I Love You

I loved you then, and I love you now
and I will love you even when I am gone
even when I am gone
I will be among the autumn leaves
gently and graciously falling on the grounds
I will be among the flowers, the bees, the butterflies
and the trees around, watching over as you
unravel the vastness of the universe
wandering without me
and wondering about me
but know that every scent you smell,
is every breath I take
every hum you hear is
every whisper of my “I love you”
every color you see
is every smile I make
and every shade you walk in
is every embrace I gave
and when I find my way back to you again
I will cling unto you every single moment,
every single moment
I will hold on to you so tight
that nothing, and no one
will ever break us apart
not even death itself
not even death itself
for now my love, I will be
your light blazed in the solitude of your heart
giving vibrant shades of colors in your life
moving, dancing, flowing
in perfect love motion
and you would marvel at how love is
that nothing could ever beat this moment,
this one moment
that we are together
a moment of love
a moment of eternal bliss

written for:

kate’s Friday – Fun

Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt