weeping
as she sits in the window,  overlooking
an array of squatter area of improvised buildings, as shanties or shacks,  made of plywood, corrugated metal
sheets of plastic, cardboard boxes are its walls, lacks adequate infrastructure,
including proper sanitation, safe water supply,  drainage, and other basic necessities of human settlement
so the lovely lady who loves tea
is not only as graceful as a willow tree
but with a heart for the poor in the shanties, and built a store where goods are sold within a poor man’s soul
will you be like the lovely lady
who loves tea
not only as graceful as a willow tree
but with a kind and generous heart for the poor in the shanties?


P. S
COVID 19 has greatly affected our world today. My home country is not only suffering healthwise but economically as well. We are considered a third world country and we were in fact the first third world country to mandate national lockdown.

People are honestly on the brink of hunger. And any help would be really appreciated by many of our less fortunate brothers and sisters, however, though with the lockdown its impossible to reach out and help.

And at this point, we see a clearer distinction between the rich and the poor. The rich were able to stock up goods for the lockdown and they have the luxury of having daily regular meals as they please or wish, while many of our poor brothers and sisters can only afford food per meal basis. And I can’t imagine how they are doing now.

And the depiction of a luxurious house overlooking a squatters area is really true. From where I am we have the richest of rich and the poorest of poor and the boundary is basically just a sight away.


It’s true too that once there was a lovely lady who built a store for the poor.

Linking also to  with this as NPM prompt 2, use the following in a poem – willow, bird,  tea

Day 2 of  NaPoWriMo

Our (optional) prompt for the day takes a leaf from Schuyler’s book, as it were, and asks you to write a poem about a specific place —  a particular house or store or school or office.